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The provisions for the NFL CBA when it comes to moving expenses, the first section states the qualifications for moving expenses. When it comes to the NFL and moving expenses the player needs to contact the correct club officials about his moving arrangements. The club will provide a moving company for the player. If the player does not like the moving company that was selected because he is unsatisfied with their service, the player does have the option to get two different estimates from different moving companies. The moving companies that the player gets the estimates from need to be well established moving companies. The club is not responsible for any damages that can happen to the property using a third-party moving company. If the club does not use the moving company picked by the player they are also not responsible for damages if they were to use their own moving company. The player will get reimbursed for reasonable moving and travel expenses for himself and immediate family only.

The NBA CBA provisions do not have a specific section talking about meeting qualifications for moving expenses. What the NBA CBA provision does, is it includes the qualifications with the rest of the explanation of the moving expenses, so it is all together when explaining how the moving expenses work. In the NBA CBA provisions, the player must reach out to the team that they are moving too. The team will reimburse the player as long as it is a reasonable expense. The player must reach out to the team and provide an estimate of moving expenses for the team to make comparable estimates. The player must provide the estimate within a reasonable time after the player contract. The team can either agree to the moving expenses provided by the player according to the estimate that he provided or the team can arrange for an alternate solution at their cost for the moving expenses. The expenses do specify that it will pay for expenses of moving one car, but if the player is married it will pay to move two cars.

Both of these provisions talk about how the arrangements of the moving expenses need to be handle with the team referring to the NBA or club referring to the NFL need to be contacted before anything is done. They are both very similar when it comes to the reimbursement for the moving expenses. The main difference is that the NBA specifies how many cars it will move at its expense and the NFL does not specify anything about that. Another way that they are different, the NFL provides a moving company for the player. If the player does not like the services of the moving company it can seek estimates from two different moving companies. The NFL has to approve the estimate to see if it’s a reasonable expense cost. The NBA does not provide a moving company what they do is they ask for a moving expense estimate from the company the player decides to use. They do expect it to giving to them within a reasonable time. They do have a 10-day grace period to approve it or come back with an alternative. The NBA shows to be more flexible when it comes to moving expenses for their players then the NFL.


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