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Team Player College Position Height Weight Notes

New Orleans

Zion Williamson Duke Forward 6'7'' 285lbs

Zion. That is all that has to be said. From his high-flying dunks to his game-saving blocks and 3-point plays, Williamson has shown glimpses of greatness and is a lock to be the first overall selection in the 2019 NBA draft. In his freshman year at Duke, Williamson shot an eye-popping 68.4 percent from the field while averaging 22.5 points which is as effective as one can get. Even with a star-studded team, Williamson stood out and proved everyone he was not just a dunker. He is weak from the 3-point arc, but shooting is the easiest skill to teach. Zion will be a generational talent. Book it.

Memphis Ja Morant Murray State Guard 6'3'' 170 lbs

The reports state that the Memphis Grizzlies are locked in on taking Ja Morant with the #2 pick. Morant is labeled a point-god for a reason, he always has his head up and the ball near him, making him a perfect playmaker and offensive catalyst. In Memphis, they need a culture shock desperately and having a point guard like Mike Conley to mentor Ja Morant will only increase his development and make him even more durable, efficient, and valuable. Look for Ja to be the best point guard in the league very soon.

New York Knicks R.J. Barrett Duke Point Guard 6'7'' 202 lbs

Having Zion on your team is hard; however, R.J. Barrett still was able to average almost 23 points along with eight rebound and four assists on an efficient 46% shooting. Having Zion and even Cam Reddish on the court with him makes these statistics even more mindblowing and shows his already developed skill of being able to share the court with others. New York lucked out of getting Zion, but they can receive a fundamental and culture changing guy in R.J. Barrett.

Los Angeles (LAL) De'Andre Hunter Virginia Forward 6'7'' 223 lbs

Deandre hunter is one of the draft's most fascinating players. At 6'7'' he has an inside game along with a consistent deep threat making him a valuable asset in today's NBA. He had a true shooting percentage of 61% in his last year at Virginia and only had a usage of 24.1, the lowest of all top 10 projected picks. Being able to produce that much in a small role can prove successful for Hunter and will propel his game in Los Angeles playing with Lebron James. Having Hunter be able to step out for a three or post someone up in the post will allow the fluidity of the Lakers' offense to increase and become much more efficient and less stagnant. Additionally, on defense Hunter is a great on-ball defender and always has his balance, which will help the Lakers' non-existent defense.

Cleveland Jarret Culver Texas Tech Guard 6'6.75'' 194lbs

Culver led Texas Tech to the final four and looked like a complete professional doing it. Averaging almost 19 points, seven rebounds, and four assists per game showed his complete package that he can offer a team. Culver also is known for his on-ball defense where he continued everyone he played against such as Deandre Hunter. Culver has one of the most well-rounded games in this draft class. Cleveland needs a playmaker, and a foundational piece and Jarret Culver and his well-rounded game can be the perfect guy for them to pair with Collin Sexton and Kevin Love.

Pheonix Darius Garland Vanderbilt Point Guard 6'3'' 173 lbs

Having only played eight games for Vanderbilt, there is much unknown about Garland. However, in the league, all will be known. Garland is the best and most efficient deep threat in this class, shooting the three-pointer at a 48 percent clip. This, along with his playmaking ability, makes him the perfect player to bring the Suns back to relevance and allow them to create their own set of splash brothers in Booker and Garland.

Chicago Coby White UNC Point Guard 6'4.75'' 191 lbs

Falling victim to the new NBA lottery odds, the Bulls fell to the 7th pick three consecutive years in a row. Having picked Wendell and Lauri, they only have one position with a gaping hole, and that is point guard. With point guards limited, the Bulls are lucky they can still grab Coby White. White, the shooting guard, turned point guard showed flashes of fantastic point guard skills by controlling UNC's offense and even controlling the tempo of the whole game. By selecting White, Chicago is choosing a path of a fast, shooting centric offense that team may need to start taking a look at as they have an insane upside.

Atlanta Cameron Reddish Duke Forward 6'8'' 208 lbs Falling under Zion and RJ's shadow, Reddish was not able to show his true potential, merely a spot-up shooter at times. However, Reddish can flourish on a team like the Hawks where Trae Young, Heurter, and John Collins will surround him, helping his development and help on the offensive side.
Washington Nassir Little North Carolina Forward 6'6'' 202 lbs Nassir Little has many question marks. Being labeled the best defender in this draft, his stock rose, but he needs to figure out a consistent jump shot for that to happen. Placing him next to John Wall and Bradley Beal in Washington can help his development and substantially improve their defense.
Atlanta Brandon Clarke Gonzaga Forward 6'8'' 207lbs One of the most athletic big man in a long time, Clarke can be a perfect deep piece for the Atlanta Hawks. Being able to stretch the floor perfectly Brandon Clarke can be a very productive piece in the NBA.
Minnesota Romeo Langford Indiana Guard 6'6'' 202lbs One of the more disappointing college players due to his potential, Langford had dropped in the rankings. However, he is still one of the purest scorers in this draft and can help boost Minnesota's stagnant offense. Having a pick and roll with Langford and Towns can get scary....
Charlotte Bol Bol* Oregon Forward 7'2.25'' 208lbs Only playing a few games at Oregon, Bol Bol is one of the rawest players in the class. There is much that is unknown about him, but he is a huge stretch five that can have huge upside if used and developed correctly. He is one of the most intriguing players, and Charlotte is the perfect place to watch him develop and see his true potential.
Miami Rui Hachimura Gonzaga Forward 6'8'' 225lbs The Heat are one of the best lottery teams this year and do not have many gaping needs. However, Rui Hachimura is a jack of all trades, a perfect post defender and can stretch the floor on offense. Coming off the bench or even starting, Hachimura can boost the second unit of Miami and help their climb back into the eastern conference playoff picture.
Boston Kevin Porter Jr. USC Guard 6'5.5'' 213lbs Kevin Porter Jr. out of USC, is one of the most developed offensive players in the class. However, he lacks defensive upside but helping Boston's second unit generate points is a crucial need for Boston and can help them fall out of the hole of losing Kyrie if need be.

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