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 Minnesota Vikings Draft Review

Team Needs: OT, CB, OG, WR


Rd 1. 23 LaQuan Treadwell WR Ole Miss

Rd 2. 54 Mackenzie Alexander CB Clemson

Rd 4. 121 Willie Beavers OG Western Michigan

Rd 5. 160 Kentrell Brothers OLB Missouri

Rd 6. 180 Moritz Boehringer WR

Rd 6. 188 David Morgan TE Texas-San Antonio

Rd 7. 227 Steven Weatherly OLB Vanderbilt

Rd 7. 244 Jayron Kearse S Clemson


The Vikings made a surprise appearance in the playoffs in 2015 behind a solid defense and rather effective play from quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. With Adrian Peterson still performing at a high level the Vikings only needed a few tweaks to their roster to keep the momentum going. LaQuan Treadwell was an interesting choice for the team at receiver. Treadwell was my highest rated receiver in this class but he is a bit of a projection to the Vikings system. Bridgewater doesn’t like to throw into tight spaces and Treadwell isn’t the type to get open by more than a single step. It could be that the Vikings recognize that, moving forward, Bridgewater will need to develop that skill - and that Treadwell will make it easier for him to do that- or perhaps they just got stuck with Treadwell after Coleman, Fuller, and Doctson all went off the board. Mackenzie Alexander was a great value in the second round. ALexander has very good athleticism, speed, and ball skills and should be penciled in as a starting cornerback from day 1. Depth throughout the offensive line was a need for the Vikings so they selected Willie Beavers. Beavers is considered by many to be a developmental tackle but the team appears set to use him at guard initially. Agile for a big man, Beavers could develop into a future starter for the team. Kentrell Brothers is a productive player who reacts quickly and decisively. He adds some depth to an already talented unit. Moretz Boehringer has all the physical skills but having never played football in America he’s a question mark. He could be headed to the practice squad. David Morgan is a classic tight end that is equally adept at both blocking and receiving. Steven Weatherly was a formidable player at Vanderbilt and has a chance to be a real steal in the 7th round of the draft. Jayron Kearse has the size, athleticism, and genes to be a great player. He’ll likely make his mark on special teams as a rookie.


  1. Treadwell, while a great player, is still a bit of a projection for the Vikings offense. Not that they had any choice after watching Fuller and Doctson go off the board immediately preceding their pick. If Treadwell and Bridgewater can get on the same page then they could be a productive duo for a decade. They should do just that, but expect some rough patches for the first year.

  2. With an aging group of cornerbacks the VIkings struck gold in the second round. Alexander would have been a good choice with their first round selection, though receiver was a much bigger need.

  3. With the exception of WIllie Beavers the team ignored the offensive line. Beavers will likely not be ready to play much in 2016 so the Vikings must be counting on Treadwell to help protect Bridgewater - by getting open.

Grade: B

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