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Major professional sporting leagues are becoming year round endeavors for their fanbases. Following amateur drafts has increasingly become as important to many fans as the season itself. For many casual fans, player analysis seems fun, but can be int ... Read More
The NCAA is teetering in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the NCAA’s stance was to leave the decision on whether to play up to the conferences. It ceded its leadership position to them and the result has been predictable. On its s ... Read More
foshman | 10 Apr 2020  
 How To Scout Defensive Linemen By Brent Foshee   Great defensive linemen remain, along with quarterbacks, remain the rarest commodity in the NFL. Frequently among the most drafted first round position, teams are always looking for a big man th ... Read More
By Brent Foshee, Fanteractive Scouting Contributor In the NFL good offensive lines are paramount if a team expects to be competitive on the field. While Left Tackles have long been one of the premiere positions that teams consistently look for ... Read More
By Brent Foshee, Fanteractive Scouting Contributor   Finally aware of, and forced to address, the long term consequences of concussions and a with a mandate from owners to make the game safer - and protect star players, the NFL has become a s ... Read More
maurygoka | 27 Mar 2020  
Note: Started grading by the general grade ranges given by fanteractive. Lateral Quickness 6.80 Displays fringe NBA lateral quickness which helps him to excel on defense in college. Speed 5.30 Straight line speed is not particularly ... Read More
maurygoka | 26 Mar 2020  
Lateral Quickness 3.70 Not quick at all, really lacks on defense because of lack of athleticism. Speed 4.80 Only reason it's this high is because of the way he moves in transition. Looks faster in transition because of the way he can m ... Read More
maurygoka | 26 Mar 2020  
Arm Strength/Power 5.30 Might give him 53 Throw power in Madden... if I'm generous. Very rarely shows any zip on the football. Short Accuracy (1-10 yds) 7.30 Doesn't often miss guys on the short routes. If he does it's because he panic ... Read More
Speed: 5.3 After he gains some traction, Johnson becomes a decently fast receiver. However, his initial burst isn’t fast enough to dust defensive with his speed. Agility: 9 Agility is by far Johnson’s, best attribute. Throughout nearly every ... Read More
maurygoka | 23 Mar 2020  
Arm Strength/Power 8.20 After watching all MSU QB's as of Kirk Cousins, I can confidently say he has the strongest arm potential of any that I've watched. Short Accuracy (1-10 yds) 6.80 Decent, lot of overall inaccuracy has to do with ... Read More
Tom Brady has left the Patriots and it feels like the world is upside down. I think everyone was at least a little shocked to see the greatest QB of all time leave the only team he's ever known. Especially for a small market, mediocre (sorry Tampa fa ... Read More
Arm Strength: 8 Stanley has excellent arm strength and the ability to deliver the ball with some zip. However, he often relies on his arm strength at the expense of his mechanics. Short Accuracy: 5.9 Stanley often fails to recognize open rec ... Read More
2020 NFL Draft Top Defensive Linemen   Defensive Tackle   1: Derrick Brown - Brown is an elite defensive tackle prospect who is the best prospect at his position in several years, and is a top five talent in this draft. Brown an ... Read More
2020 NFL Draft Prospects - Linebackers and Safeties   Not a great year for these two positions so we'll combine them for this article.   Linebacker   Isaiah Simmons, Clemson - Superior athlete with incredible vers ... Read More
As you begin to scout for Wide Receivers for your team in the Fanteractive Player Database, here are tips on what to be looking for in the prospects. These considerations should also be incorporated into your scouting reports.   Hands Pro ... Read More
foshman | 31 Jan 2020  
Super Bowl Pick ‘Em and Preview   Last Week: 2-0 Season Total: 73-26   The last game of the season is upon us and I’ll finish with either 73 or 74 wins out of 100. Since there is only one game this week, and since ... Read More
Conference Championship Weekend Pick 'Em   Last Week: 4-1 Season Total: 71-26   Tennessee at Kansas City: The Titans look to continue their incredible run through the post season and have a chance to defeat the top three te ... Read More
The Divisional round is here. Before you place any of your bets, here are the "best" bets for each game.   49ers (-7) vs Vikings: Minnesota is coming into this game with a lot of momentum after last week's win, however, ... Read More
Divisional Round/BCS National Championship Pick 'Em    Last Week: 3-1 Season Total: 67-25   Minnesota at San Francisco - Both teams have some key injuries, and the Vikings have a good match up and a history of spoiling ... Read More
foshman | 04 Jan 2020  
Last Week: 3-4 Season to Date: 64-24   Buffalo at Houston - Buffalo and Houston have been on opposite ends of the spectrum most of the season. While Buffalo has played relatively consistent mistake free football the Texans have had a mo ... Read More
     What type of experience does it take to be an NFL Draft Scout? Can anyone do it? Rob Rang, Matt Miller, Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay, and Tony Pauline have all shown that they have what it to takes to be a NFL Draft Scout. So what i ... Read More
foshman | 27 Dec 2019  
Week 17 Pick 'Em Last Week 2-0 Season Total: 61-20 Last weeek of the NFL regular season and the first week of the College Footbal Playoffs. Let's just dive right in.   #4 Oklahoma at #1 LSU - Oklahoma is in a good situat ... Read More
Running Back   D’Andre Swift, Georgia; The most talented running back in this class. Swift is explosive and versatile enough to play in multiple systems. He’s the only sure first round selection at running back.   Tr ... Read More
The collective bargaining agreement is a contract that is found across all major league sports. The negotiation takes place between the organization and the player’s union to define a strategic way to respond and communicate the rules and regul ... Read More
foshman | 20 Dec 2019  
Last Week: 1-1 Season: 59-20   Buffalo at New England; The Bills are playing well and winningclose games at the moent behind the surprising play of Josh Allen and a strong defense. While The Patrios=ts are struggling this is the kind of ... Read More
foshman | 14 Dec 2019  
Week 15 Pick-Em   Last Week 9-2 Season 57-19  I want to end on an even 100 games, including the 18 games from the College Football Championships and NFL playoffs, so I'll only be picking two NFL games a week for the last thr ... Read More
Week 14 Pick 'Em - Conference Championship Edition   Last Week 3-2 Season 48-17   #5 Utah at #13 Oregon; Justin Herbert will make himself a lot of money if he engineers a decisive win against Utah. Kyle Whittingham deserves ... Read More
foshman | 06 Dec 2019  
Top 2020 Quarterback Prospects    The upcoming NFL Draft is widely considered to be rich at defensve line, offensive line, wide receiver, and quarterback. As the season draws to a close it is worth takeing a look at each position gr ... Read More
foshman | 28 Nov 2019  
Week 13 Pick 'Em Last Week: 5-0 Season: 45-15   #5 Alabama at #15 Auburn - This is a match up that favors Auburn on paper. The Tigers match up well defensively with Alabama, who will be starting their back up quarterback against ... Read More
foshman | 27 Nov 2019  
Offensive line issues are one of the most prevalent issues in the NFL. A good offensive line exponentially increases a team's ability to win on the road while a bad one limits the playcalls available to the coordinator. Left tackle has long been ... Read More
foshman | 23 Nov 2019  
Week 12 Pick 'Em Last Week 5-0 Season 40-15   #8 Penn State at #2 Ohio State - This game is most likely for a playoff spot as Minnesota won't beat either team on a neutral field. The Buckeyes have been impressive but lack a w ... Read More
foshman | 15 Nov 2019  
Week 11 Pick 'Em Last Week 2-3 Season 35-15   #4 Georgia at #12 Auburn - Playing a ranked Auburn at Jordan Hare is always difficult but the Bulldogs have a favorable match up in this game due to the presence of  D'Andre ... Read More
foshman | 08 Nov 2019  
Week 10 Pick’em   Last week: 2-3 Season Total: 33-12     #4 Penn State vs #17 Minnesota PJ Fleck has Minnesota on the right path and off to their best start in memory. Penn State is among the best teams in the c ... Read More
Week 9 Pick 'Em (167) |
foshman | 02 Nov 2019  
Week 9 Pick’em   Last week: 4-1 Season Total: 31-9     #8 Georgia vs #6 Florida This is always a great game in Jacksonville and it rarely features a top ten match up. Florida is ranked higher by virtue of a bett ... Read More
Week 8 Picks (182) |
foshman | 25 Oct 2019  
Week 8 Picks   Last Week 4-1 Season 27-8   #8 Note Dame at #19 Michigan: The Wolverines are a different team at home but are they as good as Notre Dame? The Irish are probably a second tier team but they have played a top tie ... Read More
Week 7 Pick'Em (179) |
foshman | 18 Oct 2019  
Week 7 Picks   Last Week 5-0 Season 23-7   #18 Michigan at #7 Penn State: The Wolverines could turn around a disappointing 2019 season with a win at Happy Valley. Meanwhile a Penn State victory would be another notch in the r ... Read More
Week 6 Pick' Em (202) |
foshman | 11 Oct 2019  
Week 6 Pick Em   Last Week: 3-2 Overall: 18-7     Oklahoma vs Texas This is obviously one of the best games so far and one of the only major college football rivalries to occur this early in a season. Texas won last y ... Read More
Week 5 Pick-em (220) |
foshman | 04 Oct 2019  
Week 5 Pick’Em   We roll into October with a solid record and a slew of big games to pick. Much of the guessing work is gone now since teams are being judged based on their play this season rather than pre-season expectations and we ... Read More
Week 4 College Football Takeaways - And Another Thing   Conference Strength Revisited - OK, well, we’re back to where we usually are in Conference rankings with the SEC looking like the cream of the crop. The ACC has Clemson and a bu ... Read More
Week 4 Pick'Em (275) |
foshman | 27 Sep 2019  
Week 4 Pick’Em Good week last week with only a single loss. Hopefully this week I can continue the momentum.   Last Week 4-1 Season 11-4   USC at Washington: Both teams are ranked although USC is trending up while Wa ... Read More
There is no denying the fact that athletes tend to have expensive taste, especially veterans who have been playing in their league for many years and receive higher salaries. Curious minds may inquiry about how these expensive tastes translate into i ... Read More
CBA Comparison (384) |
WTHwithyouraccountname | 25 Sep 2019  
CBA Comparison The Collective Bargaining Arbitration is different sports league has lots of common terms. I chose several things I feel very interesting to compare them in the different leagues. The first one is the salary cap. Can superstar playe ... Read More
Collective bargaining agreements in the major sports league in the United States of America are basically the list of agreements that are reached between the particular league’s owners and the league’s professional players. Ther ... Read More
Collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a written contract negotiated through collective bargaining for employees by one or more trade unions with the management of a company (or with an employers' association) that ... Read More
Drafts are a common part of team sports and something that a lot of fans watch with hopes of a bright future for their team. Each league handles assigning exclusive rights to drafted players in their own way. The NFL, NBA, and MLS have their own rule ... Read More
Francesca Moore CBA Comparisons To start off, while looking through the different CBA’s for each professional sport, I found how different each one of them really were. While some were close to 500 pages long and were easy to read, others ... Read More
Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) CBA’s are contractual agreements between a leagues players and owners. CBA’s highlight rules and regulations that are implemented around free agency, salary caps, strikes/lockouts and other import ... Read More
CBA comparison (125) |
peterson_gallagher | 24 Sep 2019  
Under the regulations of NFL, it quires 90-man Rosters. The NFL has determined in its sole discretion that for the 2011 League Year, offseason rosters shall be expanded to a ninety-man limit beginning July 26, 2011. which means every team for off- se ... Read More
CBA: No Lockout, No Strike Laws   A strike is a refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, this is usually in an attempt to slow up production and business to force the employer to grant certain demanded concess ... Read More
First, after I went through the contents of each CBA, I saw that NBA and WNBA have similar contract about signing players in very short term while NFL do not have this type of contract.  In the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreements. It says&nb ... Read More
The CBA comparison that I am going to discuss is the salary cap within the NFL, NBA, and MLB. All three of these leagues are amongst the top of sports with players that receive yearly incomes putting them in the top percent of earnings throughout the ... Read More
  When comparing the Collective Bargaining Agreements of the NFL, NBA, and MLB, I found that each league has a section that mandates a savings plan for retirement in the form of a pension or 401k. In the NBA CBA, the former players are giv ... Read More
     One provision in the CBA that has always interested me is article 13 in the NFL CBA; salary cap. How do you know calculate what a player is worth and how much is too much? I am going to compare the NFL and NBA club salary cap r ... Read More
In light of recent domestic violence allegations levied against New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German and Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, I have decided to evaluate and compare how the NFL, MLB and NBA each handle cases and i ... Read More
The general public may believe that an unlimited amount of free tickets to games is a given when playing for a professional sports team. This is not quite the case for all players, specifically in the National Hockey League (NHL), National Football L ... Read More
The NFL, MLB, and WNBA are all professional sports in the United States. All these three sports are different in many ways whether how the games played, or even to how they are individually paid. Looking deeper into the inner workings of the CBA of a ... Read More
The National football league (NFL) is a professional organization that consisted of 32 teams, divided equally it has two Conference the American Football Conference NFC. Nation Basketball Association (NBA) composed of 30 groups. However, they are two ... Read More
The National football league (NFL) is a professional organization that consisted of 32 teams, divided equally it has two Conference the American Football Conference NFC. Nation Basketball Association (NBA) composed of 30 groups. However, they are two ... Read More
The NFL, MLB, and WNBA are all professional sports in the United States. All these three sports are different in many ways whether how the games played, or even to how they are individually paid. Looking deeper into the inner workings of the CBA of a ... Read More
For my comparison of the Collective bargaining agreements I choose the leagues of the NFL,WNBA and NBA and I will be focusing on Disability and Injuries Benefits that are provided to the players. First, when it came to the NFL a permit is able to ... Read More
Sports have always been quite a big deal in the American society. But over time a player’s ability to succeed, or their talents equates to how much they’re worth or how much they make. To the fans it’s the end goal of each game that ... Read More
Expenses related to Players between sports leagues         The first thing that is glaringly obvious but odd is the number of clauses between the men sports and the WNBA. Which inherently eludes to the money and ... Read More
      Moving and Travel Expenses is a provision that is commonly seen in the Collective Bargaining Agreements of the NFL, NBA and MLB.  This is a provision that explains the long transition process that players deal with when ... Read More
CBA Comparison (113) |
mjg408 | 24 Sep 2019  
Collective bargaining is the foundation of all professional sports leagues across the country. Collective bargaining agreements (CBA) are negotiations between the leagues and players’ unions that discuss players’ wages, benefits and many ... Read More
Professional athlete is a very special and unusual job. They generally cannot have regular leave or vacation time, but the rights to have leave or vacation are also important to them. Although there are many commons in Collective Bargaining Agreement ... Read More
Collective Bargaining Agreements(CBA) Comparisons   The CBA for the NFL does not allow the NFLPA or any of the members to be involved in any strike. This is different from a player holding out for a new contract.  This suggests rather ... Read More
Michael D’Elia CBA Comparison Article 9/23/19               There are many overlaps that can be made between the collective bargaining agreements of the National Football L ... Read More
NBA VS NFL CBA (345) |
kaneeez06 | 24 Sep 2019  
Eghosa Ekenezar Andrew Bondarowicz 9-24-19                                 &nbs ... Read More
Agents and player representation in general are a staple in the world of sports. Sports agents legally represent professional sports figures such as athletes and coaches. They notiage deals and contracts for these figures in all areas of sports. This ... Read More
gonz22 | 23 Sep 2019  
“The Collective Bargaining Agreement: NBA and WNBA Rookie Salary Scale” By David Gonzalez             In 1949 The Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball L ... Read More
Collective bargaining agreements, when talking about sports, are contracts that are negotiated between players, who are considered employees, and their leagues respected player associations. What these collective bargaining agreements do is set rules ... Read More
In all major sports leagues, it is required for the players to sign a Collective bargaining agreement in order to participate. These contracts also known as CBA’s give direct rules and standards that players have to abide by. Using WNBA, NBA, a ... Read More
By Hannah Ashby   The topic of sports has always been an interest. I myself am an athlete and I know my fair share of information about sports. In this article, I will analyze the similarities and differences in Salary Cap for three differ ... Read More
Nicky | 23 Sep 2019  
DRUG TESTING Drug use by athletes has been a controversial issue for many years. Athletes often use artificial stimulants to give them a physical and mental advantage over their opponents. One of the major concerns with drug testing in professiona ... Read More
            While there are many differences among Collective Bargaining Agreements from sport to sport, the one thing they seem to have in common, at least as it relates to the National Foo ... Read More
Comparison of Minimum Salaries in the NFL, WNBA, and MLB  As professional sports become more advanced, we recognize that along with time comes higher-paid athletes. Some of them many not necessarily be more athletically gifted than former pla ... Read More
IlanS | 22 Sep 2019  
The draft system is specific to US sports and differ greatly between leagues. The NFL collective bargaining agreement states that   “No player shall be permitted to apply for special eligibility for selection in the Draft, or otherwis ... Read More
Andrea Ugalde The NFL, NBA, and MLB are usually the top leagues people tune into every year. They spend a lot of money. The CBA’s for all three leagues have a minimum salaries and I’d like to compare all three. Major League Baseball is ... Read More
By Mark Camenzuli CBA Comparison– Away Game Meal Travel Provisions     Each of the CFL, NFL, and NHL has negotiated comprehensive collective bargaining agreements with their respective players. For the three sample years, ... Read More
