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This is the official fanteractive first round draft tracker. It will be updated periodically as new picks, trades, or rumors come in.


The Saints close out the day by selecting Ryan Ramczyk. A clear value pick. Join us tomorrow night for the Day 2 Live Thread.


The 49ers very likely just got two players they were considering at #2 overall a few weeks ago at #3 - after a trade down - and at #30 - after a trade up. The 49ers front 7 just got a whole lot better.


For the second year in a row the 49ers take a defensive end in the top 10 selectiosn and then trade back into the first round. This time they select a linebacker. Reuben Foster is the pick.


Again Seattle is taking its time because 'traders wanna trade!' The 49ers are on the clock.


The Steelers select TJ Watt.


Atlanta traded their first-round pick (No. 31), their third-round selection (No. 95) and seventh-round pick (No. 249) to the Seattle Seahawks of the No. 26 overall pick. That seems like a lot to give up to move up 5 spots at the end of the round.


Cleveland selects David Njoku. Nice pick, curious trade.


Cleveland is like the kid that could never sit still in elementary school. They have traded back into the first.


Dallas selected Taco Charlton before the Buffalo selection was announced.


Buffalo selects Tre'Davious White, while we wait on the terms of the Atlanta-Seattle trade.


The Falcons traded up for Tak McKinley who could have been gone way before now.


Seattle is taking its time because 'traders wanna trade!'


Cleveland finally gets around to making a second selection and they take Jabril Peppers.


How will the Browns trade this pick to Houston?


What did I just say? Gareon Conley!


You know Oakland is about to do something crazy!


The Giants took Evan Engram? The Giants took Evan Engram! What a time to be alive!


Miami selects Charles Harris.


Detroit grabs Jarrad Davis. Daivs is a good fit here and will stabilize their defense for a decade or so.


As we mentioned earlier today Bolles has the best tape, was the most impressive at teh Senior Bowl and Combine, and is the best left tackle prospect in this class.


Denver selects Garrett Bolles, as we said they would.


Tampa Bay selects OJ Howard.


Adoree Jackson is the Titans pick.


Washington selects Jonathan Allen - with a quickness - and now has the best value pick of the draft so far.

The Ravens quickly select Marlon Humphrey. It probably shouldn't be but this is a huge surprise.


The Colts select Malik Hooker. Not really a need for them but a great value pick. Best value of the draft so far.


The Eagles select Derek Barnett.


The Cardinals, undeterred by missing out on the guy they wanted, select Hasson Reddick. 


The Texans trade up with the Browns and select DeShaun Watson.


I'm a little surprised that no Alabama players have been selected yet. Howard, Foster, and Allen are all top players.


The Saints select Marshon Lattimore.


If you ever needed more proof that NFL teams are not enamored with this year's quarterback class just look at what was given up to move into position to select Trubisky and Mahomes. In both cases the buyers underpaid relative to previous years.

Mahomes it is.


And the Chiefs just moved up to the Bills #10 slot. Tough to see them move up 17 spots for anything other than a quarterback. 


The Bengals take all day to select John Ross. Curious decision by the team given their many defensive needs.


Carolina quickly selects Christian McCaffrey. McCaffery will give them a different presence than Jonathan Stewart and help open up the offense for Cam Newton.


The Chargers take Mike Williams, which most certainly signals the end of Keenan Allen’s tenure with the team. Giving Philip Rivers some superior weapons towards the end of his career is the right thing to do.


I have not yet been able to substantiate this but I was told by a source that the Chargers really like Christian McCaffery.


The Jets take Jamal Adams, which cannot be ignored as great value. Adams might seem like a curious fit given the Jets many needs but he’s a heck of a player and that’s what they need right now.


The Titans take their entire allotment of time and select Corey Davis. He is probably the player they wanted to trade down for but after Trubisky and Fournette went there was no one that wanted to move up for McCaffery.


The Jaguars quickly select Leonard Fournette. This is completely expected, and completely the best case scenario for Jacksonville.


The 49ers select Solomon Thomas. Tough not to like what San Francisco did here. Clearly they would have taken Thomas second but by trading down they leave themselves with some extra selections this year to add some starters and an extra third round choice next year when they might need ammo to move up for a quarterback.


And the 49ers drop a spot to #3 and Chicago selects Mitch Trubisky. This is a shock as the Bears were not thought to be in the market until recently after signing Mike Glennon. The Bears gave up the #3, #67, and #111, and a third round selection in 2018 for the right to move up one spot and select Trubisky. And the 49ers appears to be shopping the #3 overall pick as we speak, likely to someone looking to get ahead of Jacksonville for a running back.


The Cleveland Browns select Myles Garrett, no surprise there. Garrett is the best player in this draft. There is a big difference between him and everyone else but not a big difference between the second best and the 15th best. San Francisco will probably take as long as they can to try and work out a trade.


The Browns should make their selection rather quickly. If they take their time it might suggest that they are discussing a trade. While they could be talking with the 49ers about moving up, they likely would have discussed that by now were it a possibility, and the 49ers probably wouldn't budge unless they knew that Myles Garrett had been drafted. Washington and New England have also been rumored to have had some interest in trading veteran quarterbacks for the first overall selection, but again, that would have likely happened by now if it were going to.


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