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Preseason is about halfway through. Teams are starting to take shape. The future is getting clearer, so what better opportunity to submit my bold predictions for the 2018 NFL season.


1. The NFL South will produce the NFC's Super Bowl team. With the Saints, Panthers and Falcons all ramping up this season, this division will be the best in the NFC again. Each of those teams can score at will and they may have the best defenses top to bottom too.


2. The Cleveland Browns will win at least five games in 2018. After going 0-16 last season, everyone on the Browns will have a chip on their shoulder. The defenses will be solid. Their offense will finally have a few playermakes on it who will help them put up points. So, I expect the Browns to make a big jump this season - although they are far from competiting this season.


3. This will be Eli Manning's last season while Tom Brady will be back for more! Eli has been slowing down for years now. With a bunch of weapons around him this year, he will get exposed for his newfound mediocrity. Meanwhile, Brady looks sharp as ever. He will stay until the Patriots win another Super Bowl, or he turns 50! Expect the Pats to compete again!


4. The Jets will give into pressure and decide to start Sam Darnold in week 1.


4a. Sam Darnold will struggle in the first three games he starts and force the Jets to rethink their position.


5. The Buffalo Bills will be in the playoffs. Josh Allen will be in contention for the AFC's Offensive Rookie of the Year.


6. Robert Griffin III and Teddy Bridgewater will be starting quarterbacks somewhere in the league at some point by the end of the regular season. 


7. Kansas City will will the AFC West on a tiebreaker over John Gruden and the Raiders. Both teams will be at 9-7. Gruden is in consideration for Coach of the Year, but that will go to the winner of the NFC South division.


8. And the top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft goes to .... Detroit Lions.


9.  Colin Kaepernick will be given a shot somewhere by the end of the regular season - although he will likely be in a backup role. It will be his last season in the NFL though.


10. The New England Patriots will be back in the Super Bowl this year and be more dominant than ever. They have a deeper receiving corps, a solid backfield, Gronk, and Tom Brady on offense. Their defense is also deeper than last year too.


Let's see how these play out!


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