Crensh | 21 Sep 2019  
            Of the major sports that exist in the United States, all of them have some form of an “All-Star Game”. Each league designates a certain number of players each year to be o ... Read More
Week 3 Pick'em (112) |
foshman | 20 Sep 2019  
Week 3 Picks   Back on track after a heavy NFL week, but this week will see a return to mostly college picks t, so hopefully I’ve learned enough to keep the momentum going. For the record my goal is to be at 70% for the season. I&rsq ... Read More
       by Dscardigno44      I have decided to compare “Moving & Travel Expenses to a New Club” clauses in the NFL, NBA and NHL’s respective Collective Bargaining Agreements. T ... Read More
            After reading over the collective bargaining agreements for all of the different leagues, I actually find it very interesting how much they can vary among each other. Like how importa ... Read More
Week 2 Picks (152) |
foshman | 13 Sep 2019  
It was a tough week, for me anyway, in Week 1 and I emerged just 3-2 over 5 games. Hopefully that will be among my worst weeks. This week we’ll switch things up and do four NFL games and one college game since there are no match ups of ranked t ... Read More
Week 1 Picks (216) |
foshman | 06 Sep 2019  
Football Picks - Week 1   Technically, it’s week 2 in college and week 1 in the NFL but that’s a terrible title and this is the first column so we’re simplifying. I’ll be picking 5 games a week for the remainder of ... Read More
foshman | 05 Sep 2019  
NFC West Preview   The NFL West figures to be a battle ground division this season. Despite having last seasons Conference champs, Los Angeles, both Seattle and San Francisco look poised for a playoff run. What is most distinguishing about ... Read More
foshman | 04 Sep 2019  
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….that mantra rings especially true in the AFC West this season. Kansas City and Los Angeles are among the best teams in the league, though not without questions, while Oakland and Denver are ... Read More
Week 1 College Football Takeaways - And Another Thing   Conference Strength - People like to jump on their favored conference bandwagon whenever they can - thanks SEC for giving us Conference pride in droves - so it comes as no surprise th ... Read More
foshman | 02 Sep 2019  
NFC South Preview   The NFC South figures to be a battle ground in 2019. Boasting a Superbowl favorite and two other playoff contenders the division should be exciting to watch. This might be the swan song for Drew Brees but it’s an ... Read More
     Plans for a new third division professional soccer league in America have quietly come to fruition as the nation’s top tier competitions enter their final stretches. The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) was pro ... Read More
The last full week of July is one of the most stressful in the life of an NFL rookie.   Up to this point, most players have been living out their dream. They had outstanding high school careers followed by strong college careers - enough t ... Read More
foshman | 30 Aug 2019  
The sudden retirement of Andrew Luck appears to have opened up the AFC South this season as the Colts are no longer heavy favorites to take the division crown. Houston can stake the best claim now despite the Colts still having the best overall roste ... Read More
One Of These Eight Teams Will Win The National Championship   In any given year there are a handful of teams, maybe ten total, that have a realistic shot of being able to play for a National Championship in college football. Those ten team ... Read More
foshman | 26 Aug 2019  
NFC North Preview   The NFC North promises to be one of the most competitive divisions in football this season. Long among the most stable teams in the league, Green Bay is starting out with a brand new staff and the associated questions. ... Read More
foshman | 24 Aug 2019  
AFC North Preview   The AFC North is one of two divisions that has multiple teams with new coaching staffs. Cleveland and Cincinnati each hired new coaches while the Steelers and Baltimore’s Superbowl winning regimes will get at leas ... Read More
foshman | 20 Aug 2019  
NFC East Preview   The NFC East should be interesting this season as it sports two very good teams and two teams that are likely to be among the worst in the league. The Eagles are the class of the division and continue to improve. Dallas ... Read More
foshman | 18 Aug 2019  
AFC East Preview   The AFC East is the least competitive division in all of professional sports. The Patriots will win it again, probably for the next few years, and the other three teams will fight for second place. At least two of those ... Read More
Every football fan knows the Big 10's recent powerhouses: Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. These teams have all been at the top of the league rankings, and national rankings for some time now. The University of Iow ... Read More
myles.whitmore | 02 Aug 2019  
The Philadelphia Eagles have an absolutely loaded receiving corps. They have a deep-threat in Desean Jackson, a contested-catch threat on the outside in Alshon Jeffery, and a reliable sure-handed TE with Zach Ertz. In addition, the Eagles also h ... Read More
    In the last few years, we have seen many second-round picks become pivotal parts of their respective teams. Some examples are Malcolm Brogdon, Jalen Brunson, and Jordan Bell. This year, it will be Daniel Gafford for the Chicago Bul ... Read More
     The Chicago Bulls have had an exciting free agency that has put them in a position to revamp their status in the NBA, continue to develop their young assets, and bring in a veteran leader in Thaddeus Young. With many off seasons w ... Read More
Alex Moskowitz from the Emory Wheel Sports Section and Aaron Pearlstein from Fanteractive have created a podcast solely focused on the NBA, cap space questions, NCAAB, and everything in between called TheSixthMan. It is available on all streaming app ... Read More
The 2019 MLB All Star break has come and gone. Each team has gotten their much needed rest and are ready to make a push for the playoffs with the hopes of playing in the Fall Classic.  Major shifts in each division, massive trades, and heartbrea ... Read More
This most recent FIFA Women’s World Cup was a pivotal one for the sport. Not only was it the tournament where VAR made it’s auspicious debut, and where Megan Rapinoe, one of the games most colorful players, reached the pinnacle of her sto ... Read More
United States Women’s National Team member Megan Rapinoe is an interesting character. Her play on the field speaks for herself. She is tied with Alex Morgan in the race for the Golden Boot Award at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup as the t ... Read More
Free agency is about to start, with 45% of the NBA ready to move teams. We all know about the Los Angeles and New York teams as top-tier destinations for free agents, but there are a lot of exciting and compelling teams that could pry away some of th ... Read More
Free agency is just around the corner, and the NBA will shift quickly. Many top name superstars are free agents and can easily change the momentum and future of the NBA. However, each player has a fit that makes more sense for their style. Here are m ... Read More
The NBA Draft has come and gone, and it was a wild one. An insane 17 trades occurred in the two-round draft and 6 in the week ahead of it. Many teams used this draft to find players to fill their gaping holes but did they all make the right decisions ... Read More
The NBA Draft is a day full of excitement, potential, and dreams coming true for 60 players hearing their names. Boys are now expected to be men as their lives are changed as well as their surrounding family, friends, and community. The ESPN bro ... Read More
Now that Eden Hazard's move to Real Madrid is confirmed, the biggest transfer rumors this summer buzz around FC Barcelona. Orginally, it was rumored that Antoine Griezmann was going to jump ship to start a new challenge with the La Liga Cham ... Read More
A tiered look at my lottery big board. Quick hitting 280 charcater (or less) scouting reports with links to longer Fanteractive scouting reports which will be updated as they are completed. For other scouting reports on players not included, you can ... Read More
Here is my final two-round NBA Mock draft. The NBA Draft is this Thursday, June 20th, with all the trade rumors and teams still not sure about their pick, it will not disappoint in any way. This is how I think it will go if there are no trades but we ... Read More
Looking at Financial Fair Play Through the Lens of Real Madrid   Once upon a time, shopping sprees in soccer were the standard. As every shop-aholic knows, sometimes, spending can get out of control. Picture this: a young man walks into hi ... Read More
    Brazil kick off the 2019 Copa America on Friday night against Bolivia for what is promising to be an exciting tournament. Being on home soil, Brazil have the edge to lift the trophy but had to deal with a major blow. Unfo ... Read More
Point guards have become increasingly important in the NBA as more than just “coach on the floor types” but scoring guards who can morph a defense to their will and create opportunities for themselves as well as their teammates. Now and p ... Read More
Team Name College Position Height Weight Notes New Orleans Zion Williamson Duke Forward 6'7'' 285lbs Zion. That is all that has to be said. From his high-flying dunks ... Read More
aaron_pearlstein | 28 May 2019  
We have not seen such a top heavy draft like this before. As Steve Kyller of BBallInsiders said, "Based on what I am hearing from teams, you could take the names of any of the players currently ranked 10-40 and toss them in the air, and however ... Read More
Team Name College Position Height Weight Notes New Orleans Zion Williamson Duke Forward 6'7'' 285lbs Zion. That is all that really has to be said. From his high-flyin ... Read More
Today, May 22, 2019, I start my first day as a Basketball Scouting Intern with Fanteractive. To celebrate, my first Big Board of the season. This Big Board is subject to change as I dive deeper into each player's strengths and weaknesses and ... Read More
aaron_pearlstein | 16 May 2019  
  Team Player College Position Height Weight Notes New Orleans Zion Williamson Duke Forward 6'7'' 285lbs Zion. That is all that has to be said. ... Read More
Social Media has become a staple of every orgaization's gameplan. Professional sports are no different. Each and every professional sports team uses social media to promote their team and its play. Lets look at trends and how the MLB and NHL comp ... Read More
Baseball is officially back! With a little over a week of baseball played, there is no telling what the future holds for the 30 teams fighting for the end goal of the World Series. Statements have been made early, contenders have looked like pretende ... Read More
Out of the 351 Division I Men’s Basketball teams, although a majority of the athletes that play are from the United States, there are an additional 90 other countries that are represented on teams in the country. There are almost 7,400 NCAA Men ... Read More
Major professional sporting leagues are becoming year round endeavors for their fanbases. Following amateur drafts has increasingly become as important to many fans as the season itself. For many casual fans, player analysis seems fun, but can be int ... Read More
Have you ever thought about the training and dedication that goes into becoming a Division I College Basketball player? In the book, Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win, John Willkom talks about his experiences and the hard work h ... Read More
On February 13th, Inter Milan announced a change in captaincy via Twitter:     Goalkeeper Samir Handanovic has spearheaded the Nerazzurri since the aforementioned announcement was made while Mauro Icardi, who previously sported ... Read More
            As a former high school and youth coach in multiple sports I have heard or seen some outrageous things that referees have done to athletes. As the 2018 winter sports season started up in December, a wrestler ... Read More
rich_c3 | 18 Feb 2019  
            With the NFL season all wrapped up everything has gone silent about the disastrous news that was always looming over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rewind to the end of 2017-18 season. The Steelers running back, Le ... Read More
As computers increase in ability to process large amounts of data and derive “intelligent” findings from their “analysis,” the demand for reliable sources of observations will likely continue to grow.  Challenging this de ... Read More
The average sports fan bases their perception of the American “team” athlete on the all but average superstar: their exceptional skills, their lavish lifestyle, and, most enviously, their exorbitant salaries. While the behemoths of Americ ... Read More
            In my comparison, I looked at the “minimum salary” provisions that are present in the MLS, NFL and MLB collective bargaining agreements (“CBAs”). The minimum s ... Read More
                Trading players in professional sports is common practice. Fundamentally trades and assignments on their faces seem like easy processes, after all they are jus ... Read More
Comparing the meal allowance provisions contained within the collective bargaining agreements for the NBA, NFL, and MLB was particularly enlightening. Prior to reading these provisions, I was aware that professional athletes had a number of their exp ... Read More
In all the five major sports leagues Collective Bargaining Agreements (“CBA”) contain provisions regarding traveling and hotel accommodations for their players while they are “on the road” to play their scheduled games.  ... Read More
In the United States, you don’t need to be a sports fan to hear news about scandalous misconduct among athletes. Many Americans remember the wave of steroid allegations circulating in the MLB back in the early 2000’s, and the NHL is a bre ... Read More
Major League Sports Policies on Performance-Enhancing Substances by Christopher N. Nardone February 18, 2019   Each of the major league sports leagues, the National Football League (“NFL”), Major League Baseball (“MLB ... Read More
NFL: Artile 36 MLS: Article 15 NHL: Article 14   I chose to look at the MLS, NFL, and NHL’s articles in how each league handles reimbursement for moving costs of a transferred player. The MLS, NFL, and NHL vary in the amount of ... Read More
In comparing collective bargaining agreements (”CBA”) between the NBA, MLB and MLS, one interesting difference among the three are their treatment of handling player’s minimum salaries. Starting with Major League Baseball, the st ... Read More
Throughout the Collective Bargaining Agreements, the different leagues have drastically different lengths for their group licensing clauses. A group licensing clause in this specific circumstance usually is an agreement between the players and the le ... Read More
            Each of the collective bargaining agreements (CBA) of the five major sports, between the players associations and the respective leagues, contain a provision that provides for the min ... Read More
            Given the glut of available free agent superstars in the MLB this winter, most notably Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, there has been significant interest devoted to the arbitration system that governs major ... Read More
            As scientific advancements propel professional athletics into a position with player health and safety being a paramount concern, much attention has been given to athletes using illicit and performance enhanc ... Read More
The NFL operates under a “hard” salary cap each season, meaning that no team’s spending during a particular season/year may surpass the “cap” number mandated by the league. Each team in the NFL operates under a “To ... Read More
                  The National Basketball Association (“NBA”), the National Football League (“NFL”), and the National Hockey League (“N ... Read More
I chose entry-level compensation as the topic of this essay because I was interested in knowing how a young athletes get compensated in these leagues.  My understanding from reading the NHL’s CBA was that every person below the age of ... Read More
Just one week after the Super Bowl, the Alliance of American Football - or the AAF - launches its inaugural season as yet another spring or developmental football league. While many others have come and gone, many people are very dismissive of the AA ... Read More
Remember when the NBA trade deadline was supposed to consists of trades that included Anthony Davis, the whole Lakers team (minus LeBron), and possibly Draymond Green? Remember when the trade deadline was supposed to be boring and uneventful after th ... Read More
There's a new sheriff in town for football......well, maybe. Starting Saturday, February 9th on CBS, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) will officially start their inaugural 10 week, 40-game season. The AAF will consist of 8 t ... Read More
     Just over two weeks ago in Chicago, Illinois, McCormick Place hosted the NWSL College Draft where 36 of the 8,977 women who played Division I soccer in the 2018 season earned professional status. Following the draft, I began resea ... Read More
Below is a review of the social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook of the major professional teams in the New York tristate area as of January 2019. Instagram New York Yankees – 2.1 million followers https://www.ins ... Read More
With the 2019 MLS SuperDraft coming to a close, I took a deep dive into the Division I college soccer landscape. Which cities, states and countries were most represented by the 5,471 players that were rostered in the 2018 season? Would you have guess ... Read More
In 2017, Mark Emmert, the President of the NCAA,  created the Commission on College Basketball to help monitor, regulate, and prevent compliance issues.  Dr. Condoleeza Rice was named Chair of Commission and will be accompanied by other pro ... Read More
With Lamar Jackson starting to emerge in Baltimore, are the Ravens ready to move on from Joe Flacco as their starting quarterback? The veteran still has some game left in him, but with a first round pick spent on Jackson in the draft, you have to fig ... Read More
All those people who claim there are just too many bowl games just got more ammunition to fire at critics who support the big business that college bowl games have become! The aptly-named "Cheez-It Bowl" - named after the over processed, ... Read More
Just about all sport media outlets today provide real time score updates for all their users. Every type of sport fans today has some sort of Sports News App on their phone. If people are unable to watch the game live, they can easily check their pho ... Read More
Major League Soccer’s 2015-2020 collective bargaining agreement gives MLS players the option of becoming free agents for the first time in the league’s history. [1] Players who meet the following requirements for free agency are able to n ... Read More
joelee | 22 Dec 2018  
In today’s world of esports, there have been major endeavors and investments made for top earning games. Recently, NBA 2k and Fortnite were sued for profiting from popular dance moves that the originators take claim over. Yes, dancing can be pr ... Read More
Background on the Issue According to The Guardian, Manchester City FC could be banned from the Champions League as early as next season for violating UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations, a case which UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin labe ... Read More
zhalder | 21 Dec 2018  
Let’s talk about sports betting, geography, and why I think in the long run, and depending on where you live, it may not matter whether your state makes it legal.   The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 made it ... Read More
So, where exactly do collage coaches come from? This is a question open for debate. I wanted to talk about college coaches because there is a lot of controversy on who is hired for these positions. College athletics, without a doubt, is a huge busine ... Read More
