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Newton Goodell Meeting

Josh Gordon Out of Rehab

Jamie Collins Trade

Greg Olsen Fired

Jay Ajayi Gos For 3

Mid Season Review


  1. Following a high profile missed roughing call, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton met with Roger Goodell to discuss the issues. This move is somewhat unprecedented in that the Commissioner typically does not look to placate players in the league, but perhaps this is Goodell trying to do right by the players. Or it is a public relations ploy designed to both make the issue go away and to further the narrative that the NFL cares more about player safety than they actually do.

  2. Josh Gordon is out of rehab and with his career in Cleveland over he is waiting on word from the league regarding his status on the Commissioner’s Exempt list. The Browns would have waited to trade Gordon anyway, until he had more value, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for his services. That should change when he is reinstated.

  3. The NFL trade deadline came and went and the only trade was a bit of a shocker. None of the usual suspects were traded but New England did trade Jamie Collins to Cleveland. While this was another bold decision to move a young defensive player before their contract demands became high, by New England, it was a puzzling move by Cleveland. The Browns aren’t going to be much better with Collins this season, and short of franchising him, it is difficult to see The Browns being able to resign him in free agency. But the Browns do have draft capital and at least they are spending some of it to get better.

  4. The decline of Blake Bortles has been something to behold this year. Bortles is still not yet in his prime and should have made the jump after year to borderline elite level quarterback. He regressed considerably though and that is what got Greg Olsen fired.

  5. Jay Ajayi has played so well that Arian Foster walked away “at peace” two weeks ago and Ajayi responded with consecutive 200 yard games. The Jets are on tap this week and rushing for 200 yards against them seems far fetched, but so did the idea of Jay Ajayi having the chance to rush for three consecutive 200 yard games, just a few weeks ago.


And Another Thing

At the midpoint of the season the biggest story in the league has been injuries. The NFL’s new concussion protocol and an increased number of season ending injuries has shaped this league more than any player or coaching changes could ever hope to.


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