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Ten teams utilized franchise or transitional tags on Tuesday. The deadline to sign franchised players to a long-term extension is July 15, while the players who received the transition tag have until July 22 to secure a deal. If not, the tag allows the team to keep the player on a 1 year contract for the average of the Top 5 players at that position for franchise tags and Top 10 for Transitional tags.

The tags allow teams to keep key players despite the inability to yet agree to a long term contract. Here is a quick preview of what to expect with each of them:

OLB Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Expected Franchise Tag Value: At least $14.129M

Elway will get a deal done! Miller was incredible in the Super Bowl. With Peyton Manning likely to retire, Miller becomes the face of the franchise. The Broncos see the captain of their defense in Miller and know that he wants to be a Bronco for life. It will happen one way or another.


Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $4.572M

How many kickers get a franchise tag? Well, when you have a game on the line, how important is your kicker? Tucker has been one of the most consistent kickers in the league and the Ravens know that they can consistently will games with field goals because of the strength of their defense. This makes Tucker a special value in Baltimore where they value his consistency instead of letting him walk and hoping someone else can fit the bill. That said, kicker is probably one of the easier positions to test the market on.



CB Josh Norman, Carolina Panthers

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $13.952M

Norman is a hot commodity right now and the Panthers are about to face the downside of success with trying to lock up all of their key pieces from a team that lost only 2 games last year (although one of them was the Super Bowl!) Norman is likely in the top 5 of all cover corners right now and the Panthers are likely to want to keep him in house.


WR Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $14.599M

Jeffery is a player the Bears desperately need. Both sides want to stay and the supposed gap is not that large. A long term deal will give the team the opportunity to stretch out the money and make sure that Cutler has his top target back for the foreseeable future.


LT Cordy Glenn, Buffalo Bills

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $13.706M

The Bills want Glenn. Although, the team has been stockpiling pieces on defense and may not have the flexibility to meet Glenn’s number. However, we all know the value of left tackles in the league and with Tyron Taylor emerging as a top tier quarterback and potentially the Bills best QB since Jim Kelly, the Bills are not likely to gamble here.


Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $10.806M

Berry is the leader of the Chiefs defense and the team knows it. Andy Reid is used to having a franchise player in the safety position from his Philadelphia years and Berry fits that bill. He apparently wants to stay in town too.


CB Trumaine Johnson, Los Angeles Rams

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $13.952M

What is the value of being a star in LA? Johnson may want to find out! He has been very productive on a bad team, but he shows the ability to be the next “superman” CB with a good run by the team – just like Richard Sherman did in Seattle and Josh Norman did last year. He has the size to match up with anyone in the league and would be coveted on the open market. But for a Californian to come home without changing teams, it may be a bigger opportunity for him to stick around and see how it plays out this year. Expect a new deal in LA.


DE Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $15.701M

Wilerson is looking to be the highest paid Defensive Lineman in the league ($43 million guaranteed at signing). He is the soul of the Jets’ line right now, but the team is not ready to commit that kind of money yet. The long term deal will get done if Wilkerson is willing to come down a couple notches. Otherwise, expect the team to play out the year and look to groom him replacement for 2017.


QB Kirk Cousins, Washington

Expected Franchise Tag Value: $19.953M

Is Kirk Cousins the franchise QB for the future? I don’t know that the Washington brass is 100% sold on it yet. Cousins had a good season last year taking over for an injured RG III, but will that run last? The team is desperate for consistency at the position and really needs a face to the franchise. While the team will let Griffin go, they cannot afford to let Cousins leave too without a long term answer. Don’t be surprised if Cousins plays out the year on a one year deal similar to how Joe Flacco rolled the dice and won several years ago. A great year, and it is big payday for Cousins and a happy check to write for Dan Snyder. A bad season and the team can walk away next season.


DE Olivier Vernon, Miami Dolphins

Expected Transitional Tag Value: $12.734M

Vernon had a breakout year last season. With more cap room around the league, he is in a good position to still field offers as a Transitional player. If a team is willing to write the big check, Miami can match it, but expect the Dolphins to have a limit.



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