            Recently, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) developmental league commonly referred to as the “G-League” announced salary raises, giving G-League teams the ... Read More
After an expansion team just won the MLS Cup, I am writing to tell you that the MLS needs to slow its expansion down now.  Recently, MLS officials were high on St. Louis' bid to be the next expansion city, calling it a "front runner&quo ... Read More
oliverkaczor | 21 Dec 2018  
Background In October 2018, three former Adidas executives were found guilty in an NCAA corruption trial stemming from bribery payments made to top college basketball recruits in the United States. The parties involved include former Adidas employ ... Read More
Growing up in a first generation Italian American household, soccer was (and still is) a huge part of every Sunday from September through June.  I have enjoyed cheering my favorite Serie A team Napoli on since I was young.  This experience ... Read More
AAndrach20 | 21 Dec 2018  
  Domestic Abuse in the NFL One of the more serious topics not only in sports but also outside of it is Domestic Abuse.  Domestic Abuse is a pattern behavior used by one partner to maintain power and control over another in an intimat ... Read More
The debate over student-athlete pay has reached critical mass. For years the NCAA has so vigorously denied the student-athletes’ right to earn money in any way. The NCAA's amateurism rules limit player compensation to tuition, room/board an ... Read More
This paper attempts to examine the UEFA Financial Fair Play imposed by the governing body of European soccer, (UEFA). In the past, European soccer clubs have been affected economically by overspending in player transfers and wages in order to stay ... Read More
DrewAcampora | 21 Dec 2018  
Introduction The National Football League (NFL) has endured unheralded financial success since its merger in 1966. (History)  As its revenue has grown exponentially in just a few decades, one would assume that the future is illuminative for t ... Read More
Days after being named interim president and chief executive officer of USA Gymnastics, former republican Congresswoman Mary Bono was under fire after a resurfaced post on Twitter with a blacked-out Nike logo and a caption accompanying stating: &ldqu ... Read More
DrewAcampora | 21 Dec 2018  
As professional athletes bodies have disintegrated through decades wear and tear, forward thinkers have begun to look for solutions in order to mitigate dealing with such pain. Unfortunately, however, our society has utilized various over the counter ... Read More
DrewAcampora | 21 Dec 2018  
As professional athletes bodies have disintegrated through decades wear and tear, forward thinkers have begun to look for solutions in order to mitigate dealing with such pain. Unfortunately, however, our society has utilized various over the counter ... Read More
Lebron James has long been the center of attention throughout his legendary career in the NBA. One of the most touted players ever out of high school, the Kid from St. Vincent, St. Mary's has changed the way basketball will be played and manipula ... Read More
Domestic violence in sports is a hot topic. There is debate about length of suspensions, how long ago it happened, and the vastly different way that leagues handle it. With the recent case of Kareem Hunt, the former running back of the Kansas City Ch ... Read More
gabbysully | 21 Dec 2018  
Nick Boynton, Daniel Carcillo, and Steve Montador all a few things in common: all of them played hockey, all of them played for the Chicago Blackhawks, and all of them have struggled with post-concussion syndrome. The biggest difference between the t ... Read More
oliverkaczor | 21 Dec 2018  
Background On September 25, 2018 a video was released of Jaylon Kerley, a 20 year-old employee of the Detroit Tigers spitting into a customer’s pizza. The video was taken at Comerica Park by Kerley’s colleague, Quinell May who posted t ... Read More
The MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation have offically agreed to a new posting system, in which it ensures Cuban players no longer have to defect from Cuba and can keep their residency in Cuba, without establishing residency in another country ... Read More
The MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation have offically agreed to a new posting system, in which it ensures Cuban players no longer have to defect from Cuba and can keep their residency in Cuba, without establishing residency in another country ... Read More
            The latest NCAA Division I men's basketball corruption scandal, which began in September of 2017 when the FBI arrested 10 individuals who were believed to be involved in ille ... Read More
                  With the advent of the NCAA college football playoff system, many fans are questioning the significance of winning a conference title as well as th ... Read More
            It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  No, I’m not talking about the Christmas season.  I’m talking about the contract buyout season for college footba ... Read More
Cjandrach | 21 Dec 2018  
Christian Andrach Professor Bondarowicz Sports Law December 17, 2018   Should Student Athletes Get Paid?                As students attend college, they focus ... Read More
Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation agreed to a system that would allow for a more simplistic method for Cuban players to come play in the Majors. This agreement could fail, based on the Trump administration’s stance on the ... Read More
jacobvedral | 20 Dec 2018  
On the night of October 6th, 2018, the world was witness to the “Greatest Fight in Mixed Martial Arts History” and the subsequent aftermath. The event, UFC 229, was headlined by the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, w ... Read More
With sports betting being legalized in June 2018, there has been an uptick in people wanting to gamble on sports, and while that has never changed, it is out in the open more. When I think of the original type of sports betting, I think of the horse ... Read More
This has a special place in my heart since I have a mother who came from Cuba. On December 19th, 2018, Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Cuban Baseball struck a deal in which their players would be able to travel to the United States and have th ... Read More
Major League Baseball (MLB) is working on an agreement with the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) that will affect the structure of how Cuban baseball players can join the MLB. The agreement is ultimately looking to increase the safety of players from ... Read More
In November 2018, the National Hockey League (NHL) reached a settlement in a concussion lawsuit that they were facing against more than 100 former NHL players. Former players alleged that the NFL was negligent in informing players of the long-term ri ... Read More
cduliba | 20 Dec 2018  
            College and the National Football League all share the same idea that football is fun and the fans look forward to their Saturdays and their Sundays. Even though, both areas engage in ... Read More
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) appealed a 2003 Ohio district court order declaring that the NCAA’s “Two in Four Rule” violated § 1 of the Sherman Act and permanently enjoining them from enforc ... Read More
As part of $1.3 trillion spending bill signed by President Donald Trump in March, an amendment was included to exempt minor league baseball players from a class of workers entitled to certain minimum wages and overtime pay under the FLSA. The amendme ... Read More
ApurvaParikhB | 19 Dec 2018  
Earlier in the NBA season, Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith debuted a new tattoo on of his right leg displaying the company logo of Supreme, an American clothing brand. After catching the eye of league officials, Smith stated that he had been &ld ... Read More
joannah | 18 Dec 2018  
The WNBA and the player’s association face a significant hurdle in 2019 as the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is set to expire after the 2019 season. The WNBA players decided to opt-out of the existing CBA that could have run thr ... Read More
In an effort to protect amateurism across college athletics, the NCAA established a rule that requires transferring student-athletes within Division I to wait an entire academic year before they can compete at the new institution. This is referred to ... Read More
     Plaintiff, Club Italia Soccer & Sports Organization, Inc., (Club Italia) appealed an order granting summary judgment in favor of the defendant, Charter Township of Shelby (Shelby), to dismiss plaintiff's due process and eq ... Read More
NCAA v. Governor of New Jersey Beginning in 2012, five sports leagues and associations sued the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie at the time, and other officials for the eventual ruling on allowing state-sanctioned sports gambling in the State ... Read More
AdamBaugh | 17 Dec 2018  
DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert in law in any capacity. I am only talking about this topic to the best that I understand.   As esports continues to grow exponentially as one of the definitive entertainment sources of the future, it natural ... Read More
AdamBaugh | 17 Dec 2018  
DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert in law in any capacity. I am only talking about this topic to the best that I understand.   As esports continues to grow exponentially as one of the definitive entertainment sources of the future, it natural ... Read More
When the NFL was sued and settled for $1 Billion dollars with the families of players who had suffered brain damage during their playing careers, it was a big wakeup call for players, fans, and football organizations alike. The NFL was an easy target ... Read More
The compensation of student-athletes has be a heated debate for some time now. While most people have strong opinions toward each side, the solution really isn’t as black and white as many may think. What are really the laws surrounding the NCA ... Read More
When you enroll your child in a sport, you expect them to have the basic protections. Similarly, athletes expect to have that same respect, safety, and trust with their coaches. Is that really too much to ask for future generations of young athletes? ... Read More
cduliba | 17 Dec 2018  
            USA Gymnastics is continually battling with hundreds of Nassar survivors. USA Gymnastics might have a solution to fend off the U.S. Olympic Committee. However, the decision that USA Gymnastic decides to do do ... Read More
Well, it has arrived. Professional athletes, teams, and sport leagues have embraced wearable technology in droves.  With technology comes new opportunities, but also new concerns. This data is valuable, sensitive, and opens the door to potential ... Read More
In 2016, the Oakland Raiders announced their plans to move to Las Vegas at the start of the 2020 season.  In March of the following year, the NFL approved the relocation by a league vote of 31-1, but as 2018 winds down, the city of Oakland has f ... Read More
In 1996, teen slasher movie “Scream” was released making the “Ghost Face Mask” design, created by Eastern Unlimited, known around the world.  That includes Boston Celtic’s guard, Terry Rozier, who released and began ... Read More
Starting in 2010, and running through 2014, collegiate athletics underwent a seismic shift in the way its conferences were aligned. Major college programs shifted into new conferences, breaking previous ties they had with their old ones. Some confere ... Read More
Integrity Fees (132) |
EthanSchwartz | 14 Dec 2018  
The legal battles to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), have been well documented over the past year or two. It all finally culminated with the Supreme Court overturning PASPA on May 14th of 2018. Well, we were wrong ... Read More
KarlBlum | 13 Dec 2018  
Brazil legalizing sports gambling comes at an interesting time for Americans. Sports gambling is legal in many parts of the world, and it will be legal in an increasing number of states with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding PASPA. It is un ... Read More
For years Maserati and Arizona State have shared similar trident logos as pictured. On the Left is Maserati, the automotive manufacturing company. In the center is the Arizona State University logo representing their Sun Devils mascot. Although simil ... Read More
Minutes Watched on ESPN’s Platforms is 33% Greater Than Competitor Networks Combined; Another 16.5 Billion Spent on Digital Platforms During Saturdays in Fall ABC’s Saturday Night Football Airs Most-Watched Prime-time Game ... Read More
Definitely not something I thought I would be writing about, but how about them Bulls! As in Buffalo Bulls! Not Bills.... the Bulls! Yes, that was my reaction too! But believe it our not the University of Buffalo is riding a great wave in colle ... Read More
Last weekend as numerous NFL games were coming to an end, including the New Orleans Saints closing out a win against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, a different kind of football fantasy was playing out.   It was not one taking ... Read More
Kentucky who has the number 2 rated recruiting class coming into the season has shown the disparity between the top school in Duke. Coach Calipari will have his team better suited when we turn the calendar to 2019. Duke on the other hand looks ready ... Read More
There is something special about a sports team uniform. As fans, we become loyal to the symbol of unity that the uniform represents. However, uniforms were created not to represent a team's symbol or culture, but rather to identify one team from ... Read More
Colin Kaepernick's first two ''protests'' drew scant attention. He sat on the bench, out of uniform, virtually unnoticed. His third got some buzz after a reporter tweeted a picture of the 49ers bench that had nothing to do with th ... Read More
The sports industry is a successful boom of activity, with millions of fans helping to make sports a multibillion-dollar industry. With different sports comes different leagues, each with different ways of legally regulating liability amongst themsel ... Read More
When reading about the collective bargaining agreements (CBA’s) of Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Soccer (MLS), I noticed that their provisions, clauses, and policies for drug testing di ... Read More
JMaiorini | 16 Oct 2018  
In the NFL’s CBA the NFL outlines the impact of the Drug and Steroid policy can have on a player who violates the policy. The CBA explains that individual clubs are not allowed to impose any sanctions on the players who violate the policies. Th ... Read More
clos15 | 16 Oct 2018  
The provisions for the NFL CBA when it comes to moving expenses, the first section states the qualifications for moving expenses. When it comes to the NFL and moving expenses the player needs to contact the correct club officials about his moving arr ... Read More
            In today’s world of sports, money has been playing a crucial role in the development of athletes and teams. Professional athletes are making serious amounts of money and ha ... Read More
    Every sports league in the United States has a Collective Bargaining Agreement, commonly referred to as CBA, for reasons of equity and legality. A few of these reasons are to protect the league from unfair civil prosecution by its ... Read More
            As I reviewed the CBA for Major League Baseball, there is plethora of provisions to choose from throughout the major sports leagues. The provision I thought was most fascinating was f ... Read More
Major League Soccer or also known as MLS, was founded in December of 1993 after the US were selected to host the 1994 World Cup.  However, the first season in MLS wasn’t played till 1996 which had ten teams to start of the inaugural season ... Read More
Payments and remunerations in sports leagues in the USA vary significantly. This is because of the varying Collective Bargaining agreements that are applicable in different leagues. Some of the trends exhibited are not in line with what is anticipate ... Read More
Abhishek Bose 10/16/18 Sports League CBA Comparisons Professor Bondarowicz CBA Comparisons             The United States of America is known for its great feats in a plethora of c ... Read More
A unusual huge piece of sports has been off the field conduct. While on the field antics will always make the news, it is usually the off the field occurrences that raises a higher tuning into the problem. Recently the National Football League (NFL) ... Read More
  All sports help create a strong bond between societies. Sporting functions are very popular for many people and nations across the world. Not two Collective Bargaining Agreements in any sport is the same. These agreements are reached betwee ... Read More
While taking a look at the MLB, NFL, and NBA CBA’s a couple of provisions and stipulations caught my eye. A salary cap is one of the most talked about stipulations across the three major sports. It serves as the topic of discussion for both ... Read More
Revenue sharing differs across the major sports leagues in the United States. Depending on the Players Association and the terms negotiated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a league divides a specific percentage of national television, radio, ... Read More
As a professional sports fan watching multi-million dollar athletes play a game for your entertainment it is probably the last thing on your mind to think about their educational status. You might care about where they went to college to know the inf ... Read More
It's rare a professional athlete gets to stay with one franchise for their entire career. Unless you are a Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, or Derek Jeter most players are expendable to the franchise. At the end of the day, the players need to understand ... Read More
There are times throughout the season where a player might find out that he has been traded. That means that he will need to get to a new city as quickly as possible, and with that uproot his life, and his family’s life if he has one. Teams are ... Read More
There is a line in the song “Glamorous” by Fergie that perfectly sums up how players travel to and from games: “We flying first class, up in the sky”.  Players are seen coming off the bus in their fashionably lavish outfi ... Read More
            Article XIX of the MLB collective bargaining agreement is titled, “Assignment of Player Contracts.” Article XX is titled, “Reserve System.” I am looking at the ... Read More
v_santorelli17 | 09 Oct 2018  
"Hey man, can you hook us up with some tickets?"  This is probably the most common question that I get when I tell people that I work for a professional sports team.  Everyone is always looking for a ticket hook up, but they ... Read More
What I’ll Be Talking About As I was watching the Yankees vs. Red Sox ALDS game on October 8th, (devastating loss on my end), I couldn’t help but think about one specific player. Dellin Betances. In 2017, Betances had his salary determi ... Read More
The year was 2014; I was working my second summer training camp for Rutgers Football as a Student Equipment Manager.  During my first year, I acted in a much more secondary role in assisting with practices but that changed during my second year ... Read More
bfegde | 09 Oct 2018  
Salary caps are a method of regulating spending by professional sports franchises to encourage a fair sense of competition across the league. They set the yearly dollar amount which a team cannot exceed when they are paying their player roster. Th ... Read More
             Each year the salaries of the most elite professional athletes are rising. Steph Curry has one of the NBA’s largest contracts accumulating over $37 million in his tenth year in the League. In ... Read More
bdyarring | 09 Oct 2018  
Professional athletes put it all on the line, every day. Their bodies, their minds, and their spirits have to be in tip-top shape for them to thrive in their respective sports. With the significant focus for athletes being on their health and on succ ... Read More
