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Lateral Quickness


Not quick at all, really lacks on defense because of lack of athleticism.



Only reason it's this high is because of the way he moves in transition. Looks faster in transition because of the way he can move in the open court. Looks much slower and lacks burst in a set offense. PnR helps to mitigate this.



Just not very athletic, even for college.



Size is decent. Shows a good sturdy build and has never let his average size stop him from being exceptional.



Will not be more than a PG or sometimes off-ball shooter in an NBA small line-up.



Anybody who is loved by Tom Izzo even after challenging nhim mid-game has a motor. Plays with fire and intensity. Has an "it factor" and chip on his shoulder that seems to always keep him going. Never looks lazy... literally ever.



Decent rebounder for his size. Always boxes out, just doesn't get many due to moving out to transition after rebound is gotten.



Unmatched IQ and instincts in-game when it comes to college. Already shows the awareness of an NBA caliber PG.

Character/ Leadership/ Competitiveness


Just a phenomenal human being. Throughout all the headlines and issues with MSU, he showed unmatched support for the victims of Larry Nassar and a want to help the community of East Lansing. Also a clear leader on the team with a willingness to challenge Tom Izzo and still have Izzo's undying respect.



Just has an amazing feel and "it factor" that keeps his team in the game at any time. Can weave his way through just about any situation and motivate his team through an cold streak.


Shot Selection & Efficiency


Was forced to take some bad shots his senior year which hurt his %'s. Took it all the way down to 40% from 3 (clear sarcasm?). Ridiculous efficiency from 3 and on layups despite lack of quickness to get inside.

Shot Range


Showed a willingness and ability to take a shot from anywhere on the court when needed. Doesn't take any shot he doesn't need to but will take deep shots.

Passing Ability


By far Cassius' best ability is his passing. While he does have a pass a game where you wonder what he was doing, most of his passing makes you wonder, "how?!?!?" Just sees the court on a different level.

Ball Handling & Security


While his handle looks loose at times, he never seems to turn the ball over, instead using it to his advantage.

Playmaking Ability


What can I say that I haven't said?

Free Throws


85% over his career. That's all you need to know.


On-Ball Defense


While not skilled on defense nor quick enough, he will always try his hardest to keep up with and keep you in front of him.

Off-Ball Defense


Doesn't seem to lose his guy ever. Doesn't provide much in the way of help D because of lack of athleticism, but is on top of switches at all times and is still a smart defender.



Just doesn't disrupt much.


Court Vision


Already covered this in passing. Rarely is there a pass he can't make.

Pick & Roll


Definitely the scheme he fits best in.

Controlling Tempo


Something else he excels at. Makes the opposing team play to his speed instead of playing to theirs.

Ability to get in the lane


Shows a level of creativity to get to the basket even if he's not quick. Can't tell you how many times I've seen him weave to the lane despite looking like he has the speed of Carl Fredricksen from Up.

Shot Creator


Will figure out how to get shot up no matter what. Could use a more consistent and quick release though.



Excels. That is all.


Passing, Shooting, Ball Handling, It Factor, Leadership, Playmaking, Creativity, PnR game, Transition offense, motor and effort are unmatched


Athleticism is lacking terribly, Lacks defensive prowess, Could work on quicker release

Overall Analysis

If Cassius was even as athletic as Tre Jones, he would be a top pick. But he doesn't and he's so slow that despite his clear skills set, I believe he lacks potential. I have a hard time seeing him not make it in the NBA, but I don't believe he'll be a star or even starter. He projects as a savvy backup point guard who provides playmaking and shooting off the bench. Could be really good when paired with a great PnR big man. While he has the skills, thew athleticism is just too glaring a flaw, as well as defense, not that it matter today in the NBA.

Compares to

Play style of Chris Paul if CP3 used a walker, Career arc of Cory Joseph?



Absolute god in G-League


NBA Backup/fringe starter (backup is likely career route)

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