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And Another Thing Week 13




1: College Football Playoff Scenarios The Pac-12 is out. The SEC will have at least 1 participant, as will the ACC. The Big 12 Big Ten and SEC will have programs possibly competing for the final slot, unless Oklahoma and Wisconsin win. As we said back in October, this season has ended up with a bunch of teams in contention that have similar resumes.


2: Tennessee Rarely has an AD ever crapped the bed worse than John Currie. To be fair, Currie made the best possible hire for his program but was shut down by a backlash of public opinion - which was largely unwarranted. Schiano has an established history of turning programs around, strong NFL ties, and the ability to recruit the hell out of Pennsylvania and Ohio, which other SEC schools typically can’t do. This was a swing and a miss for Tennessee, but not for Currie.


3: Michigan Exodus The Wolverines season isn’t even over and three players have asked for their releases in order to transfer. Wilton Speight was no surprise since he wants to start but Drake Harris and Alex Malzone are a bit surprising. Michigan fans probably shouldn’t panic as the moves appears to be related to Jim Harbaugh’s insistence on prioritizing talent over experience.




1: Josh Gordon Could be the comeback story of the year. Many felt that Gordon would never play in the NFL again, much less with the Browns. Once he’s back he will have completed a long journey that will hopefully allow him to have a fruitful few years or production for a team that is lacking in talent across the board. Knowing that Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon, a strong offensive line, and David Njoku are in place would allow the team to finally invest in a quarterback in round 1.


2: Eli Manning It’s hard to figure what the Giants are trying to do other than tank by benching Manning. The team will say that they wanted to evaluate Geno Smith and Davis Webb but everyone knows how bad Geno Smith is and Webb would be, at best, the backup o a team with Manning next year so the idea that Manning might still be back but the team wanted to get minutes for his backups is a clear lie. What the Giants probably want is a top 3 selection to give them more options at moving on from Manning. And a guy who won half the SuperBowls in Giants history will move on. Manning deserved better treatment from the Giants, as did their fans.


3: Andy Reid’s limitations are becoming more and more obvious. Nevermind that Reid is doing in Kansas CIty exactly what he did in Philadelphia, feuding with General Managers and quarterbacks, the act is that Reid isn’t a successful coach in January. He is also, as the Chiefs are about to find out, a terrible talent evaluator. Unless their collapse continues long enough to keep them out of the playoffs, Reid will likely get a year or two with Pat Mahomes which should give him enough time to turn on Mahomes too if things don’t improve.


And Another Thing


Auburn shocked a lot of people this weekend by beating Alabama. They probably shocked Alabama’s coaches more than anyone else. Through 11 games this year Auburn's lack of an intermediate passing game was obvious. The Tigers rarely attempted a pass in the 5-15 yard range. Against Alabama, offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey called a number of them, including a slant which Auburn has never run under Malzahn. With the Kerryn Johnson jump pass and the designated runs to Jarrett Stidham Auburn had Alabama fooled, and it showed.

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