We all have a favorite team. Many people are fans of multiple teams in multiple leagues made up of multiple individuals. What would fans do if those players were not on the team. Fans would no longer have teams to root for (well maybe that’s fo ... Read More
Let me be very clear, players get paid for being a major impact on their team, they can even get paid after being in the league for two – three years. That being said, I believe that there are some instances where the player, should not be paid ... Read More
Do you recall how then-St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Marc Rzepczynski sustained an injury around his left eye in 2013? What about the time Ben Roethlisberger broke both his nose and jaw in 2006? At a golf outing during spring training, Rzepczynski&rsqu ... Read More
People often talk about the maximum salaries in sports leagues because it is often what makes the headlines; people want to know how much the Lakers paid for Lebron James or other living legends in their sport. However, what can also be interesting i ... Read More
kelseycuje | 09 Oct 2018  
Concussion protocol has been a continuous issue and an ongoing conversation. Let’s take a look at the NFL’s, MLS’s and the NHL’s concussion protocols and the medical safety requirements pertaining to concussions outlined in ea ... Read More
Players have long expressed the way they feel off their respective playing surface, but now more than ever, athletes want to continue to align themselves with brands that they respect and frankly, get paid by. The NFL, NBA, and MLB all have a differe ... Read More
I focused on  Article XV -  Miscellaneous from the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement. Under Article XV, I chose to focus on the Club and Player Participation in International Play Events. International play is defined as, “…a ... Read More
CBA (180) |
EthanSchwartz | 09 Oct 2018  
Spending a majority of my week commuting and sitting in traffic made me wonder what the travel accommodations are like across the major North American sports. What is mandatory in each league? What kind of standards are there for lodging and travel a ... Read More
Being able to represent your country internationally is considered an honor and pride to many. This year, the National Hockey League (NHL) did not allow players to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang because it was not negotiated i ... Read More
Across the 3 major sports organizations, understanding how to navigate through the salary cap or in Major League Baseball’s (MLB) case, the luxury tax, is imperative towards a specific franchises success. When comparing and contrasting the thre ... Read More
    Domestic violence is considered to be one of the most common crimes among male athletes. Despite this known statistic, few sports leagues are doing much to address and prevent the reoccurring issues of domestic violence. While many spor ... Read More
            Only in the last few years has domestic abuse policies for professional sports leagues become a relevant discussion point in collective bargaining agreements (CBA). While the language ... Read More
Professional sports leagues have developed collective bargaining agreements, also known as CBA’s, to provide guidelines which allow the leagues to operate effectively.  CBA’s contain hundreds of pages outlining league policies which ... Read More
In the context of professional sports, salary arbitration is a formal process wherein a player and club reconvene, assess, and negotiate the player’s worth prior to termination of the club’s contractual rights. Salary arbitration is a too ... Read More
As the song goes … “It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…” But for sports fans, that is not December, but rather it is October! As it turns out, October is the busiest most on the sports calendar for the major Amer ... Read More
The Lebron James-executive produced documentary “Student Athlete” held its New York City premiere last night and I was fortunate to have received an invite. ("Student Athlete," will make its broadcast debut on HBO Sports on Octo ... Read More
With Jimmy Garappolo going down with an ACL injury for the San Francisco 49ers, the team might not be ready to write off the season just yet and turn to C.J. Bearthard as they full-time starter. Instead, they may look for trade opportunities around t ... Read More
    Eli Manning's legacy of not just one, but two Championships; two Superbowl MVP's no less (while both being against the team of the era) will send him into the Hall of Fame. As a Giants fan I am forever grateful, t ... Read More
Every year a plethora of rookies get brought into training camp for a chance to prove their talents to the teams. They come from schools all across the country. Here is a breakdown of the top colleges with the amount of players in camp and their conv ... Read More
In less than a month, Urban Liar will be back on the job. Never mind the deceiving, the conniving, the covering up. Coach Liar (you might know him as Meyer, but let's stick to a more suitable moniker) will return to the Ohio State sideline ... Read More
Major League Soccer is continuing to grow. It is becoming more of a destination for foreign players to come and show their talents. Most people would think the majority of players that make up the MLS are from USA. There are currently 295 player ... Read More
Senior Editor Craig Haley is a nationally recognized professional in the sports broadcasting world. He’s been providing spectacular coverage of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) for the past 9 years and has spent over 30 years masteri ... Read More
Where do players in England's Premier League come from?   The Premier League is considered one of the top, if not THE top, league in the world. So it is only fitting that teams would draw players from all over the world. Overall t ... Read More
Preseason is about halfway through. Teams are starting to take shape. The future is getting clearer, so what better opportunity to submit my bold predictions for the 2018 NFL season.   1. The NFL South will produce the NFC's Super Bowl ... Read More
Defending national champion Alabama leads the way with 59 to just edge out LSU and Miami (FL) which were tied for second with 58 players each.   After those top three, there is a bit of a drop as Florida, Florida State and Ohio State all h ... Read More
The Columbus Crew was one of the original Major League Soccer (MLS) teams back when the league started in 1995. Columbus was on an upward trajectory economically and it was on its way to becoming the biggest city in the state of Ohio - a state itself ... Read More
The most significant change the NCAA made was to provide flexibility to return to college if they enter the NBA draft and do not get selected. Let’s face it, the main reason people go to college these days is that they think it will help them g ... Read More
JimConnelly | 07 Aug 2018  
Florida is always loaded with football talent. There are some surprises this year and some interesting story lines.   First, four of my top five will have new coaches this year with only Miami starting 2018 with the same guy who ended 2017 ... Read More
In running with my Rank the Regions theme, here is my first edition.  I had to start out with the Northeast region! I figured this was one of the smaller regions with mostly FCS schools across New England and New York states. It does get tric ... Read More
I love August! Not for vacations - I usually try to get away in early July instead ... I love August as it gives us a whole month to get ramped up for college football season (and other fall sports, for that matter)!    In the last co ... Read More
Over the weekend, news broke that the University of Tennessee had entered into contract negotiations with Greg Schiano, currently the Ohio State defensive coordinator, to become their new head coach. Social media immediately went abuzz with outrage a ... Read More
Giant Leap? (281) |
moshodi | 02 Aug 2018  
The New York Football Giants had a very busy 2018 offseason. They’ve added numerous acquisitions that were considered to be the missing pieces of their disappointing 3-13 team from the 2017-2018 season. The units that the Giants had holes in we ... Read More
Standout Players at 2018 NBA Las Vegas Summer League   After spending the week scouting at the Las Vegas Summer League there were several players that stood out with their talent, character, and potential. Here are some scouting reports on ... Read More
A lot is said about how dominant the Southeastern Conference is in college football. There is a movement without the Power 5 conferences - SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, and ACC - to play more consistent competition and drop FCS opponents. So, whil ... Read More
Estes77 | 09 Jul 2018  
NFL training camps open up later this month. Here is a listing of when each team will be starting up:   NFC Arizona Cardinals: University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, AZ Rookies Report: 7/22 Veterans Report: 7/27   A ... Read More
Players to Watch for - 2018 NBA Las Vegas Summer League   The Las Vegas Summer League is always a great opportunity for prospects to showcase their talents and development. Whether players are highly coveted or under the radar, they all ha ... Read More
SCastro27 | 06 Jul 2018  
LeBron James has shook up the NBA with his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. In the resulting Free Agency shockwave, Magic Johnson has managed to secure a bunch of valuable assets to help bolster the Lakers even more. Players like Pacers ... Read More
rj007 | 05 Jul 2018  
 *6 vs 7* World Cup 2018 Quarter Finalist Amazing facts: FRANCE has 6 letter & URUGUAY has 7 letter BRAZIL had 6 letter & BELGIUM has 7 letter SWEDEN has 6 letter & ENGLAND has 7 letter RUSSIA has 6 letter & CROATI ... Read More
The first two weeks of the FIFA World Cup were awesome! While it was dramatic and unexpected, there were a ton of unique things about this tournament that will make it one of the most memorable!   VAR was used for the first ... Read More
RajeevPareek | 19 Jun 2018  
Fifa fever is on high in india.   ... Read More
MOSCOW (AP) When the final whistle blew, Lionel Messi angrily kicked away the ball like it was poison and tore off his captain's armband as though it was cursed. A superstar of football knocked off his pedestal at the World Cup. By a bunch ... Read More
I usually reserve judgment on the World Cup kits until we see all of the teams play at least their first matches. So, we will do our own “style watch” later. For now, I wanted to breakdown which brands are outfitting the teams as the offi ... Read More
How can you not love the World Cup?   I am not a soccer guy – or pardon me, futbol – but there is something special about the World Cup that is just unrivaled in sports. While I might not pay much attention to soccer, I definit ... Read More
By: Jeff Leong Here are who I think teams should select based on skill set and how they will fit in with the team. Let's get right into some of the bold predictions I have for the 2018 NBA Draft.   1     Pho ... Read More
LAS VEGAS (AP) Gerard Gallant took time out from preparing for the Stanley Cup finals to watch a Little League game this week, something that might be surprising to those who think there is little in Las Vegas besides showgirls, craps tables and nigh ... Read More
ATLANTA (AP) Stand or stay out of sight. Looking to quell a national debate that was sparked by Colin Kaepernick, stoked by President Trump and some say chipped away at the very popularity of America's game, NFL owners approved a new policy We ... Read More
LONDON (AP) Manchester City won the Premier League title by a record 19 points, while Stoke, Swansea and West Bromwich were relegated. Here is a look at how all 20 teams fared in the 2017-18 season: Champions League qualification: 1. MANCHES ... Read More
ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) The Dallas Cowboys want a do-over on hosting the Super Bowl after horrid weather and a seating fiasco ruined their first try seven years ago. While the wait will easily be more than a decade and with no indication the big gam ... Read More
Attendance is down in baseball, though the sample size is small because the season is still young. What caused the drop depends on who you listen to. Unusually cold weather is surely one culprit, and escalating ticket prices are likely another. Te ... Read More
NFL, NBA, and NHL — Understanding the “Salary Cap”   G. Singh*   Each of the National Football League (“NFL”), National Baseball Association (“NBA”), and the National Hockey League ... Read More
              Many people are familiar with some version of the story “David and Goliath”.  Goliath, a monstrous warrior of great size and strength was defeated in battle by a much smaller man named ... Read More
                  No matter what sport you’re a fan of, everyone will agree that the off-season can be unbearable. Barring the rare blockbuster trade, there is little action to break up the monotony ... Read More
Sport has been embedded in American society and has played an integral fragment in American culture going as far back as the 1800’s. Behind all major professional sports today lies the act of collective bargaining. Simply put, collective bargai ... Read More
              Professional sports are not played by the lackadaisical.  They require a certain amount of dedication and forcefulness, no matter the sport.  As such, it is not ... Read More
We can all agree that fairness and upholding the “integrity of the game” are paramount for sports leagues that want to be run smoothly. Because of this, drug testing has come to the forefront over the past few decades in an effort to leve ... Read More
Graysonr007 | 04 Mar 2018  
Well, a win certainly doesn’t get much easier than that. The Union showed up on a cold, windy night in Chester PA and dominated the New England Revolution to claim their first season-opening win in seven years (yes they have been that bad a ... Read More
On Day 1 of the NFL Combine, one name really stood out: Penn State's Saqon Barkley. The fact that Barkley looked good at the Combine was not a surprise since most people had him rated as the top running back anyway, but rather how domniant he loo ... Read More
In 2014, the National Football League (NFL) faced incredible scrutiny in the aftermath of Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice’s arrest for domestic violence and subsequent media coverage of a video of the incident that precipitated his arrest. Jul ... Read More
           A professional athlete, like any other employee, is required to show up to the job on time and perform their duties or they risk being penalized.  An employee that is paid hourly loses wages for not clock ... Read More
Former Auburn head softball coach Clint Myers left the program in August; however, the controversy continues to swirl around the coach and the school’s handling and investigation of complaints from players. Myers’ resignation was triggere ... Read More
(STATS) - Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, but the heart can grow fonder on a Thursday night in late August or a Saturday afternoon in October. The FCS is a love affair for its schools, teams and fans. This offseason, here are ... Read More
Lower Body Mechanics and Injury Prevention Posted by Pat O'Leary on Dec 08, 2017  We’ve seen it far too often. A young promising flamethrower emerges onto the scene and dominates in historical fashion. Sadly, many ... Read More
On the day after college basketball "blue bloods" Kansas, Duke, and Kentucky all lost - and not only lost, but lost to non- "blue bloods" in the process - I couldn't help but think is there a "changing of the guard" ... Read More
Even though fans are given ample warning about the dangers of baseballs, bats, and other equipment/materials flying into the stands to cause injury, as well as laws being in place to absolve stadium owners and operators from these types of fan injuri ... Read More
Former Nashville Predators forward Eric Nystrom is suing the National Hockey League (NHL) team for medical expenses he says resulted from a series of injuries he got on the ice. After signing a four year, $10 million contract with the Predators in 20 ... Read More
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) At Nebraska, athletes dine on specially made entrees such as mahi mahi steaks, bison meatloaf or chicken marsala at the Lewis Training Table. At Akron, athletic director Larry Williams can only hope his athletes skip the fried s ... Read More
The Minnesota Vikings have had a storybook year in 2017! They finished 13-3 and earned a first round bye in the NFL playoffs. They are also hoping to earn a bus ride to the Super Bowl this year - the one that will be held at their home stadium this s ... Read More
The Curious Case of UCF Kicker Donald De La Haye, YouTube Star Former University of Central Florida (UCF) kicker Donald De La Haye had a dilemma. As a college football player, he had the opportunity to play a pivotal role on a team that ultimat ... Read More
When Pro Football Hall of Fame voters meet the day before the Super Bowl to choose the Class of 2018, the decision to select Terrell Owens should take less time than it does to microwave a bag of popcorn. T.O. belongs in Canton. It's a no-brai ... Read More | 01 Jan 2018  
... Read More
The controversy continues as Colin Kaepernick's shoot reaches the cover of GQ.  We may recall, when Kaepernick began one of the biggest debates of the year, taking a knee during the National Anthem. He started a movement, while also ... Read More
Saying a document is a contract, is that really a contract? This is the debate that is currently happening between University of Tennessee and Ohio State defensive coordinatior, Greg Schiano.  Schiano was offer a head coach position at the Un ... Read More
foshman | 01 Jan 2018  
Sugar Bowl Preview   Last year’s NCG is this year’s semi-final. This game will have a ton of NFL talent on display and might also feature the two best teams. The two programs are very familiar with each other, though, that much ... Read More
foshman | 01 Jan 2018  
Rose Bowl Preview   Georgia and Oklahoma offers college football fans a game full of possibilities and contrasting styles. Oklahoma runs a wide open passing attack behind their Heisman trophy winning senior quarterback Baker Mayfield. Geor ... Read More
One of the biggest findings from this bowl season has been the fact that USC quarterback Sam Darnold is just not ready for the NFL.  The red-shirt sophomore has been earning consideration as a potential top quarterback this season with quarte ... Read More
foshman | 31 Dec 2017  
The Citrus Bowl is typically one of the best matchups in  Bowl season - excepting the playoff games. This year we are treated to another match up of top 16 programs as LSU and Notre Dame face off. The game will feature no fewer than 5 top NFL dr ... Read More
foshman | 31 Dec 2017  
Peach Bowl   Central Florida has a chance to complete a rare feat, going undefeated as a group of 5 team, and send Scott Frost off to Nebraska as a winner. Auburn has a chance to capitalize on a surprisingly successful season with another ... Read More
foshman | 31 Dec 2017  
NFL Coaching Change Primer   With the season winding down as many as 10 NFL jobs have the potential to come open. The following is a primer for those openings and the potential replacement coaches being considered by the teams.   ... Read More
jaredells30 | 30 Dec 2017  
The very outspoken and rebellious LaVar Ball has made his name in the news again. The father of Los Angeles Lakers’ rookie Lonzo Ball has challenged the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) once again. Are you starting to wonder if L ... Read More
foshman | 30 Dec 2017  
Orange Bowl Preview   Wisconsin and Miami each lost their respective conference championship games and find themselves on the outside of the playoffs, looking in. For Wisconsin this must feel like a road game as the Orange Bowl is Miami&rs ... Read More
foshman | 29 Dec 2017  
