My Season Outlook for the New York Jets

New York Jets

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National Football League
Florham Park, NJ United States
American Football Conference

Season Report Card

The QB has underperformed and shown inconsistencies. I'm referring to Sam Darnold as there are several times on tape that he misses a receiver either because his feet are not set or he starts to panic inside the pocket. You see flashes of very good play but ultimately their only flashes and he has not shown enough consistency throughout the season. The situation of the team around him has been horrible and most QB's would not succeed. As for Joe Flacco it was what you would expect.
Running Backs
Leveon Bell has been injured most of the season and has been underutilized in the passing game. Frank Gore has been their best option as he's shown impressive burst for a 37-year-old RB. As for the rookie La'Mical Perine, he has not been very impactful thus far only having a few carries 15 ATT for 56 yards.
Protection & Blocking
When the starting lineup is fully healthy the O-Line has been solid. They have held up relatively well. the rookie LT Mekhi Becton has been a very impressive rookie thus far. The rest of the O-Line has been solid as well Alex Lewis has held up fine along with Connor McGovern and George Fant. The weak link has been Greg Van Roten who has had issues pass protecting and against the bull rush.
Outside of Jamison Crowder, the Jets do not have anyone. Chris Hogan has been below average and Breshad Perriman has been hurt most of the year. Braxton Berrios has been ok and Jeff Smith showed some glimpses as a No. 4 option but when 2 slot receivers are your best options that is a problem. This issue should have been better prepared for especially knowing injuries may occur and place No. 4, 5 & 6 receiving options as your starters. The best option now is to try to find depth for next year.
Big Play Ability
Red Zone Success
Skills Analysis Notes
The issue of the offense goes beyond just talent. This year shows a lack of preparation and execution of the offense. The offense being run is much too conservative and showcases a lack of confidence in your players. Also, most of the skill position players now on the roster would most likely be backups elsewhere. It's horrible considering you have a young QB in his third year and a lack of playmakers to go with it. It's hard to evaluate whether Sam Darnold is indeed a franchise QB or just an average one on a bad team. A lack of talent can only be mitigated somewhat by the discipline of the players and coaches. In 2021 this team must invest in the receiver position but also continue to rebuild this offensive line. Also, they can utilize some speed as well and all skill positions. The TE which should have been the focal point of this offense has been nonexistent. When you don't have great receivers utilize other aspects of your team different skill positions. Utilize more two TE sets and run game to compensate for the lack of receiving talent.
Defensive Line
They have been solid. Quinnen Williams has shown flashes on tape to get to the QB. They have had a good run defense and a lot of the blame for those long runs given up have been on bad MLB play. They have been stout covering the gaps for the LB's to make the play.
The LB's have had poor tackling and have taken bad angles all season. They have given up huge plays, just check out the 49ers game and you will see. It has been undisciplined poor technique and just overall very bad. They have been a big reason for the big plays the opposing teams have.
Defensive Backs
Initially, Marcus Maye and Blessaun Austin were making plays and the one got injured and the other has been inconsistent. Pierre Desir has been beaten a lot and does not seem to locate the football well when it's in the air. He needs to be more consistent in projecting the trajectory of the football and making a play.
Passing Game Defense
Stopping the Run
Controlling Field Position
Stopping The Big Play
Causing Turnovers
Special Teams and Coaching
Special Teams
Place Kicking
Kickoff/Punt Returning
Kickoff/Punt Coverage
Overall Unit Analysis
Braden Mann the rookie punter has been very impressive so far. He has been able to flip field positions for the opposing team and has shown off his ability to be consistent in doing so.
Overall Coaching / School Analysis
The coaching is bad and I know people like to always blame the coach but to Adam Gase's defense, his roster is horrible. But because he is so conservative with his playcalling he is predictable. He needs to be more aggressive passing the football downfield. His short passing game can only work if he has very quick shifty receivers who can explode and get upfield in a hurry and even so defenses are faster and prepare for that. Instead of focusing so much on the playbook, he needs to focus on the players he has on the roster; and figure out what they do well.
Overall Team
Overall Team Grade
This is the worst constructed roster in the league and outside of Mekhi Becton(LT), there has not been anything exciting to look forward to for Jets fans in the future. They have some extra draft picks two 1st round picks (2021,2022 and a 2021 3rd rounder) moving forward but considering how well Seattle is playing I doubt they will have an early pick. The best scenario this year is that you find out whether Sam Darnold is the future or you have to move on and whatever the decision is they will have to stick with it. My analysis is as follows. Add two starting receivers via free agency, follow that by continuing to add pieces on the O-Line remember an injury can be detrimental. Add some speed to the RB room via draft and or signing. Add depth to the LB room as they have been horrible. Follow that by adding a veteran CB to the team at a low-cost price. And always remember to build through the draft.
Did the team's performance
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Expectations/ Outlook
I expect at most 4 wins if that.