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Patriots Quarterback Shenanigans

Injuries to Quarterbacks

Injuries to Other Players

Carson Wentz (or The Guy Who Might Cost Jeff Fisher His Job)

Texans Look Like Pretenders



  1. Will the Patriots actually start Julian Edelman at QB. As of now it looks so. The pissing contest between the team and the rest of the league appears to be focused on their final roster spot at this moment. EIther Brisset or Garoppolo could be ready to go, and one likely will, but Belichick’s reluctance to bring in a veteran QB is quickly looking like an insistence NOT to. One would assume that if either Brisset or Garoppolo is capable of dressing as an emergency option then the Patriots will play Edelman but the most likely scenario is that Edelman enters the game as a receiver/emergency QB behind 1 or both of the others.

  2. New England is not the only team experiencing issues with quarterback injuries. Jay Cutler is out for at least a few months - possibly out of Chicago forever - Russell WIlson is hobbling, and Cleveland has already started three different players at quarterback, through three games. The injuries this year aren’t limited to the quarterback position, as we’re about to delve into, but this season, more than any other highlights the need for a quality veteran backup and a developmental player on most teams.

  3. Add JJ Watt, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Adrian Peterson, Corey Coleman, Jeremy Langford, Thomas Rawles, and Jonathan Stewart to the list of players that will either miss considerable time this season or have to play banged up. Watt will be the most difficult to replace, being the best defensive player in football and all, but Corey Coleman’s injury is worth watching. Coleman is as explosive receiver as there is in the game and the team really needed him to get some playing time in order to develop him fully for the next few seasons. It looks as if he’ll return around the same time as Josh McCown, with whom he clearly had a strong connection, one the Browns will hope will remain.

  4. I like Jeff Fisher and all but I really don’t like trading up to the first pick in the draft with what it costs these days. I also like Jared Goff as a quarterback and think that sitting him for a year is probably the right call but as Carson Wentz keeps winning people are going to start asking what exactly the Rams were thinking when they took Goff over him, at least until Goff demonstrates why on the field.

  5. 3 weeks into the season and the Brock Osweiler experiment looks like a failure. Perhaps he’ll come around and stop making poor decisions with the football or perhaps not. He’ll need to do that, and quite a bit more, before he starts to look like he was worth the investment the team made in him. Add JJ Watt’s injury to their dicey quarterback play and one wonders if the Colts won’t be winning the division after all. The Texans hit on Will Fuller and Lamar Miller but missed on the most important position, as of now.


And Another Thing

Chip Kelly is known to be somewhat of a meticulous observer of his players physical conditioning, so there is no reason to doubt him when he says that Colin Kaepernick is not in “game shape” just yet. Even Kaep, who recently switched to a vegan diet, has admitted that adding weight is difficult for him. Watching the offense operate though, one wonders when Kelly will be willing to pull the trigger on Kaepernick. The offense appears to be tailor made for the former Nevada star, who really regressed when former Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh, moved the offense away from the read option and roll out passes that Kaepernick excelled at. Carlos Hyde appears to be on form and the offensive line looks vastly improved from last year’s unit, so having the additional athleticism and mobility of Kaepernick would probably help take the team to the next level offensively. Gabbert is no slouch running the ball and is averaging 25 rushing yards per game so far, but Kaepernick would easily improve on those numbers by himself, as well as freeing up some interior running lanes for Hyde.


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