Fiesta Bowl Preview   Neither Washington nor Penn State won their respective conferences but they will meet each other in a premium Bowl, nonetheless. This game could be a Rose Bowl matchup in a normal year and it might also be the last ch ... Read More
foshman | 29 Dec 2017  
Ohio State #5 vs USC #8   With the Rose Bowl serving as one of the dedicated semi-final playoff bowls this years matchup of Big Ten and Pac-12 winners will take place in Arlington at AT&T stadium. The Trojans and Buckeyes are two histo ... Read More
kburg7 | 28 Dec 2017  
Five games into the 2016 season, New York Jets middle linebacker Erin Henderson was placed on the reserve non-football injury/wellness (NFI) list.  The Jets said that he was not fit to play at the time.  It has now surfaced that Henderson o ... Read More
rthompson869 | 28 Dec 2017  
Imagine working your entire life towards a single goal only to have it ripped away from you. Imagine spending every moment thinking, working, and imagining yourself achieving something then have it ripped apart like a perfectly wrapped present on Chr ... Read More
Perhaps the University of Tennesee (UT) reacted too quickly to withdraw their offer of head football coach to Greg Schiano.     Now facing a PR disaster, in the wake of a federal Title IX lawsuit, UT probably wishes it could go back i ... Read More
Dec. 26 Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl Utah vs. West Virginia The biggest question is the availability of Will Grier. With him healthy WVU should win this game. Without him a disciplined, but not very talented Utah team might be able to ho ... Read More
Dak Prescott was a one-year wonder. Prescott has followed up a sensational rookie season with a so-so sophomore year. He was shaky during Ezekiel Elliott's suspension and struggled in a must-win game against Seattle on Sunday. That makes Pr ... Read More
Pete Lembo has seen both sides of major college football as the head coach at Ball State and now as an assistant at Maryland. At Ball State in the Mid-American Conference, a simple decision like buying black helmets for the team came with concessi ... Read More
The MLS released its initial list of 60 NCAA Division I college players invited to participate at the 2018 MLS adidas Player Combine in Orlando.   The event will be held January 11th through 17th at Orlando City Stadium in Florida. Re ... Read More
Dec. 16 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl Troy vs. North Texas   Both teams had good seasons, combining for a 19-6 record. The Trojans, in addition to having the better record Troy also has better players and should pull out a win in a g ... Read More
Is it finally the year that there is enough support to end the madness and just expand the college football playoff to eith teams? They already do so in FCS, so why can't it work in the FBS? The makeshift committee charged with trying to deter ... Read More
If a call comes in from the 865 area code, don't pick up. It might be something far worse than a relentless telemarketer or one of those annoying political pollsters. Tennessee could be pitching an offer to become its new head football coac ... Read More
The reports out of New York also say that the Giants asked Manning about what he wanted to do. They offered him the ability to start the remainder of the games this season to keep the streak alive. However, they also said they wanted to test out the ... Read More
foshman | 29 Nov 2017  
And Another Thing Week 13   College   1: College Football Playoff Scenarios The Pac-12 is out. The SEC will have at least 1 participant, as will the ACC. The Big 12 Big Ten and SEC will have programs possibly competing for the f ... Read More
NCAA Coaching Change Primer   This offseason should be one full of major coaching changes. Already 2 major programs, and several smaller ones, have fired their head coach and 2-3 more appear to be on the way. The following is a list of pro ... Read More
What a difference do we see in college football after just one weekend – albeit, the last regular season weekend!   Alabama should have taken the week off Last week, most people considered Alabama a lock for the College Football P ... Read More
And Another Thing - Thanksgiving Edition   Both the NFL and college seasons are winding down and soon the fates of each team will be sealed. Many of the storylines for this season have involved injuries - at both the college and pro level ... Read More
I love college basketball ever since I was a kid. One of the crazy things I remember was the early season basketball tournaments and the exotic locations they brought into focus. One in particular was the Great Alaska Shootout. As the name implies ... Read More
Top 2018 NFL Draft Defensive Back Prospects   Safety   1: Derwin James, FSU - James is a freak athlete that is this year’s version of Jabrill Peppers. He’s an in the box safety in the NFL but he has the elite athleti ... Read More
With tax reform the hot topic of the day in Washington, the college sports world is also sweating it out as the proposed GOP tax bill could have wide-ranging impacts on them.   While the aim of the bill is to reduce corporate taxes, the re ... Read More
Roquan Smith, Georgia - Smith is a versatile and athletic defender that has the ability to play in a number of positions. He could start across the board in a 4-3 defense or play either of the inside spots in a 3-4. At Georgia Smith has led a d ... Read More
Defensive linemen, next to quarterbacks, are the most prized possession of NFL front offices. It is not uncommon for a deep draft to have as many as 10-12 defensive linemen selected in the top 40 picks. 2018 should be a deep class with some top level ... Read More
With the shocking failure of the USA Men's National Team to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, frustrations are running right to the top of the country's national governing body - US Soccer. Head Coach, Bruce Arena, already resigned last mo ... Read More
1: Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame - McGlinchey has been solid so far in 2017 and looks like to have the highest floor of all of the offensive linemen. He does not have the elite athleticism of Brown or WIlliams but he displays excellent technique and pl ... Read More
Top level receivers will always be a commodity in the modern NFL. Having the ability to break down a defense and score quickly energizes a team while, at the same time, crushing the will of the opponent. 2018 looks like it will be better than recent ... Read More
Typically the NFL trade deadline comes and goes with nary a trade to be made. In keeping with its reputation as a strange year, 2017 saw 4 trades, anyone of which would be the most notable trade in most any other season. Like all good trades we have ... Read More
As good as 2017 was for running backs, 2018 will be better. No fewer than three running backs in this class would have been the first runner taken in 2017. The class features several first round talents as well as Saquon Barkley, who should be the to ... Read More
Described as the best class for quarterbacks in recent years the 2018 prospects have mostly struggled through 2017. It looks like Sam Darnold will return for another year of college football, and Josh Allen might want to consider doing the same. Both ... Read More
The NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Committee announced its top 10 ranking on Sunday, Oct. 29th as the regular season nears its finale and conference tournaments are about to begin. Similar to what the NCAA does in other sports, the exerci ... Read More
 And Another Thing - Bob McNair Edition   Word leaked earlier today that Texans Owner Bob McNair used the phrase “inmates running the prison” in an owners meeting before being confronted by league executive, and former pla ... Read More
foshman | 25 Oct 2017  
Week 9 And Another Thing   1) Sam Darnold is reportedly leaning towards staying in school another year, which is possibly a good thing. As it stands now the production and experience of Josh Rosen and the raw skill set of Josh Allen w ... Read More
By NOAH TRISTER The 2017 baseball season has in many ways been defined by the dominance of three teams. The Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Indians all surpassed 100 wins, each enjoying extended runs that removed almost all ... Read More
Immediately after their 31-28 overtime win over Temple, the Army West Point Black Knights officially accepted a bid to play in the 2017 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl as contracted, unless selected for a New Year's Six bowl. "We are ab ... Read More
foshman | 19 Oct 2017  
Week 8 And Another Thing   College   1: Coaching Hot Seats Kevin Sumlin and Jim Mora seem to be back in the safe area among head coaches but Butch Jones, Larry Fedora, and Gus Malzahn are now squarely in the line of fire along w ... Read More
Seeking Employment: Key corporate employee with a long track record of success leading departments of 11 or more individuals to peak performance. Good character guy and well-liked by co-employees and known as a “team player.” Smart, media ... Read More
foshman | 11 Oct 2017  
Week 7 And Another Thing   NFL   1: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones really laid the gauntlet down when he stated that players who knelt for the anthem would not play. Unfortunately for Jones it really isn’t up to him. Should the ... Read More
Heading into the season the conventional wisdom was that there were three can’t miss prospects at quarterback and another 5-6 that would get early round consideration. It shouldn’t surprise then that in the deepest quarterback class in me ... Read More
foshman | 03 Oct 2017  
Week 6 And Another Thing   NFL   1: The Ezekiel Elliott case has now stretched into October but, according to the NFL, an end might be in sight. After oral arguments in front of the 5th circuit court the NFL believes that a deci ... Read More
foshman | 29 Sep 2017  
NFL   1: The National Anthem protests do not seem to be going away anytime soon. President Trump’s involvement has only driven the protests to new heights and the NFL players will not be bullied into stopping. Political protests are ... Read More
AndyB | 15 Sep 2017  
With upwards of 15 head coaching openings at the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) at the end of the 2015 season, Rutgers University tends to fall very low on lists of “quality jobs.” However, there are significant benefits to Rutgers that ... Read More
Auburn at Clemson   Two of the last 5 teams to win a National Championship face off this weekend. Clemson is ranked #3 in the country while Auburn is #13.   When Auburn Has The Ball: Kamryn Pettaway returns to the starting lineu ... Read More
foshman | 08 Sep 2017  
1: This year has a slew of top quarterback prospects across the nation. With only a few exceptions these quarterback all struggled in week 1. Josh Allen struggled more than most against Iowa. While that isn’t entirely unexpected, Allen had a gr ... Read More
foshman | 07 Sep 2017  
Week 1 NFL Preview   Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots   The Patriots will hang up banner number 5 tonight as they play host to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots and Chiefs were two of the best teams a year ago and f ... Read More
foshman | 07 Sep 2017  
Our long national nightmare is finally over. Not that one. The one that comes each February and has no football for 6 months. The NFL kicks off tonight. Here are the stories catching our eyes at the moment.   1: Ezekiel Elliott has officia ... Read More
It wasn’t the biggest story in football either of the last two weeks but Art Briles was almost hired not once, but twice. Last week Briles was linked with Lane Kiffin as an offensive analyst at Florida Atlantic University. The following day FAU ... Read More
It started innocently enough with Ryan Tannehill suffering an unfortunate injury before the season evan began. Since that time multiple teams have lost key contributors for the season due to injuries sustained during the course of the meaningless pre ... Read More
Oregon football players used three helmets last season - green, black and white - that were mixed and matched with myriad uniform combinations. The Ducks were pioneers in football fashion and other schools have followed, using helmets to make a st ... Read More
It’s the most important position in team sports and one that every football coach feels the pressure to get right immediately. Because success is based on wins and losses, and is therefore relative, there will never be enough quarterbacks to go ... Read More
The annual conversations regarding the strongest conference in college football are fun for the fans and media to take part in. Typically the argument centers on who wins the National Championship, overall Bowl records, out of conference records, or ... Read More
Josh Rosen Comments Highlight A Major Problem With College Football   Josh Rosen is no stranger to speaking his mind. It has been reported since last year that his position coach budgets time to start each meeting by allowing Rosen to spea ... Read More
Ezekiel Elliott Decision Needs Heavy Scrutiny The Ezekiel Elliott situation is another example of the difficult decisions the NFL must make when disciplining its players. Elliott stands accused of striking a woman, repeatedly, and while authoritie ... Read More
 This happened a couple of months ago, but I just became aware of it and wanted to share a great personal story of triumph and service. Adolph Kiefer won the 100-meter backstroke gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games and until his death on ... Read More
As training camp opens the Colin Kaepernick watch continues. The NFL has stopped rolling out new excuses for why he hasn’t signed yet - maybe they thought they would only need 5-6 and ran out. As injuries mount throughout the league - two teams ... Read More
foshman | 05 Aug 2017  
There seems to be a lot of debate every season but the simple fact of the matter is that half of the teams, and 6 titles, that have won the National Championship in the last decade were from the SEC West. Certainly the ACC Atlantic finished last seas ... Read More
foshman | 02 Aug 2017  
SEC East Preview   Top Draft Prospects   1: Trenton Thompson, Georgia 2: Nick Chubb, Georgia 3: Martez Ivey, Florida 4: Roquan Smith, Georgia 5: Jordan Jones, Kentucky   Order Of Finish   1: Geo ... Read More
foshman | 01 Aug 2017  
Big Ten East Division Preview   The Big Ten East is one of three divisions that can stake a legitimate claim to bet division in college football this year, along with the SEC West and ACC Atlantic. With both Ohio State and Penn State expec ... Read More
foshman | 31 Jul 2017  
The West division has been the less competitive division in the Big Ten for as long as there have been divisions in the Big Ten. The gap appears to be closing now based on 2016. Nebraska is showing signs of life under Mike Riley, Minnesota had its be ... Read More
foshman | 28 Jul 2017  
PAC-12 South Preview   As goes USC, so goes the PAC-12 South, sort of. WIth the Trojans on the rise many are expecting the South division to be the stronger of the two. UCLA needs a strong season to salvage Jim Mora’s job while Color ... Read More
foshman | 24 Jul 2017  
The ACC Coastal division was originally expected to be the stronger of the two divisions as Miami, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina were among the strongest programs in the country. For various reasons each of those storied programs have declined in ... Read More
foshman | 22 Jul 2017  
The PAC-12 overall will be one of the strongest Conferences based solely on its quarterback play. With 4 quarterbacks possibly getting first round grades in 2018 and 2 more with potential first round grades in 2019. While the division had been domina ... Read More
foshman | 19 Jul 2017  
ACC Atlantic Preview   The ACC Atlantic, next to the SEC West, is the only conference to win multiple National Championships in recent years. That both ACC Atlantic teams beat teams from the SEC West in the championship game has started so ... Read More
So what has former All-Pro linebacker Chris Spielman so fired up that he has sued his alma mater? Back in the 1980s many people will remember Chris Spielman as an all-American linebacker at Ohio State. He was the 29th overall draft pick in the 198 ... Read More
Big 12 Preview (431) |
foshman | 17 Jul 2017  
Big 12 Preview   The Big 12 remains the weakest of the Power 5 Conferences, and the only one without two divisions, but, as of now, it remains in the group of Power 5 Conferences. Expansion was considered and, again, voted down for the Con ... Read More
SteveZahner | 13 Jul 2017  
Of all the special events around all-stars in the major sports, I have to say the Slam Dunk contest is still my favorite; however I think MLB is finally getting it right.  I've always had a fascination with the home run derby, after all who ... Read More
foshman | 27 Jun 2017  
Buffalo Bills: Buffalo ended the Rex Ryan experiment without making the playoffs and is now starting over with an entirely new regime under Sean McDermott. McDermott appears to have more power than most first time head coaches and the Pegulas are sti ... Read More
foshman | 24 Jun 2017  
NFC East Offseason Grades   Dallas Cowboys: Obviously the Cowboys feel like they are favorites to make the playoffs again, and they should. Dallas is not, however, as good as their record last year indicated. Dallas overpaid to keep Terren ... Read More
foshman | 21 Jun 2017  
AFC North Offseason Grades   Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens hit their defense hard on both free agency and the draft. Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr were the team's two biggest free agent additions during normal free agency, although th ... Read More
foshman | 19 Jun 2017  
Chicago Bears. Chicago was busy during free agency. The team largely overhauled their passing game, trading Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery for Mike Glennon, Markus Wheaton, Reuben Randall, and Kendall Wright. Last year’s reserve quarterbacks are ... Read More
foshman | 12 Jun 2017  
Houston Texans: For the Texans this offseason appeared to be addition by subtraction. Houston jettisoned last year’s free agent savior, quarterback Brock Osweiler, but gave up a second round choice to do so. Osweiler was replaced by rookie firs ... Read More
foshman | 06 Jun 2017  
NFC South Offseason Grades   Atlanta Falcons: The biggest loss for the Falcons was offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who left to take the head coaching job with the 49ers. Steve Sarkisian is an adequate replacement with some upside, but ... Read More
foshman | 04 Jun 2017  
AFC West Offseason Grades:   Houston Texans: For the Texans this offseason appeared to be addition by subtraction. Houston jettisoned last year’s free agent savior, quarterback Brock Osweiler, but gave up a second round choice to do ... Read More
foshman | 02 Jun 2017  
NFC West Offseason Report Cards   Arizona Cardinals: The biggest loss in Arizona was along the defensive line when Calais Campbell signed with the Jaguars. Tony Jefferson and Chandler Catanzaro were also big losses but the team mostly cove ... Read More
Back in my day, it was Celtics-Lakers. Magic-Bird. Kareem-Parrish. Kevin McHale-James Worthy. And the cast of characters around them. In the 1980s, both teams had super stars and complementary pieces around them. They had history and they were the tw ... Read More
Derwin James, FSU - Probably the class of the class right now. There is talk that some teams will consider him at cornerback, though I find that unlikely. Jordan Whitehead, Pittsburgh - I like Whitehead as a true center fielder and I could see him ... Read More
Being one of the four premium positions* good cornerbacks will always be in demand in teh NFL. Fortunately for teams that were unable to fill their needs in this year's deep draft class, 2017 offers similar depth and talent. I believe three of th ... Read More
In 2009, I had the privilege to attend the Cotton Bowl for the first time. Three of the players would go on to be first round selections in the 2009 draft and another three would be selected in the draft’s first three rounds. What I remember th ... Read More
