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Peach Bowl


Central Florida has a chance to complete a rare feat, going undefeated as a group of 5 team, and send Scott Frost off to Nebraska as a winner. Auburn has a chance to capitalize on a surprisingly successful season with another victory over a highly ranked team. The trash talk was flowing out of the UCF locker room early but it has quieted down as Auburn’s players did not take the bait.


Top 5 Prospects


1: Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn

2: Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn

3: Braden Smith, OG, Auburn

4: Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn

5: Javaris Davis CB, Auburn


**Tre’quan Smith, WR is UCF’s only legitimate prospect for this years draft.


When UCF Has The Ball: The Knights will rely on the same aggressive spread offense that has given them success all season. Their challenge will be to operate against the best defensive line and secondary they will have run across. Auburn’s best defensive player, Carlton Davis, will likely miss the game with an injury but Auburn’s secondary has ample depth to cover for his loss. Should Auburn’s defensive line control the line of scrimmage, as seems likely, the Tigers will be able to get some critical stops against the Knights.


When Auburn Has The Ball: If Kerryon Johnson is healthy enough to play effectively for an entire game it is difficult to see how UCF will be able to stay close. Stidham and company will be able to throw the ball and Auburn’s offensive line is physically dominant compared to the Knights defensive line. A big game from Johnson would keep the Knights offense on the sidelines.


Prediction: I’m hardly unbiased here but I would expect Auburn to score early and often and really to slow the game down. Auburn 45 - UCF 24

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