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Steelers Are Good

Gordon V Gurley

Rex Ryan Back From The Dead

Exit Deflategate

Odell Beckham Needs To Chill

Colts Offensive Line Woes


  1. With the return of Le’veon Bell the Steelers offense might be nearly impossible to stop. Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown have a deep connection between them and Sammie Coates provides a deep connection to keep opposing defenses honest. Coates has a catch of at least 40 yards in every game the Steelers have played this season and having an effective deep threat means only having to throw downfield 2-3 times a game to keep the safeties honest. When the safeties stay back Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown are nearly unstoppable.

  2. Don’t look now but last year’s first round running back bust, Melvin Gordon, is outplaying last year’s first round running back darling, Todd Gurley. This probably has a lot to do with the supporting cast around both of the players, but Gordon is playing better than any first round pick running back in the league right now and it wasn’t that long ago that his future in the league was being questioned.

  3. Just when you think Rex Ryan is going to be banished from the Head Coaching ranks he goes and beats Arizona and then shuts out the previously unbeaten, Patriots. Ryan can be a miracle worker when his, or his team’s, backs are against the wall. The defense should improve over the course of the season but without Sammy Watkins Buffalo might not have the horses they need offensively to maintain enough continued success to win.

  4. Deflategate is finally over and to listen to people around the league tell it, Tom Brady is coming, and he’s bringing hell with him. It remains to be seen what happens with Brady back in the fold but it’s difficult to pick against the Pats right now.

  5. Odell Beckham Jr.’s recent outbursts are not really surprising given that he plays a position that attracts players prone to emotional outbursts. That both his Head Coach and quarterback would call him out publicly is a little more notable. More notable still, are the reports that the league has told officials to be on the lookout for opposing players trying to bait Beckham, especially given the late hit that preceded Beckham’s taunting call last weekend.  If you know a guy is going to react emotionally, and sophomorically, then defenders will try and needle that player in hopes of getting exactly what the GIants opponents got last week. A player with a compromised effort. Honestly, that might be the best way to defend Beckham.


And Another Thing

It seems like Ryan Grigson needs to be relieved of his duties before he drafts, or signs, another player for the Colts. No team has done worse in drafting talent during his tenure in Indianapolis and his inability to protect Andrew Luck could have dire consequences moving forward. If the Colts don’t bring in at least 1 high priced offensive line free agent, 1 other offensive line free agent, and use their first round pick on a good offensive lineman, then the Colts won’t be any better next year. And we’re not even addressing the dearth of defensive talent or the fact that Frank Gore will need to be replaced. I’d like to say the Colts deserve better, but given their ownership, and how they moved to Indianapolis in teh first place, they don’t. The deserve exactly what they are getting, but they should still move on from Grigson.

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