Quarterbacks will get the most headlines but the defensive line class for 2018 is nothing to turn your nose up at. I have seven players with current first round grades and at least a couple of those will go in the top ten. Defensive linemen remain a ... Read More
Six of the top ten offensive line prospects have played multiple positions in college. Pure tackles appear to be a bit thin as of now, but the overall talent is deep for 2018 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see 5-6 offensive linemen selec ... Read More
If you're not a hockey fan - and we know there are a LOT of you out there - it might be a good time to reconsider. The NHL playoffs are the greatest show in sports at the moment. You certainly won't miss anything by flipping away from t ... Read More
A dramatic ending to European soccer’s domestic leagues will not be without intrigue this weekend as most of the leagues will wrap up competition by Sunday, May 21st. Many of the top league titles have already been decided. Chelsea FC has alrea ... Read More
Receivers for 2018 NFL Draft Calvin Ridley, Alabama - Ridley has been the most productive recent receiver for Alabama. He isn’t an elite talent but he is consistent and talented across the board. He figures to be in the conversation as a fir ... Read More
The most interesting comment in the NBA Draft article posted recently on Fanteractive was the comment by UCLA’s other NBA draft prospect TJ Leaf. When asked whether he would buy a pair of Lonzo Ball’s $495 signature shoes, he replied that ... Read More
As strong as the 2016 running back class was 2017 is expected to be even better. It is unlikely that more than 2-3 backs are taken in the first round again, although 10-12 could be off the board by the end of the third, and unlike other years each of ... Read More
Can someone just shut this guy up already! Lonzo Ball played exactly one season at UCLA this year and showed the NBA that he is ready to compete for top billing at next month's NBA draft. While UCLA was a necessary stopover for the future star ... Read More
One of the greatest parts of European soccer is the changing face of each league from one season to the next. Through other tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League and relegation, teams are almost always playing for something regar ... Read More
European qualifying begins its second leg of the group stage in June. At this point, all teams have faced their group mates at least once and we can start to assess what the European field will look like. The group winners gain automatic qualifi ... Read More
The United Kingdom’s Daily Star is citing Spanish media reports that Real Madrid is exploring a transfer deal that would ship Welsh superstar Gareth Bale back to the Premier League with Manchester United as the likely destination. Bale playe ... Read More
Looking Ahead to the 2018 NFL Draft - Quarterback Edition   The 2018 NFL draft has the potential to be one of the most memorable drafts in recent history. With as many as 6 premiere quarterback prospects currently projected to go in the fi ... Read More
foshman | 30 Apr 2017  
2017 NFL Draft Grades   Arizona Cardinals B Haason Reddick and Bud Baker were great picks that will immediately strengthen this defense. Seventh round pick Rudy Ford was a good value who can also compete for playing time. Dorian Johnson ... Read More
foshman | 29 Apr 2017  
The draft is over and there were relatively few surprises this year. Players expected to fall due to injury or off field issues generally went earlier than expected, though there were a few notable exceptions.   As expected defensive backs ... Read More
foshman | 29 Apr 2017  
There were 29 defensive backs selected, 22 defensive linemen, and 20 receiver/tight ends. Cleveland finally got their quarterback in Deshone Kizer at pick 52. Kizer won’t be able to play this year but he has great upside and if Hue Jack ... Read More
Three rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft are in the books. Here are some interesting statistics on the draft: Alabama still leads the way among all schools with a total of 9 players selected. Four of those were in the first round (Humphrey, Allen, Ho ... Read More
Three rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft are in the books. Here are some interesting statistics on the draft: Alabama still leads the way among all schools with a total of 9 players selected. Four of those were in the first round (Humphrey, Allen, Ho ... Read More
Three rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft are in the books. Here are some interesting statistics on the draft: Alabama still leads the way among all schools with a total of 9 players selected. Four of those were in the first round (Humphrey, Allen, Ho ... Read More
foshman | 28 Apr 2017  
The second day has drawn to a close with 29 total defensive back selections in 107 picks. Cordrea Tankersly and Fabian Moreau were among the two biggest fallers on day two but both were eventually se;ected in the third round. Carl Lawson was not desp ... Read More
Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft is in the books. So here are some quick statistics on the draft: Alabama led all schools with a total of 4 players selected in the first round (Humphrey, Allen, Howard, and Foster) Ohio State (Lattimore, Hooker, ... Read More
foshman | 28 Apr 2017  
Upon getting some much needed sleep and a hearty breakfast it is time to take a second, less foggy, look at yesterday’s first round.   Cleveland now has 5 selections in the first two rounds of next years draft. They are also th ... Read More
Could a tidal wave be brewing on Lake Erie? Could the city of dispair known as Cleveland continue to see a sports rebirth? It started with LeBron James coming back the the Cleveland Cavaliers and bringing home a championship. It continued with the Cl ... Read More
foshman | 27 Apr 2017  
It’s been a long night and there is more analysis to do but here is a list of my first impression team grades for each of the teams that selected a player in the first round. My gut instinct is that San Francisco, Denver, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, ... Read More
This is the official fanteractive first round draft tracker. It will be updated periodically as new picks, trades, or rumors come in.   The Saints close out the day by selecting Ryan Ramczyk. A clear value pick. Join us tomorrow night for ... Read More
The opening night of the NFL Draft always is a fun day. It's the day when every team's fans think their team will finally find that one player who will change the team's fortunes for the next 10-15 years. While there are some players, out ... Read More
foshman | 27 Apr 2017  
Draft Day Final Notes The media seems to believe that Cleveland is split on Mitch Trubisky and Myles Garrett as the first overall selection. The best information, and most of the information, seems to suggest that Garrett will indeed be the pick, ... Read More
The 2017 NFL Draft will be like any other in the past. There will be the endless debate over whether the team with the #1 pick – this year it’s the Cleveland Browns (again) – should go for a quarterback with that top pick. And, like ... Read More
foshman | 24 Apr 2017  
With the film work done here is the final top 75 prospects for this years draft. Caleb Brantley does not appear in teh list due to the recent incident involving him, while Joe Mixon does due to the closure of his situation. Rank Pl ... Read More
foshman | 17 Apr 2017  
This is our first mock draft with trades for the season (perhaps our only 2 round mock draft with trades.) Only selections in the first two rounds of this year were noted. (The 49ers would almost certainly get both of the Panthers second round select ... Read More
With the FIFA World Cup in Russia next year and the 2022 tournament on track for the controversial visit to Qatar, the bidders are lining up for the next bidding cycle to award the 2026 tournament. While the tournament has made the continental rounds ... Read More
foshman | 10 Apr 2017  
Round 1 1 Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M 2 San Francisco 49ers Soloman Thomas DE Stanford 3 Chicago Bears Jonathan Allen DE Alabama 4 ... Read More
Free agency is all but over in the NFL, until after June 1st anyway, and the major players have all been signed and released leaving teams free to focus 100% of their efforts on the NFL draft. By now most teams will have completed their board, except ... Read More
foshman | 08 Apr 2017  
 I am winding down my film work and collating my notes from the last few seasons on the availbale players. As of now these are my top 50 prospects. I should note that both Fabian Moreau and Sydney Jones would be on this list - Jones would be aro ... Read More
Romo Retirement Leaves Houston Scrambling   It was widely believed by everyone that, regardless of Jerry Jones’ shenanigans, Tony Romo would eventually wind up in Houston with a chance to finish his career with a Super Bowl appearanc ... Read More
foshman | 01 Apr 2017  
Most Pro days are over, all film work is completed, and all that is left is team interviews and the draft itself. SInce our last mock draft Sidney Jones and Fabian Moreau have both seen their stock plummet due to unfortunate injuries that leaves corn ... Read More
The NCAA tournament bracket always has some great storylines that emerge. Just looking at the numbers and teams, you get some very interesting figures. From the conference viewpoint, the Big Ten, SEC, and Pac-12 all had three teams advance to the ... Read More
Now that the combine is over and my film work is well under way, I'm taking a stab at my first mock draft for 2017. These will role out sporadically up until the draft itself as more information becomes available. For now, I feel pretty good ... Read More
DSWUT90 | 11 Mar 2017  
Thought this was a great concept, FC Dallas giving back a percentage of revenue from transfers of players back to season ticket holders.... ... Read More
foshman | 09 Mar 2017  
Free Agency Opening Day Notes:   General notes after day 1 of the league season. The biggest question at the end of today is 'Where will Tony Romo wind up?' and the answer is revealed at the last spot of this list.   ... Read More
Risers and Sliders from the NFL Combine   With all 32 teams and dozens of the top prospects present the NFL Combines are the unofficial start of each season. It doesn’t hurt that they occur days before the official start of the NFL s ... Read More
foshman | 07 Mar 2017  
Miami Dolphins 2017 Team Needs   Miami returned to the playoffs in Adam Gase’s first season a Head Coach and the Dolphins appear to be on the upswing. Miami has plenty of cap space but they also have a roster built largely on free ag ... Read More
Did anyone notice that Atlanta United drew 55,297?  They have already 30,000 plus season tickets, so not a huge surprise, but what a great thing for MLS to have another strong market.  Having been with Major League Soccer during the first f ... Read More
The USWNT, which didn’t lose a game (excepting on penalty shots) in 2016 lost their second game of the 2017 season to England. The US Women are still in line to finish at the top of the table for the second annual She Believes Cup, assuming the ... Read More
foshman | 06 Mar 2017  
Buffalo Bills 2017 Team Needs   Rex Ryan was unable to get the Bills to the playoffs, in only two seasons, and was fired, despite a roster with gaping holes throughout. Sean McDermott will attempt to do what Ryan couldn’t and succeed ... Read More
foshman | 05 Mar 2017  
New York Jets 2017 Draft Needs   The Jets appear to be in a full rebuild with no quarterback to speak of, an aging roster, and very limited salary cap space with which to maneuver. Tony Pauline reported that the Jets are privately saying t ... Read More
foshman | 05 Mar 2017  
New England Patriots 2017 Team Needs   The Patriots shocked the world by erasing the largest deficit in Super Bowl history and defeating the hapless Atlanta Falcons, closing out a controversial season with a win. New England, with their re ... Read More
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Team Needs   Year one of the Dirk Koetter experiment ended and the results were no different than the previous season. The Bucs played well, won more games than they lost, and finished out of the playoffs. The tea ... Read More
foshman | 03 Mar 2017  
New Orleans Saints 2017 Team Needs   New Orleans may very well serve as a cautionary tale moving forward for how not to deal with an aging superstar quarterback. As good as Brees is, the team is hamstrung by his contract, and unlikely to b ... Read More
foshman | 02 Mar 2017  
Carolina Panthers 2017 Team Needs Carolina had a disappointing year coming off of the team’s second NFC Conference Championship. Poor roster management in key positions left Carolina behind the 8-ball after some injuries occurred along the o ... Read More
foshman | 02 Mar 2017  
Atlanta Falcons 2017 Team Needs   The Falcons surprised many folks by reaching the Super Bowl, and many more by blowing the largest lead ever in a Super Bowl game. As good as the Falcons season was it must leave the organization with a bad ... Read More
foshman | 01 Mar 2017  
Tennessee Titans 2017 Team Needs   The Titans had a breakout season under Mike Mularkey - an underrated Head Coach given his past. With two first round selections and a ton of youth along their offense the team is in good position to make ... Read More
Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 Team Needs   The Jaguars have, in recent years, solved their talent problem with a number of high draft choices. The team must hope that they solved their gameday problems by replacing their coaching staff. With i ... Read More
foshman | 28 Feb 2017  
Indianapolis Colts 2017 Team Needs   Primary Needs: OT, RB, OLB Secondary Needs: CB, DL, S   The biggest need for the Colts heading into the offseason was the need to rid themselves of Ryan Grigson, which they successfully di ... Read More
foshman | 28 Feb 2017  
Houston Texans 2017 Team Needs   The Texans were big players in the 2016 Free Agent market bringing in high priced offensive players like Lamar Miller and Brock Osweiler. The Texans won the division, although it was probably in spite of th ... Read More
These are ugly times at Leicester. The team heads into the weekend with a new, temporary manager and barely above the relegation zone in the English Premier League, seemingly doing everything it can to eradicate whatever good vibes are left from i ... Read More
The NCAA appears to be making a stand on this one. After losing time and time again in high profile cases (see Auburn 2010) and lower profile cases (see Alabama every year since 2008) against SEC schools and cases they should have never gotten involv ... Read More
The NFL released the official list of compensatory draft selections for 2017 today. A record sixteen teams will split the thirty two selections and a record eleven selections were handed out in the third round, the earliest available round for compen ... Read More
foshman | 24 Feb 2017  
Following a late pre-season injury to Teddy Bridgewater the Vikings made an aggressive move to shore up their team and make a playoff run before their window closed. Unfortunately an injury to Adrian Peterson doomed the Vikings to miss the playoffs d ... Read More
foshman | 24 Feb 2017  
Green Bay had a nice run but is going to lose a lot of talent this year. Fortunately they had a solid draft last season to help offset some of the losses. They also have Aaron Rodgers who is still among the best quarterbacks in the game. Primary N ... Read More
foshman | 23 Feb 2017  
The Lions made the playoffs in 2016 which saved the job of Head Coach Jim Caldwell. The team overachieved by far but also benefitted from the poor play of Minnesota down the stretch. The Lions will need to improve their roster in order to remain in p ... Read More
foshman | 23 Feb 2017  
The Bears look prepared to start over. Clearly Jay Cutler is not in their future plans, and it seems as if the Bears are willing to rebuild their roster completely now that they have a new GM.   Primary Needs: QB, S, WR Secondary Needs: ... Read More
amazehayes | 21 Feb 2017  
Looking at the list of the players invited to the NFL Combine next week, a few things pop out at you. One is that, as usual or as expected, the SEC leads all conferences in the number of players invited by conference with 66 players. The next closest ... Read More
foshman | 21 Feb 2017  
Oakland Raiders 2017 Team Needs   The Raiders, and quarterback David Carr, enjoyed breakout seasons in 2016. Not only did they make the playoffs but they contended for the AFC West, the most competitive division in the league, until the fi ... Read More
Los Angeles Chargers 2017 Team Needs   The Chargers will be playing in a new city in 2017, and will be playing in the smallest stadium in the NFL, counting on a high demand to sell fewer tickets at a premium. There is a new coaching regime ... Read More
foshman | 20 Feb 2017  
Kansas City Chiefs 2017 Team Needs   The Chiefs very well might have missed their window to make the Super Bowl with their current roster. They are so tight against the salary cap that they cannot afford to franchise either of their two fr ... Read More
foshman | 20 Feb 2017  
2017 was an obvious rebuilding year for Denver, what with Peyton Manning retiring and the team being cap strained heading into the year. Now Denver finds itself in a slightly better place fiscally but with an ageing roster with new holes on it. &n ... Read More
foshman | 19 Feb 2017  
Seattle Seahawks Team Needs 2017   Seattle finds itself in good shape if only because the other three teams in the NFC West are is a lot of trouble. The Seahawks are aging, however, and cracks in their once dominant defense are starting to ... Read More
foshman | 19 Feb 2017  
San Francisco 49ers 2017 Team Needs   The 49ers have their 4th Head Coach in as many seasons in 2017. For the first time, during this streak, Trent Baalke is not going to be the team’s General Manager. Instead the team hired televisi ... Read More
Al Costanzo | 19 Feb 2017  
After looking at EricBecker's NFL combine statistics, I notice one peculiar thing that really stands out. That is the amount of players each power 5 conference sent to the combine. There is a major drop off from fourth to fifth place and sitting ... Read More
foshman | 18 Feb 2017  
Los Angeles Rams 2017 Team Needs   The Rams have a new Head Coach in their second year in Los Angeles, a second year quarterback in Jared Goff, and a lot of offensive needs. With a defense that is quite talented and largely stable for the ... Read More
Each season, you see one conference that really emerges as the base of power in college basketball. The "Power 5" even amongs their own see a rotation in power. True, the ACC is almost always up there, but they are not always number one eit ... Read More
Unbeaten Gonzaga is giving college basketball fans something to talk about besides the usual story lines. And while we're at it, let's not forget Northwestern positioning itself to make the NCAA Tournament for the first time. Both are a ... Read More
This week, the NFL Scouting Combine released its list of invitees to this year's event later this month. The list always has it's share of surprises - including 8 Division II or NAIA players. There are also 19 FCS players attending this year& ... Read More
Arizona had a difficult season in 2016 and might have seen their playoff window close. Carson Palmer looked like he was back in Cincinnati, Michael Floyd was cut, Larry Fitzgerald is even slower, and the defense was extremely suspect. Now the team ha ... Read More
foshman | 15 Feb 2017  
The Steelers surprised many folks by heating up late in the season and making the Conference Championship. With the triple threat offense of Roethlisberger, Brown, and Bell the Steelers are always dangerous. Bell is a free agent this year and Brown i ... Read More
foshman | 13 Feb 2017  
It has been a while since the Bengals picked in the top 10 of the NFL draft. Following a disappointing season the Bengals find themselves with the 9th overall selection and almost $45 million dollars in salary cap space (good for 12th most in the lea ... Read More
foshman | 08 Feb 2017  
