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How can you not love the World Cup?


I am not a soccer guy – or pardon me, futbol – but there is something special about the World Cup that is just unrivaled in sports. While I might not pay much attention to soccer, I definitely do once every four years!


There is drama in every game. There are new names that you hear about for the first time – even players such as Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar or even older players such as Ronaldo, Maradonna, etc – became household names even in the United States based on this one month of soccer. Even on the US National Team, which is not in the World Cup this time, we found national heroes in guys such as Tim Howard, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, and others. So, even if you think the sport does not have enough scoring, the intrigue and spectacle become captivating.


Even in the first few games we already saw some big story lines – Russia relieves the pressure of being the host country with a blowout win in their first game. Powerhouse Argentina is held to a tie against Viking darlings Iceland – and Messi chokes again! Portugal versus Spain was probably one of the greatest games I have ever seen – and it did have plenty of scoring with six total goals (that makes a goal every 15 minutes – not too shabby) and it also had some stars shine too (Cristiano Ronaldo = unreal)! Mexico shocked the world by taking down defending champion Germany in their opening match – is there now a “curse” for the defending champions?  As an American, you watch our enemies such as Russia and Iran and hope for the worse for them – only to be disappointed. Brazil is unstoppable, right? Well don’t tell Switzerland! Switzerland of all teams!!!! There is no snow on the field, how did they pull that off, but they did!


And people still can’t stop talking about the teams that aren’t there including the United States, Italy, South American champion Chile, my personal favorite Netherlands, etc. I have to say because the USA is not in it, it seems like sponsors probably did not think soccer fans here would be into it as much, but there were a lot of people buzzing about it too.


So, we are only a few days into it, but it has already been a great event with much more drama to come!

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