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With Jimmy Garappolo going down with an ACL injury for the San Francisco 49ers, the team might not be ready to write off the season just yet and turn to C.J. Bearthard as they full-time starter. Instead, they may look for trade opportunities around the league. Here are some potential candidates they may want to consider:


Nick Foles, Philadelphia - the Super Bowl MVP is now holding a clipboard with Carson Wentz returning. Foles was a West Coast kid and started at Arizona in college. He would be the most credible candidate and restore hope for the Silcon Valley faithful in the bay Area. However, the Eagles may not want to jump too soon seeing how their Super Bowl season last year could have ended quickly without a solid #2.


Teddy Bridgewater, New Orleans Saints - Bridgewater looked solid in preseason with the New York Jets. He showed he was back to 100% finally and is more than capable of being a starter somewhere in the NFL. However, with an aging Drew Brees, the Saints too might not be willing to part too soon with a seasoned back up.


Robert Griffin III, Baltimore Ravens - RGIII is another reclamation project who did well in the preseason. With Lamar Jackson sitting there as the heir apparent to Joe Flacco, Griffin is an insurance policy for the Ravens right now. He may be tempting for the right price, but whether he can finish out the season might be a risk too.


Mike Glennon/Sam Bradford, Arizona Cardinals - With the keys being handed to Josh Rosen in Phoenix, it might be time for the Cardinals to part with one of their veteran QBs. Bradford has looked awful so far, so he might have worn out his welcome already. He is another one with high injury risk though and probably less valuable to the Cardinals as trade bait than Glennon.


Davis Webb, New York Jets - After losing out on the Giants back up job, Webb was released and immediately signed by the New York Jets. Webb is another Bay Area kid who started at California in nearby Berkeley. A return to the West Coast may be refreshing to him, but he probably comes as a #2 behind Beathard. Since Webb is also on the Jets' practice squad, it would not cost the 49ers anything to sign him to their active roster.


CONSPIRACY PICK: Want to create some noise if you are the 49ers? How about bringing back Colin Kaepernick for an encore. Right now, Kaepernick would take just about anything and the 49ers would appreciate someone who at least knows the organization. Again, Kaepernick might not walk in to be the starter after being out two seasons, but it would bring the 49ers a great deal of publicityand probably distract attention from their on-field production if they stuggle to win with Beathard or Kaepernick.



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