  Primary Needs: QB, CB, DE   Secondary Needs: RB, DT, OG   Cleveland, despite having one of the worst rosters in the NFL is in pretty good shape heading into 2017. With five of the first 65 selections, including the fir ... Read More
foshman | 07 Feb 2017  
The Ravens continue to plug along, as always, never too far removed from the playoff race. It does appear as if the Ravens window has closed, although the team is in pretty good shape at certain key positions. A strong draft, or two, and a few key fr ... Read More
Earlier today the NFL released the 2017 NFL Hall of Fame Class. Congratulations are in store for Terrell Davis, Kurt Warner, LaDainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, and Morten Andersen who each received the nod. Warner, being a Super Bowl winning quarterb ... Read More
The NFL has reportedly taken a stand regarding which collegiate players will be eligible to attend their annual scouting combine. While Joe Mixon is the name player, and Ismael Zamora the only other player affected in 2017, the new policy is reported ... Read More
If you're among the millions of people who watch precisely one NFL game each year, yet want to sound like a real football fan during Sunday's Super Bowl, The Associated Press has you covered. This guide includes talking points for some of ... Read More
There was a lot of action on National Signing Day 2017 all over the country. Here is a summary of of stories around the Pac-12 programs and how they fared on signing day. Overall, USC looks like the big winner with the number four recruiting ... Read More
There was a lot of action on National Signing Day 2017 all over the country. Here is a summary of of stories around the Big Ten programs and how they fared on signing day. Overall, Michigan and Ohio State led the pack, but Maryland, Minnesota and&nbs ... Read More
foshman | 31 Jan 2017  
Super Bowl Preview By Brent Foshee   New England Patriots Vs Atlanta Falcons   New England is looking to make history (again) and possibly cement the legacies of both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as the best ever to do their ... Read More
England's Premier League has a full slate of action on January 31st and February 1st as the teams head back to league action after weekend FA Cup action. Here are links to the match previews for the top matches today: Time/Resul ... Read More
foshman | 30 Jan 2017  
Although the Super Bowl is yet to be played the NFL off season, highlighted by the draft each spring, is already in full gear. With the college all star games out of the way, the combines and pro-days just around the corner, and free agency just arou ... Read More
There have been 50 of these already, making this Super Bowl LI in the roman numerals the NFL uses to make sure no one forgets just how important the game really is. And important it is, at least as a national holiday of sorts to the 100 million Am ... Read More
foshman | 27 Jan 2017  
2017 NFL Draft Big Board Brent Foshee The 2017 NFL draft offers very deep classes at several key positions. Running back, all linebacker positions, and defensive ends are all deep classes but no class is deeper than cornerback which could have ... Read More
Who is the most feared opponent for Top 10 teams this year? It has to be the West Virginia Mountaineers! WVU continues to play giant killers this year as they upset their third Top 10 opponent in six weeks. The Mountaineers started their run with ... Read More
It is always interesting to look down the rosters and see which colleges produced the most players on the two Super Bowl rosters. There is always an unlikely “underdog” that appears – and that is try of thise year’s list as we ... Read More
The brotherhood did its job methodically, pleasing Atlanta owner Arthur Blank so much that he was last seen dancing into the night on the victory podium. Blank could be excused for his exuberance. The Falcons have only been this far one time befor ... Read More
College underclassmen – those with remaining college eligibility – who are looking to enter the 2017 NFL Draft were required file papers to state their intentions by the league’s January 17th.  The league published its full lis ... Read More
All these years later, Roger Staubach remembers quite clearly what his initial reaction was when Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry approached him about making the shotgun formation a recurring feature of their offense. ''I thought he was cra ... Read More
When you’re bad, you always run the risk of looking desperate. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see some of the Power 5 doormats weakening their schedules to give themselves a better chance at respectability. Despite Power 5 conferences a ... Read More
Last week, there was an article on Fanteractive that talked about DeShaun Watson being the first in his family to graduate from college and how important that was for him.  After last night's miraculous 35-31 win by Clemson, news surfaced ... Read More
DSWUT90 | 10 Jan 2017  
Last night got me thinking about the best college football games ever.  As a Texas fan, I have to agree with the following that the 2005-2006 Championship Game UT vesrus USC... Vince Young's performance was simply amazing......   ... Read More
By Paul Newberry (AP)   TAMPA, Fla. (AP) Thank you, Clemson. College football needed this. Thank you, Alabama. A fallen champion, but thoroughly magnificent. In a sequel that proved to be even more of a blockbuster than the ori ... Read More
The NCAA champion in Division 1 Football will be crowned this weekend and don’t expect it to be Alabama. For that matter, it won’t be Clemson either. While those two will battle it out for the College Football Playoff (CFP) National Champ ... Read More
foshman | 02 Jan 2017  
Oklahoma (10-2) vs Auburn (8-4)   The best of the Big 12 gets a crack at the second (or third) best SEC team in the Sugar Bowl yet again. Oklahoma’s Bowl record under Bob Stoops has involved winning as underdogs and losing as favorit ... Read More
foshman | 02 Jan 2017  
USC (9-3) vs Penn State (11-2) Penn State shocked everyone by winning the Big Ten this year. Many people believed that Penn State deserved a spot in the playoffs over Ohio State due to their victory over them. USC, meanwhile, started slow and Clay ... Read More
foshman | 31 Dec 2016  
Clemson (12-1) vs Ohio State (11-1)   This should be, by far, the best match up of the major Bowl games today. Clemson and Ohio State are so evenly matched it is difficult to pick a winner with any objective certainty. Each team has been h ... Read More
foshman | 31 Dec 2016  
Alabama (13-0) vs Washington (12-1)   The first semi-final playoff game features perennial contender, and media darlings, Alabama against the most surprising member of this year’s playoffs, Washington. In only his second season Chris ... Read More
foshman | 30 Dec 2016  
Michigan (10-2) vs FSU (9-3)   The first premiere matchup with a top ten team in the Bowl Season offers Michigan versus Florida State. Both teams expected to be in the playoffs this year but only Michigan was able to remain in the hunt lat ... Read More
foshman | 30 Dec 2016  
Nebraska (9-3) vs Tennessee (8-4)   Two traditional powerhouse programs that have been alsorans in recent years are prepared to meet in the Music CIty Bowl. Aside from the always entertaining Big Ten vs SEC match up, Nebraska and Tennessee ... Read More
foshman | 29 Dec 2016  
Georgia (7-5) vs TCU (6-6)   The Liberty Bowl features two teams that had hugely disappointing seasons as Georgia and TCU face off. Georgia has as much talent as any team in the country and TCU has put together good teams with marginal tal ... Read More
foshman | 29 Dec 2016  
Oklahoma State (9-3) vs Colorado (10-3)   Two former Big 8 teams meet in this year’s Alamo Bowl in what will be the first matchup between two ranked teams.   When Oklahoma State Has The Ball: Mike Gundy’s teams have ... Read More
foshman | 29 Dec 2016  
Arkansas (7-5) vs Virginia Tech (9-4)   A little known fact about Bowl Season is that the SEC tends to have their 7th or 8th best team face off against the losers of opposing Conference’s Championship Games more frequently than peopl ... Read More
Birmingham Bowl (271) |
foshman | 29 Dec 2016  
South Florida (10-2) vs South Carolina (6-6)   When South Florida Has The Ball: The Bulls are a running team, they rank 5th nationally in rushing yards. Tailback Marlon Mak and quarterback Quinton Flowers combined for over 2500 yards and 3 ... Read More
foshman | 20 Dec 2016  
BYU (8-4) vs Wyoming (8-5) It seems like Wyoming and BYU should play each other every year given their proximity to one another but that is not the case and this year the two teams will meet in the Poinsettia Bowl. Both teams have the high powered ... Read More
Top players have little to gain and a lot to lose in bowl games. While bowl organizers and schools want to see their star players competing in their final collegiate games, the only benefit to top players is an emotional one of finishing out their co ... Read More
foshman | 19 Dec 2016  
Memphis (8-4) vs Western Kentucky (10-3)   Memphis and Western Kentucky have, in recent years, established themselves as two of the better Group of 5 programs. Both teams have also lost head coaches to Power 5 Conferences over the last two ... Read More
foshman | 19 Dec 2016  
Miami Beach Bowl Preview Central Michigan (6-6) vs. Tulsa (9-3)   The most lopsided game during this Bowl Season - at least according to bettors - is the Miami Beach Bowl, where Tulsa had the highest percentage of total money bet on the ... Read More
foshman | 17 Dec 2016  
Southern Mississippi (6-6) vs Louisiana-Lafayette (6-6) Southern Mississippi has consistently put together good teams very quietly over the last several decades. Louisiana-Lafayette is a program that competes in a conference on the rise. This year ... Read More
The Las Vegas Bowl is not known for being one of the “can’t miss” bowl games as it usually falls as one of the first games in the bowl schedule. However, this season’s match up may have one of the best storylines and match ups ... Read More
foshman | 17 Dec 2016  
Central Florida (6-6) vs Arkansas State (7-5)   The best defensive players in Conference USA and the Sun Belt will square off in this season’s Autonation Cure Bowl at Camping World Stadium later today.   When UCF has the b ... Read More
foshman | 16 Dec 2016  
Toledo (9-3) vs Appalachian State (9-3) The Camelia Bowl offers another solid early Bowl season matchup between offensive powerhouse Toledo and one of the better defensive teams in Appalachian State. Both teams have significant veteran leader ... Read More
foshman | 16 Dec 2016  
Houston (9-3) vs. San Diego State (6-6) Every Bowl Season has a premium match up on the first day and this year is no different. Houston was one of the darlings of the Non-Power 5 Conferences this year, and despite falling short, scored huge victo ... Read More
foshman | 16 Dec 2016  
New Mexico (8-4) vs. Texas San Antonio (6-6)   The first bowl of 2016 will feature Bob Davie’s surprising New Mexico team playing what amounts to another home game in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. Texas San Antonio was  a middling ... Read More
The 16-team field for the 2016-2017 UEFA Champions League knockout stage is now set with the final day of group play completed. A new draw will determine the pairings for the next round. Each group winner will be “seeded” and therefore ... Read More
We we reached Conference Championship Weekend, there are only two teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) that have made it this far as undefeated teams - top ranked Alabama and #14 Western Michigan. While Alabama is destined for the College ... Read More
This Saturday, a substantial part of downtown Atlanta will be awash in orange – Florida Gator orange, to be exact. The University of Florida’s football team will be playing for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Championship against the Un ... Read More
Week 12 College Football Playoff Standings   The narrowing of the playoff field in Week 11 continued into Week 12, and the clarity of the playoff race has now been sacrificed for a glut of one loss teams as only Alabama stands unbeaten. ... Read More
foshman | 16 Nov 2016  
Following the early ouster of the USWNT at the Olympics, Head Coach Jill Ellis made no secret of her desire to reshape not only the roster but the philosophy of the women’s national team. Gone are longtime players Heather O’Reilly, Whitne ... Read More
EricBecker | 16 Nov 2016  
The natives are starting to get restless in American Soccerland! Before Friday's game against Mexico, US Soccer President Sunil Gulati said he expected Klinsmann would remain in charge of the US National Team. For the organization to sack the ... Read More
foshman | 11 Nov 2016  
Raiders Rising San Diego Winning Streak 49ers defense is terrible Ajayi V Miller Packers Continuity Drew Brees is the Saints   The Oakland Raiders are on the right track. In addition to the early talk of David Carr bei ... Read More
Trevor Knight and Chad Kelly injuries Texas players rally UCLA taking a step back Washington won with Peterson Clemson losing top players Zach Cunningham   Ole Miss and Texas A&M face each other this week in a game ... Read More
Week 11 College Football Playoff Standings   As will repeatedly happen this year Week 10 offers some clarity to the college football playoff race. The frontrunners, as I see them, remain strong while two rivalry games, and an upset, elimin ... Read More
Week 10 is here and it is time to separate the playoff contenders from the pretenders. This week has two games that will potentially serve as elimination games, although Alabama could lose and still make the playoffs if they win out. The Big Ten and ... Read More
Harvard announced the it was cancelling its men’s soccer season early over a scandal whereby members of the men’s soccer program compiled a “scouting report” on new freshman members of the women’s program in a practice d ... Read More
How did yesterday’s results impact the UEFA Champions League table? Here is the updated Group standings table and the predictions of who advance to the knockout stage: Group E remains tight as AS Monaco’s comfortable 3-0 win over CSKA ... Read More
foshman | 03 Nov 2016  
Newton Goodell Meeting Josh Gordon Out of Rehab Jamie Collins Trade Greg Olsen Fired Jay Ajayi Gos For 3 Mid Season Review   Following a high profile missed roughing call, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton met with Roger ... Read More
The November matches were bound to be pivotal in most of the groups. Tuesday was “judgment day” for several clubs as their Champions League dreams were extinguished, while others will be planning for the knockout round. Here is how the fi ... Read More
Nebraska is much improved, still not elite Washington is starting to look like a very good, but not elite team The Big 12 doesn’t have a great team either The SEC West still has the best teams Clemson has the easiest path to the pla ... Read More
The first official rankings of the 2016 College Football Playoff bracket are due out soon and week 10, as it usually seems to, offered some clarity in what appeared to be a very crowded field. It seems every season fans wonder what will happen in 4 o ... Read More
A 14-18 overall record, losing four of his last five games, and ESPN’s FPI only giving his team a 4.7-percent chance of winning out (perhaps the only way to save his job) are signs that the days of Charlie Strong at Texas appear to be numbered. ... Read More
foshman | 27 Oct 2016  
Cutler retakes the reins in Chicago Buffalo can hardly afford injuries San Diego Schedule about to get easier Jared Goff is getting closer to being a starter 49ers Defensive Draft Woes Quarterbacks are still in short supply, still & ... Read More
Auburn dominates Arkansas Nebraska finally plays some good teams West Virginia is a omplete team Toledo is the best team you haven't heard of Alabama loses Eddie Jackson Playoff primer; Remember, it is still way too early to know a ... Read More
Roethlisberger hurt again Fitzpatrick/Smith quarterback switch in New York Eddie Lacy got fat again Bears QB situation isn't much of a choice Panthers have defensive issues Pass Interference calls the new replay battlefront &nbs ... Read More
Intriguing games continue with the second day of competition in the UEFA Champions League. The marquee match is probably FC Barcelona versus Manchester City. The match up features two of the richest clubs in global sports looking for the leg up in ... Read More
The MLS playoff picture is starting to come into focus going into the final weekend of the season. However, with some jostling and positioning still to be ironed out, there will likely be some intrigue until the final whistle. The top six teams in ... Read More
foshman | 19 Oct 2016  
Change is inevitable, that’s a tenant as old as….tenants, and although the USWNT has been among the rare institutions  in sports that has resisted change without sacrificing its competitive edge on the field, change is coming to the ... Read More
Big 12 expansion Notre Dame Western Michigan Playoff favorites Texas A&M-Alabama   News that the Big 12 President’s could not agree on expansion was not really a surprise given that both Fox and ESPN previously ... Read More
This weekend, we will see exactly how the College Football Playoff Picture will shape up. #1 Alabama and #2 Ohio State will face, arguably, their toughest tests of the season. Alabama faces #9 Tennessee on the road in Knoxville while the Buckeyes hos ... Read More
Two Top Ten Matchups Highlight Week 7 In College Football   Heading into week 7 the college football playoff picture is starting to clear up somewhat. Preseason favorites FSU and LSU are both essentially eliminated, as is Stanford.Houston& ... Read More
foshman | 12 Oct 2016  
Mike McCoy looks like he's done. Colin Kaepernick is back ya'll! Dallas QB conundrum. Vikings keep trucking. Giants offense just isn't working.   It seems like Mike McCoy, a pretty good coach, is not going to ... Read More
LSU Florida Big Ten Stanford Charlie Strong Houston   LSU Florida - The Game That Shall Not Be Scheduled Obviously cancelling the game due to Hurricane Matthew was the correct call but rescheduling it should have been decide ... Read More
Rutgers’ marketing department circled October 8th on its calendar as a big event to promote to the Scarlet Knights’ faithful. (press release: all nationally ranke ... Read More
Ellis Names Team For Switzerland Friendlies - 11 New Call Ups   The youth movement continues at USSoccer as Jill Ellis has named 11 new faces to the USWNT camp heading into their two scheduled friendlies with Switzerland. Ellis has maintai ... Read More
foshman | 06 Oct 2016  
Steelers Are Good Gordon V Gurley Rex Ryan Back From The Dead Exit Deflategate Odell Beckham Needs To Chill Colts Offensive Line Woes   With the return of Le’veon Bell the Steelers offense might be nearly impossi ... Read More
Baylor Big 12 Louisville autographs Tennessee Mark Richt Washington   Lost amid Baylor’s excellent season has been the talk regarding the Title IX issues the team has faced over the last few years, until now. The ... Read More
Boston Breakers center back Whitney Engen shared an emotional letter to her fans announcing the end of her time with the USWNT. Engen earned a roster spot on the Olympic roster in August and played well in her limited time in Brazil. Engen is also co ... Read More
foshman | 29 Sep 2016  
The 4th season of the NWSL is over, making it the most successful women’s professional soccer league in history. As Portland Western New York, Washington, and Chicago fight for the championship we’ll take the time to put together our Top ... Read More
foshman | 29 Sep 2016  
Patriots Quarterback Shenanigans Injuries to Quarterbacks Injuries to Other Players Carson Wentz (or The Guy Who Might Cost Jeff Fisher His Job) Texans Look Like Pretenders Kaepernick   Will the Patriots actually start ... Read More
Week 4 College Football What We Learned   Tennessee Is For Real Having lost the last 12 games to Florida Tennessee fans must have felt terrible after watching the Volunteers fall behind 21-0, having turned the ball over twice inside ... Read More
foshman | 27 Sep 2016  
