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Kansas City Chiefs Draft Review

Team Needs: OLB, QB, DL


Rd 2. 37 Chris Jones DT Mississippi State

Rd 3. 74 Keivarae Russell CB Notre Dame

Rd 4. 105 Parker Ehringer OG Cincinnati

Rd 4. 106 Eric Murray CB Minnesota

Rd 4. 126 DeMarcus Robinson WR Florida

Rd 5. 162 Kevin Hogan QB Stanford

Rd 5. 165 Tyreek Hill WR West Alabama

Rd 6. 178 DJ White CB Georgia Tech

Rd 6. 203 Dadi Nicholas DE Virginia Tech


Following a season of rebirth, of sorts, the Chiefs didn’t have a lot of pressing needs at the top of their roster. As such, the team chose to focus on building competition and depth at several key positions. After trading out of the first round the Chiefs selected Chris Jones, an excellent defensive tackle from the SEC. Jones was good value and gives the team another physical defender for the interior of their line. He should immediately find opportunities to play and could develop into a very good player for the team down the road. Keivare Russell was the first of three cornerbacks drafted by the team. Russell is a talented player who regressed after missing the 2014 season. Parker Ehringer wa a lowly rated guard who plays too high. At over 6’6” tall he might be viewed as a developmental prospect at tackle, which makes the 4th round selection of him even more puzzling. Eric Murray, like Russell, is a talented cornerback with average size. He is also slow in transition and has trouble with deep routes - as does Russell. DeMarcus Robinson has the physical ability of a first round player, the effort of a late round choice, and the character of a priority free agent. The fourth round seems a little high for him, but he could develop into a steal - if he gets his head on right. Kevin Hogan was a steal at quarterback. He was my 4th best quarterback and should, at the very least, develop into a solid long term backup that is capable of running the team for a week or two at a time without much drop off. Tyreek Hill played small college football and is a small guy but his game is much bigger. Hill offers Andy Reid a quick and elusive slot receiver that can move around the field as a chess piece and see action in specific packages. With the exception of Jones he is the single player in this draft most likely to make an impact this season. DJ White is another average sized cornerback who is slow transitioning off the line and has trouble with the deep ball. His tape shows a player that is more physical than either Murray or Russell and he could develop into a press corner. Dadi Nicolas was an excellent college defensive end who was, at times, dominant. He’ll need to transition to outside linebacker but offers good depth and a future hedge against Ford, Hali, or Houston leaving town.


  1. The Chiefs chose to trade down in round 1, essentially to add a 4th round pick. WIth the value being very similar between 26 and 37 this year that makes perfectly good sense. Kansas City didn’t need an immediate starter and could afford to take the risk, which appears to have paid off for them.

  2. An interesting trend this year was the willingness of teams to draft multiple cornerbacks. The 49ers, Panthers and Chiefs each took 3 cornerbacks signaling that teams are becoming more willing to force the development of a single player through competition with other similarly flawed players. It appears to be a new way of developing players at one of the most important positions on the field.

  3. Andy Reid still loves his linemen. Reid used two of his first three selections to add linemen. Jones is more pro ready while Ehringer looks to be a prospect for a position switch, but the fact remains that there are always more small guys than there are big guys and until that changes Andy Reid is likely to keep stockpiling the hogs.

Grade: B-


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