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Buffalo Bills

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National Football League
Orchard Park, NY United States
American Football Conference

Season Outlook Analysis

Currently, Josh Allen is taking the next step as a passer. He is now second in the NFL for passing yards and has been a rushing monster. Still, he has a long way to go to prove that he has the accuracy needed to be a solid pocket passer.
Running Backs
This Buffalo team went all-in on the running game by investing in RBs Devin Singletary, T.J. Yeldon, and Zack Moss. This deep running back unit is stacked because all of these rushers are versatile in the running and receiving games. Plus, Moss and Singletary are great pass protectors who can keep Josh Allen clean in the pocket.
Protection & Blocking
OTs Daryl Williams and Dion Dawkins have been quality offensive linemen, especially in the passing game. However, the interior of the Bills OL has somehow struggled to create holes in the run game. Center Mitch Morse especially needs to improve in this area.
Surprisingly, the Bills have an incredibly deep receiving corps headlined by Stefon Diggs. While everyone expected to Diggs' to succeed, Josh Allen has benefitted from the presence of Cole Beasley and John Brown. As a result, Allen has two reliable deep threats in Diggs and Brown, and a quality slot receiver in Beasley. While the TE position is underwhelming, Buffalo has 3 RBs who can catch out the backfield as well. Therefore, this offense has the potential to remain productive.
Big Play Ability
Red Zone Success
Skills Analysis Notes
The Buffalo Bills have a disciplined offense that has a strong foundation built upon running the ball. Their running back unit is one of the deepest in the league, with RBs Devin Singletary and Zack Moss able to take the reigns if need be. Plus, Josh Allen is more than capable of moving the chains and reaching the end zone with his strength and mobility. Surprisingly, this team has garnered rushing success despite poor blocking from their interior offensive linemen. Therefore, the Bills have not even reached their ceiling, which is scary. Nevertheless, if their receiving corps remains a versatile and consistent unit, this team will stay a top-five unit that churns out numerous big plays.
Defensive Line
Despite the Bills' current success pressuring quarterbacks, this unit has not even reached it's prime. While Mario Addison, Ed Oliver, and Jerry Hudges, and Quinton Jefferson have done a great job getting pressures, rookie A.J. Epenesa is still developing into a versatile edge defender. Nevertheless, he has performed well through three weeks and could end the season as a full-time starter. Although this team needs to be tougher against the run.
Matt Milano is the only bright spot in the Bills linebacking corps. Aside from him, all of the Bills LBs have struggled to stop the run, tackle ball carriers and rush the passer. Additionally, Tremaine Edmunds has played so poorly that the Bills should reevaluate bringing him back next season.
Defensive Backs
Despite giving up too many passing yards, this Bills secondary is playing well. Both Levi Wallace and Tre'Davious White are faring well in coverage by surrendering less than 45 yards per game and breaking up numerous passes. Plus Jordan Poyer is a dominant safety in coverage who can stop the run effectively. Therefore, this group will likely be one of the strengths of this Bills team.
Passing Game Defense
Stopping the Run
Controlling Field Position
Stopping The Big Play
Causing Turnovers
Skills Analysis Notes
This Bills defense is still a dominant defense that excels at pressuring the quarterback and shutting down receivers on the outside. This defense line is a deep group with pass rushers like Mario Addison, Ed Oliver, and Jerry Hughes. Plus, it has some run stoppers like safety Jordan Poyer who can get into the backfield and tackle ball carriers for a loss with urgency. However, it would be wrong to hype this defense up without acknowledging it's slight regression from last year. For instance, this team's LB corps is underwhelming, with players such as Tremaine Edmunds failing to stop the run, cover receivers, or rush the passer. Plus, this team has been average at controlling field positon or preventing big plays. Therefore, high powered offenses like Kansas City will likely take care of this defense with ease. Nevertheless, this D is still good enough to carry the team to a division berth easily.
Special Teams and Coaching
Special Teams
Place Kicking
Kickoff/Punt Returning
Kickoff/Punt Coverage
Overall Unit Analysis
Kicker Tyler Bass is 1/3 on kicks between 30-39 yards which is abysmal.
Decision Making
Overall Coaching / School Analysis
Sean McDermott is a phenomenal head coach who has helped the Bills exceed expectations for consecutive seasons. This achievement is incredible considering that his QB, Josh Allen, has struggled profusely with being an accurate passer throughout his young career. Nevertheless, McDermott has surrounded Allen with a quality coaching tree headlined by offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Daboll and his assistant coaches have done a great job creating a run centric system to maximize the production of Allen, Devin Singletary, and rookie Zack Moss. However, the Bills' surprising dominance in the passing game speaks volumes to the development and coaching of this team. On the defensive side of the ball, McDermott has led one of the NFL's most disciplined and aggressive defenses. As a result, the Bills frequently excel at racking up pressures and sacks, with 2020 being no different. It is important to note that this year's defense is more underwhelming than last seasons, especially at the LB position. Nevertheless, players like Jordan Poyer, Tre'Davious White, and Mario Addison should do a good job working in McDermott's scheme.
Overall Team
Overall Team Grade
With the NFL already three weeks in, the Buffalo Bills are an undefeated team with the culture and talent necessary to go far in the playoffs. Speaking of culture, this team is a disciplined and hardworking group on both sides of the ball, which helps them hide glaring holes at the OG, C, and LB positions. Plus, they have already exceeded expectations in the passing game where wideouts Stefon Diggs, John Brown, and Cole Beasley are shredding secondaries.
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Expectations/ Outlook
After looking at the rest of the Bills schedule, they are projected to finish with an 11-5 record. While they can compete with the Cardinals, 49ers, and Steelers, this projection is heavily based on how easy their division is. With New England and Miami currently in the middle of a deep rebuild, the Bills are undoubtedly the best team in the AFC East. Plus, the New York Jets are such a dumpster fire that the Bills will certainly get another easy win against them. However, this is a team that has not even met its prime yet. If players like A.J. Epensa and Mitch Morse can continue improving, this team can go deep in the playoffs.