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Raiders Rising

San Diego Winning Streak

49ers defense is terrible

Ajayi V Miller

Packers Continuity

Drew Brees is the Saints


  1. The Oakland Raiders are on the right track. In addition to the early talk of David Carr being an MVP candidate, the Raiders have strung together a quite impressive season. Realizing that they were able to control the clock with their running game the Raiders beat the Bronco’s pretty handily last week and now sit atop the toughest division in football with only Kansas City.

  2. While the Raiders and Chiefs are both quite impressive San Diego is starting to look dangerous. Melvin Gordon is in Pro-Bowl form this year, Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates are a deadly as tandem as ever, and the team is benefitting from the additions of rookies Tyrell Williams and Joey Bosa. It might not be enough to keep Mike McCoy his job but it might be just enough.

  3. The 49ers defense, which is one of the worst in recent memory, just got worse when the team placed Arik Armstead on IR. Trent Baalke has favored drafting defensive players over his entire tenure and yet the team has given up a 100 yard rusher in  every game. The 49ers fall from being one of the most talented defensive rosters only 3 years ago is the result of a lot of factors. Most notable among them Baalke’s failures as a personnel evaluator and Jed York’s incompetent leadership. York famously told fans that they should hold him accountable after a loss in 2014. Apparently their apathy isn’t enough. The 49ers need new ownership. Ownership that is willing to spend money and is capable of making better decisions.

  4. Most people probably felt that Miami’s run game would suffer when they lost Lamar Miller, and it did for a little while. Now that Jay Ajayi has hit his stride the Dolphins look rather smart in their restraint. Miller is still a very good back, and worth what Houston paid him, but running back is a position that is a buyers market. The Dolphins figured that out, and are benefitting from it.

  5. Green Bay has relied on the continuity between Head Coach, General Manager, and Quarterback for some time now. It has been a very successful strategy for them. This year, amidst their struggles, that continuity appears to be fracturing. Rodgers and McCarthy are clearly not on the same page. McCarthy and the front office don’t appear to be either. It is not inconceivable that this is McCarthy’s last year in Green Bay unless the team can get on the same page and turn things around.


And Another Thing


If there was ever any question about how much a quarterback is worth Drew Brees is shattering that perception. The Saints have one of the thinnest, least talented rosters in the league but because they have Drew Brees, they are capable of beating anyone. In an age where quarterbacks are valued far more than their teammates Drew Brees is setting a bar so high that few quarterbacks will be worth the kind of money he is making.

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