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NCAA Coaching Change Primer


This offseason should be one full of major coaching changes. Already 2 major programs, and several smaller ones, have fired their head coach and 2-3 more appear to be on the way. The following is a list of programs and coaches that will be making changes for next year.


The Teams that need coaches


Florida State - Lost Jimbo Fischer to Texas A&M. Casting a wide net but focsed on WIllie Taggart. 


Big Ten

Nebraska - Chip Kelly politely declined so former Husker QB Scott Frost is their priority target. Kevin Sumlin would be a good fit and could help the program compete in recruiting Texas and the southeastern states, though the boosters might not want an Aggie reject to lead their program. Hired Scott Frost.


Pac Ten

Oregon State - Bryan Harsin seems like the obvious choice here. Jedd Fisch could be the guy, but the Beavers likely want someone a little younger. This is a tough job to win at and any coach that has success here will get a chance to go to a bigger school, even Mike Riley. Hired Jonathan Smith.

UCLA - It seems like Chip Kelly is in play here, and interested in the job. This bodes well for the Bruins because Kelly is probably the biggest fish in the pond this year. Hiring him would be the biggest win for this program in a long time. Sumlin is the only other candidate being considered at this time, reportedly. Hired Chip Kelly.



Arkansas - When Bielema is fired expect the Hogs to go hard after Gus Malzahn. The jury remains out on how hard Auburn will work to keep him, but an SEC title will make it difficult for Auburn to let him leave. If Malzahn leaves it could cause a domino effect throughout the power 5 conferences. Mike Norville Expected to take this position after Malzahn resigned with Auburn.

Florida - Florida really wants Kelly although the coach might not want the Gators. Florida is the type of program that can, typically, pluck coaches away from programs like UCLA. That Kelly is considering both means that he might not be comfortable with the culture fit in Gainesville. If this deal isn’t done by Saturday morning, expect Florida to begin courting Dan Mullen and  Scott Frost publicly. Hired Dan Mullen.

Mississippi State - Hired Joe Moorhead, their first target.

Ole Miss - This seems like a Mike Norville or Neal Brown job. Both are younger coaches that have exciting offensive systems and sme familiarity with high school football in the southeast. Hired interim coach Matt Luke.

Tennessee - The Volunteers want a high profile, experienced coach. Greg Schiano is reportedly the current in house favorite and he would be the best possible hire for UT. Schiano has had success at Rutgers and also has NFL Head Coaching experience. He would bring the reputation, integrity, and experience to the UT program that it has lacked for a decade. Offered the job to Schiano but the firestorm led to the offer being retracted, four other coaches declining to leave their jobs to interview for the job, and the AD John Currie. Phil Fulmer is the acting Athletic Director.

Texas A&M - Word is the Aggies want Jimbo Fisher. Fisher might want to get out of Tallahassee as well. Kelly politely declined to interview with the Aggies and Scott Frost is also someone they will take a long look at and Mullen could be a target as well. Hired Jimbo Fischer.

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