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Collective Bargaining Agreements(CBA) Comparisons


The CBA for the NFL does not allow the NFLPA or any of the members to be involved in any strike. This is different from a player holding out for a new contract.  This suggests rather the NFL teams and players as a whole feel they are being undervalued thus a strike is their response on the issue. But according to the NFL CBA set in 2011 that is still currently ongoing, players and teams are not allowed to engage in such activities.   In the NFL player contracts end at the end of the calendar year. This, for example, would be a player that signs a four-year deal would have until free agency to negotiate a new contract. In the NBA and their Collective Bargaining Agreement players have to have contracts three days prior to their contract ending. This is to ensure the money needed to put in escrow can be processed properly. This method is used to insure that the NBA can properly adjust their Cap space and file the number of appropriate adjustments needed for that year. The reasoning for this is unlike the NFL rookies NBA rookies are signed to one-year contracts which means a new contract must be provided by the end of the NBA  season. Also, keep into account the NBA has a lot more games and players who are regular starters might not play every game. This in essence effects salary received per game that is not injury-related. The NFL due to having 16 games focuses more on injury-related settlements due to being a full-contact sport. Of course, keep into account benching and underperforming, but very rarely do players in the NFL sit out due to excessive playing time. An NHL contract must be accepted seven days prior to the start of the season and can only be voided if the contract is terminated 2 days prior to the start of the season. Signing bonuses can only be earned in the NHL if the player agrees to the contract before the deadline of seven days otherwise any agreements after that deadline are subject to voided bonuses such as roster or signing bonuses given by the team with the rights of the player.NHL players can only be compensated by playing hockey in that league year. Players are allowed to enter sponsorships from businesses affiliated with the team.This is also the case with the NFL and its players an example would be Baker Mayfield in Hulu commercial.In the NBA players are free to negotiate without in agent. This was the same situation in the NFL where Richard Sherman now currently a San Francisco 49ers player negotiated his contract without an agent. This is important to keep note because it allows players to make a choice on whether they feel it's necessary to have an agent to negotiate a contract in their behalf.Commercials can not market the team directly in the NHL rather indirectly. Such as M&T Bank is the bank of the New York Jets this is not  corresponding interest for people to like the team rather suggesting that fans of this team should be aware of this teams association with this bank. Most of the time this is how marketing teams work in any sport. The team is only involved if none of its players market themselves. There are examples of Eli Manning in Toyota commercials which is marketing the car not the team. If the team is marketed as being superior to other teams in its league this now becomes a breach of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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