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NFL Coaching Change Primer


With the season winding down as many as 10 NFL jobs have the potential to come open. The following is a primer for those openings and the potential replacement coaches being considered by the teams.


Cleveland - Jimmy Haslam is on record as saying he wants Hue Jackson to be his coach in 2018. Should Cleveland lose, and should the rumors of players revolting be true, it seems like that will be difficult to accomplish without alienating an already fed up fan base. Marvin Lewis would be the first person I would call were I John Dorsey. Dorsey might want someone more familiar to him, however. Someone like Matt Nagy.


Cincinnati - Marvin Lewis is clearly tired of Mike Brown, as well he should be. The Bengals will go with an unproven coordinator or a recently fired Head Coach that they can get on the cheap because that’s what Mike Brown is. Hue Jackson could actually make sense here as he is a much better coach than his record indicates.


Houston - By all accounts Houston is going to delay their decision on whom to fire for another year and keep Bill O’Brien. It is possible that another team wants him badly enough to trade for him, in which case Houston should take whatever they can get and deal him before firing Rick Smith as well.


Indianapolis - Chuck Pagano seems like a goner. Rob Chudzinski seems like the obvious hire but obvious hires rarely work out in the NFL. Look for Colts GM Chris Ballard to go with a familiar face for his first coaching hire, probably someone with strong ties to the Chiefs. Todd Haley might be a good fit here.


Tennessee - If you needed more proof than the Bengals and 49ers organizations offered then this organization should tell you all that you need to know about how it is a terrible idea for a franchise to have its ownership passed down to future generations. Nepotism has killed the once proud 49ers, and crippled the Bengals from the outset. Amy Strunk and company will fare no better here. They’ll find someone that wants to work with their young offensive talent though. Pat Shurmur and Chudzinski are both good fits here.


Denver - Remember when everyone thought John Elway was brilliant? He wasn’t then and he isn’t now and after two seasons the Broncos still don’t have a decent quarterback on their roster. But sure, fire Vance Joseph and replace him with someone else. My guess is Joseph stays and Elway goes all out to find a very good quarterback developer to be offensive coordinator.


Oakland Raiders - Mark Davis looks like a Will Ferrell character and a Will Ferrell character has just as much ability to run an NFL team as Mark Davis. Gruden will be the hire here and it will not work out well for anyone.


New York Giants - Jim Schwartz appears to be the in house leader for this job. He’d be a good hire for a team that has quit.


Detroit Lions - Remember that thing I said about nepotism ruining football teams? Good luck Lions fans. Matt Patricia might be a good fit here, or Keith Butler.


Chicago Bears - Ryan Pace will have some good candidates that want to work with him. If he’s still there. Pete Carmichael should get a look.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs are keeping Dirk Koetter until 4 games into the 2018 season.


Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals need a reboot anyway. They’ll likely draft a quarterback of the future this season so a new head coach and offensive coordinator combo makes sense. Dennis Allen has done a great job coordinating the defense in New Orleans and has head coaching experience. Packers quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt makes sense als an offensive coordinator. Frank Reich, Matt Nagy, and Edgar Bennett also make sense should the Cardinals want an offensive minded head coach.

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