NWSL Playoff Preview   1: Portland Thorns 41 points 2: Washington Spirit 39 points 3: Chicago Red Stars 33 points 4: Western New York Flash 32 points   Portland Thorns The Thorns had the most talented roster during t ... Read More
Golf legend Arnold Palmer died yesterday at age 87. While the golf world mourns his death as one of the best golfers of all-time, others know Palmer from his many other endeavors – including the ice tea that bears his name and the more recent X ... Read More
The two best things in life are football and laughter. Join Brent and Heather for the 4th season of The Football Show as they take real stories from across the football landscape and offer biting satire, absurd commentary, and, in this episode, a boo ... Read More
foshman | 22 Sep 2016  
Houston Vs New England   Week 3 provides a matchup of, perhaps, the two best teams in the AFC, and certainly two teams that are favored to win their respective divisions. Houston and New England have taken dramatically different approaches ... Read More
Through three weeks of the college football season, who looks like the best overall conference? Well, it is not who has the most teams ranked. Instead, let's look at which conferences have a shot at the College Football Playoff and how them far i ... Read More
foshman | 21 Sep 2016  
NFL Week 2: What We Learned   Chargers injuries Quarterbacks getting hurt Return of the Running Back Rookie Quarterbacks Coaching Hot Seat Patriots Vikings Rodgers and Green Bay Offense Protests Not Going Away &n ... Read More
Here is a look at this week’s AP Top 25 and observations after Week 3 and heading into conference play.   No. 1 Alabama (3-0) Alabama looks like a Top 5 team through the first three games, but maybe not yet a #1, given the perform ... Read More
After only three weeks the landscape of college football has shifted dramatically. A number of pre-season favorites have not only stumbled, but have looked rather pedestrian in multiple games. The current Heisman candidate has emerged from relative o ... Read More
foshman | 13 Sep 2016  
NFL Week 1 Recap   Now that the games have finally started NFL fans can rejoice and enjoy the next 4 months of live football. Week 1 saw several big names get hurt, several young quarterbacks emerge on the scene, and several teams serve no ... Read More
foshman | 09 Sep 2016  
The NFC West has been the hardest fought division in football over the last few seasons. With some of the best defenses and most bruising running backs the NFC West has appeared in the last five Conference championships and three of the last five Sup ... Read More
foshman | 09 Sep 2016  
The NFC North looked like it would house two of the best teams in the NFC before the season ending injury to Teddy Bridgewater in Minnesota. Green Bay now looks like the class of the division, and conference, while Chicago and Detroit are still mired ... Read More
foshman | 08 Sep 2016  
Carolina Panthers Carolina surprised many league observers by both dominating the regular season and making the Super Bowl last season. This year the Panthers offense could be even better thanks to the return of 2014 first round pick Kelvin Benjam ... Read More
foshman | 08 Sep 2016  
The NFC East appears to be in transition with only last season’s champions, the Washington Redskins, maintaining any kind of continuity during the off season. Philadelphia and New York each have new coaching staffs and Dallas is starting the se ... Read More
foshman | 07 Sep 2016  
It looks like a changing of the guard, at least temporarily, is on the horizon in the AFC West. Denver is dealing with the retirement of Peyton Manning, Oakland is on the rise, San Diego is quietly amassing a talented roster at the skill positions an ... Read More
foshman | 07 Sep 2016  
The AFC South is emerging as a division with all four teams stocked with young talent at key positions. The decision has been dominated by the Colts in recent years but injuries to Andrew Luck last season opened the door for Houston to take the divis ... Read More
2016 NCAA Football: Players to Watch   It's guaranteed in every College Football season that there will be new prospects bursting onto the scene. Most fans already know the big name players of the 2016 NCAAF season such as the preseaso ... Read More
foshman | 06 Sep 2016  
AFC North Preview   In recent years the AFC North has been the most competitive division in the NFL, a trend that is likely to continue in 2016. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are favorites again but the Baltimore Ravens should also field a com ... Read More
foshman | 06 Sep 2016  
AFC East Preview   The suspension of Tom Brady adds even a bit more intrigue to an emerging AFC East, long dominated by the New England Patriots. Last season saw the Jets emerge as a serious contender, Miami appears on the upswing with Ada ... Read More ... Read More
On Wednesday (8/24), the US Soccer Federation suspended Women’s National Team goalkeeper Hope Solo for her poor sportsmanship after the team’s stunning penalty shootout loss to Sweden in the quarterfinals of the Olympics in Rio. Solo c ... Read More
The knockout stage of Women’s Olympic Soccer looks a lot like the top 10 in the FIFA world Rankings. Given the dearth of available slots - something that should be remedied moving forward - only eight of the top 12 teams in the FIFA world ranki ... Read More
Allie Long is the best story of the year for the USWNT. Long was an afterthought as recently as April, but after a few strong seasons in the NWSL she finally got an opportunity, and she made the most of it. Long gives Jill Ellis the flexibility she h ... Read More
After two games in group play all seems to be going according to plan for the USWNT. Following a hard fought victory against France, their biggest challenge in group play, the team closes out the group when they face Columbia later today. Columbia is ... Read More
This is a really interesting view on the development of youth soccer players in the US.   While it is a promotional article for a training company, the points in it are dead on.  Understandbly as a long-time parent/coach, I ... Read More
BobLawton | 03 Aug 2016  
What can Leon Hall bring tot he Giants that they don't already have? Why the spend? Savvy veterans know how to lie in wait, then pounce on a potential job opening when their market becomes robust. With the injury to Cincinnat ... Read More
The Big 12 expansion is a hot topic throughout college football. Undoubtedly, it has executives on edge in the American, Sun Belt, and Mountain West Conferences as well as Conference USA. The Big 12 has stated it hopes to add two or four teams a ... Read More
The Big 12 Conference recently announced that it was giving its Commissioner, Bob Bowlsby, permission to speak with potential candidates to expand the conference by two to four teams and bring the membership from the current 10 teams to either 12 or ... Read More
2016 NFL Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings   Tight end has long been considered one of the least important positions in fantasy football by most owners. The truth is, as it always has been, that finding a high scoring tight end offers a ... Read More
2016 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings   With the increased popularity of PPR scoring wide receiver has become the most important position in fantasy football leagues. Receivers are no longer vehicles that put up huge numbers every f ... Read More
2016 NFL Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings   Running backs have traditionally been the backbone of good fantasy football teams, and while good running backs are still important, the shift towards a committee approach throughout the NF ... Read More
 The difference between fantasy football champions and fantasy football playoff teams is often related to the quarterback position. While premium receivers, tight ends, and running backs are harder to come by, few teams excel without having a qu ... Read More
jleong11 | 15 Jul 2016  
 NBA Summer League 2016   The Las Vegas Summer League is a great event to scout the incoming prospects in the NBA. The players include drafted rookies starting their NBA careers, undrafted players trying to make a roster, sophomore play ... Read More
foshman | 14 Jul 2016  
 NWSL Power Rankings Week 13 Portland Thorns First place, 26 points. The Thorns lost their first game of 2016 but it’s no time to panic. Portland played without 6 of their top players thanks to an ill-timed USWNT camp that highl ... Read More
foshman | 12 Jul 2016  
 Months of speculation ended today as Head Coach Jill Ellis announced the USWNT Olympic Roster. As expected the roster is mostly made up of members of last year's World Cup Championship team, and also as expected, there are a few new faces t ... Read More
foshman | 10 Jul 2016  
 Predicting The USWNT Olympic Roster Today is the day that members of the USWNT will find out if they are going to Brazil to compete for Olympic Gold. Fresh off a friendly with South Africa, Ellis now has the information she needs to make her ... Read More
foshman | 04 Jul 2016  
 NWSL Power Rankings Week 12 Portland Thorns First place, 26 points. The Thorns remain the only unbeaten team in the NWSL. More impressively they are a combined 3-0-2 against the next three best teams. It's no secret that Portland is ... Read More
Following the USWNT’s World Cup Victory in 2015 the NWSL has seen an increase in ticket sales and popularity.  The newest franchises, Houston (2014) and Orlando (2016) are among the most popular teams in the league and a national televisio ... Read More
 This year’s USA Swimming Olympic Trials will take place from June 26th through July 1st in Omaha, Nebraska. There are essentially 5 stroke races – freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and individual medley (comb ... Read More
 2016 has been a great year so far for women’s soccer in the United States. The NWSL not only made it to a fourth season, they expanded the league by adding an Orlando franchise, and attendance is up throughout the league. The USWNT is und ... Read More
foshman | 13 Jun 2016  
 USWNT Totally Different in 2016 As the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) prepares for the Olympics in Rio this summer they look like a very different team, because they are. Due to retirements, injuries, and pregnancies this team is w ... Read More
foshman | 07 Jun 2016  
 Seattle Seahawks Draft Review Team Needs:  RB OT DL Selections: Rd 1. 31 Germain Ifedi OT Texas A&M Rd 2. 49 Jarran Reed DT Alabama Rd 3. 90 CJ Prosise RB Notre Dame Rd 3. 94 Nick Vannett TE Ohio State Rd 3. 97 Ree ... Read More
foshman | 07 Jun 2016  
 San Francisco 49ers Draft Review Team Needs:  QB WR OG LB Selections: Rd 1. 7 DeForest Buckner DE Oregon Rd 1. 28 Joshua Garnett OG Stanford Rd 3 68 Will Redmond CB Mississippi State Rd 4. 133 Rashard Robinson CB   ... Read More
foshman | 01 Jun 2016  
 Los Angeles Rams Draft Review Team Needs:  WR DE QB Selections: Rd 1. 1 Jared Goff QB Cal Rd 4. 110 Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentucky Rd 4. 117 Pharoe Cooper WR South Carolina Rd 6. 177 Temarrick Hemmingway TE South Carolina Sta ... Read More
foshman | 01 Jun 2016  
 Arizona Cardinals Draft Review Team Needs:  S OLB CB Selections: Rd 1. 29 Robert Nkemdiche DT Ole Miss Rd 3. 92 Brandon Williams CB Texas A&M Rd 4. 128 Evan Boehm C Missouri Rd 5. 167 Marquai Christian Midwestern State Rd ... Read More
As we are on the eve of the Copa America Centenario, there is no better time than now to roll out the expectations for the Group stage of the tournament. There are many interesting story lines throughout the tournament, which will feature teams for N ... Read More
foshman | 31 May 2016  
 Minnesota Vikings Draft Review Team Needs: OT, CB, OG, WR Selections: Rd 1. 23 LaQuan Treadwell WR Ole Miss Rd 2. 54 Mackenzie Alexander CB Clemson Rd 4. 121 Willie Beavers OG Western Michigan Rd 5. 160 Kentrell Brothers OLB Miss ... Read More
foshman | 30 May 2016  
 Detroit Lions Draft Review Team Needs: OT, CB, DE, WR Selections: Rd 1. 16 Taylor Decker OT Ohio State Rd 2. 46 A’Shawn Robinson DT Alabama Rd 3. 95 Graham Glasgnow C Michigan Rd 4. 111 Miles Killebrew S Southern Utah Rd 5. 1 ... Read More
foshman | 30 May 2016  
 Green Bay Packers Draft Review Team Needs: ILB, OLB, OT Selections: Rd 1. 27 Kenny Clark DT UCLA Rd 2. 48 Jason Spriggs OT Indiana Rd 3. 88 Kyler Fackrell LB Utah State Rd 4. 131 Blake Martinez ILB Stanford Rd 4. 137 Dean Lowrey DE ... Read More
 This past week Baylor University took the unprecedented step of relieving Head Football Coach Art Briles of his duties and reassigning University President Ken Starr due to the fallout from the report prepared by Pepper Hamilton, and independen ... Read More
foshman | 30 May 2016  
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Review Team Needs: CB DE OT S Selections: Rd 1. 11 Vernon Hargreaves CB Florida Rd 2. 39 Noah Spence DE Eastern Kentucky Rd 2. 61 Robert Aguayo K Florida State Rd 4. 108 Ryan Smith CB North Caroli ... Read More
foshman | 30 May 2016  
 New Orleans Saints Draft Review Team Needs: DL CB OLB     Selections:   Rd 1. 12 Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville Rd 2. 47 Michael Thomas WR Ohio State Rd 2. 61 Vonn Bell S Ohio State Rd 4. 120 David Onyemata DT M ... Read More
foshman | 29 May 2016  
 Carolina Panthers Draft Review Team Needs: OT DE CB         Selections: Rd 1. 31 Vernon Butler DT Louisiana Tech Rd 2. 62 James Bradberry CB Samford Rd 3. 77 Daryl Worley CB West Virginia Rd 5. 141 Zach Sanchez ... Read More
foshman | 29 May 2016  
 Atlanta Falcons Draft Review Team Needs: DE LB OG Selections: Rd 1. 17 Keanu Neal SS Florida Rd 2. 52 Deion Jones OLB LSU Rd 3. 81 Austin Hooper TE Stanford Rd 4. 115 De’vondre Campbell OLB Minnesota Rd 6. 195 Wes Schweitzer ... Read More
foshman | 29 May 2016  
 Washington Redskins Draft Review Team Needs: DE, WR, OL Selections: Rd 1. 22 Josh Doctson WR TCU Rd 2. 53 Su’a Cravens SS USC Rd 3. 84 Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech Rd 5. 152 Matthew Ioannidis DT Temple Rd 6. 187 Na ... Read More
foshman | 29 May 2016  
 Philadelphia Eagles Draft Review Team Needs: RB, LB, OT Selections: Rd 1. 2 Carson Wentz QB North Dakota State Rd 3. 79 Isaac Seumola OG Oregon State Rd 5. 153 Wendell Smallwood RB West Virginia Rd 5. 164 Vaitai Halapoulavaa ... Read More
foshman | 29 May 2016  
 New York Giants Draft Review Team Needs: RB, LB, OT Selections:   Rd 1. 10 Eli Apple CB Ohio State Rd 2. 40 Sterling Shepard WR Oklahoma Rd 3. 71 Darian Thompson FS Boise State Rd 4. 109 BJ Goodson LB CLemson Rd 5. 149 ... Read More
foshman | 23 May 2016  
 Dallas Cowboys Draft Review Team Needs: RB, CB, DL Selections: Rd 1. 4 Ezekial Elliott Ohio State Rd 2. 34 Jaylon Smith LB Notre Dame Rd 3. 67 Maliek Collins DT Nebraska Rd 4. 101 Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma Rd 4. 135 Dak Prescott Q ... Read More
foshman | 22 May 2016  
 San Diego Chargers Draft Review Team Needs: S, CB, DL Selections: Rd 1. 3 Joey Bosa DE Ohio State Rd 2. 35 Hunter Henry TE Arkansas Rd 3. 66 Max Tuerk C USC Rd 4. 102 Joshua Perry ILB Ohio State Rd 5. 175 Jatavis Brown OLB Akron R ... Read More
foshman | 22 May 2016  
 Oakland Raiders Draft Review      Team Needs: OT, CB, ILB Selections: Rd 1. 14 Karl Joseph S West Virginia Rd 2. 44 Jihad Ward DE Illinois Rd 3. 75 Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State Rd 4. 100 Connor Cook QB ... Read More
foshman | 21 May 2016  
Kansas City Chiefs Draft Review Team Needs: OLB, QB, DL Selections: Rd 2. 37 Chris Jones DT Mississippi State Rd 3. 74 Keivarae Russell CB Notre Dame Rd 4. 105 Parker Ehringer OG Cincinnati Rd 4. 106 Eric Murray CB Minnesota Rd 4. ... Read More
foshman | 19 May 2016  
 Denver Broncos Draft Review Team Needs: QB, OL, DL, LB Selections: Rd 1. 26 Paxton Lynch QB Memphis Rd 2. 63 Adam Gotsis DT Georgia Tech Rd 3. 98 Justin Simmons S Boston College Rd 4. 136 Devante Booker RB Utah Rd 5. 144 Connor McG ... Read More
foshman | 18 May 2016  
 Tennessee Titans Draft Review Team Needs: OT, DL, S Selections: Rd 1. 8 Jack Conklin OT Michigan State Rd 2. 33 Kevin Dodd DE Clemson Rd 2. 43 Austin Johnson DT Penn State Rd 2. 55 Derek Henry RB Alabama Rd 3. 64 Kevin Byard S Midd ... Read More
foshman | 17 May 2016  
 Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Review Team Needs: LB CB OL   Selections:   Rd 1. 5 Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State Rd 2. 36 Myles Jack LB UCLA Rd 3. 69 Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland Rd 4. 103 Sheldon Day DT Notre Dame Rd 6. 181 T ... Read More
foshman | 16 May 2016  
 Indianapolis Colts Draft Review Team Needs: LB CB OL Selections: Rd 1. 18 Ryan Kelly OC Alabama Rd 2. 57 Tj Green Cb Clemson Rd 3. 82 Le’Raven Clark OT Texas Tech Rd 4. 116 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas Rd 4. 125 Antonio Morrison ... Read More
foshman | 15 May 2016  
 Houston Texans Draft Review Team Needs: DE WR OL Selections: Rd 1. 21 Will Fuller WR Notre Dame Rd 2. 50 Nick Martin OC Notre Dame Rd 3. 85 Braxton Miller WR Ohio State Rd 4. 119 Tyler Ervin RB San Jose State Rd 5. 159 KJ Dillon SS ... Read More
foshman | 14 May 2016  
 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Review Team Needs: CB, S, OLB Selections: Rd 1. 25 Artie Burns CB Miami Rd 2. 58 Sean Davis CB Maryland Rd 3. 89 Javon Hargrave DT South Carolina State Rd 4. 123 Jerald Hawkins OT LSU Rd 6. 220 Travis Feen ... Read More
foshman | 12 May 2016  
 Cleveland Browns Draft Review   Team Needs: QB WR OL       Selections: Rd 1. 15 Corey Coleman WR Baylor Rd 2. 32 Emmanuel Ogbah DE Oklahoma State Rd 3. 65 Carl Nassib DE Penn State Rd 3. 7 ... Read More
foshman | 11 May 2016  
 Cincinnati Bengals Draft Review Team Needs: LB, WR, DT Selections: Rd 1. 24 William Jackson III CB Houston Rd 2. 55 Tyler Boyd WR Pitt Rd 3. 87 Nick Vigil LB Utah St. Rd 4. 122 Andrew Billings DT Baylor Rd 5. 161 Christian Westerma ... Read More
foshman | 10 May 2016  
 Baltimore Ravens Draft Review Team Needs: CB, WR, OT, DE Selections: Rd 1. 6 Ronnie Stanley OT Notre Dame Rd 2. 42 Kamalei Correa OLB Boise St. Rd 3. 70 Bronson Kafusi DE BYU Rd 4. 104 Tavon Young CB Temple Rd 4. 107 Chris Moore WR ... Read More
foshman | 09 May 2016  
 New England Patriots Draft Review Team Needs: CB, WR, OL, DE Selections: Rd 2. 60 Cyrus Jones CB Alabama Rd 3. 78 Joe Thuney OG NC State Rd 3. 91 Jacoby Brissett QB NC State Rd 3. 96 Vincent Valentine DT Nebraska Rd 4. 112  Ma ... Read More
foshman | 09 May 2016  
 New York Jets Draft Review Team Needs: OLB, CB, OT, ILB Selections: Rd 1. 20 Darron Lee OLB Ohio State Rd 2. 51 Christian Hackenberg QB Penn State Rd 3. 80 Jordan Jenkins OLB Georgia Rd 4. 118  Juston Burris CB NC State Rd 5. ... Read More
foshman | 02 May 2016  
 Miami Dolphins Draft Review Team Needs: CB, OT, OG, LB, RB Selections: Rd 1. 13 Laremy Tunsil OT Miami Rd 2. 38 Xavian Howard CB Baylor Rd 3. 73 Kenyon Drake RB Alabama Rd 3. 86  Leonte Caroo WR Rutgers Rd 6. 186 Jakeem Grant ... Read More
foshman | 02 May 2016  
 Buffalo Bills Draft Review Team Needs: OL, DE, LB, WR, QB Selections: Rd 1. 19 Shaq Lawson DE Clemson Rd 2. 41 Reggie Ragland LB Alabama Rd 3. 80 Adolphus Washington DT Ohio State Rd 4. 139 Cardale Jones QB Ohio State Rd 5. 156 Jon ... Read More
foshman | 30 Apr 2016  
  Buffalo The Bills clearly decided to rebuild their defensive front 7. Like Shaq Lawson, Ragland was a first round talent and should start immediately. Adolphus Washington gives the Bill some depth along the defensive line, and a possible f ... Read More
foshman | 29 Apr 2016  
 1 Los Angeles, Jared Goff, QB, Cal; The Rams obviously knew who they wanted when they moved up to the first pick. Although Wentz should be as good, or better, than Goff in time the Rams want to win now and Goff is the only rookie quarterback ... Read More
Normal 0 false false false EN-CA X-NONE X-NONE The MLS SuperDraft occured in January at the annual NSCAA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. I was at that convention and watched the first 5 rounds of the draft liv ... Read More
foshman | 27 Apr 2016  
 NFl Mock Draft 5.0 We’re only a day away now from the NFL draft and, interestingly, we’ve already seen two blockbuster trades affect the top of the draft order. FIlm analysis is now done and rumors have been investigated thorough ... Read More
jleong11 | 27 Apr 2016  
 NFC West Draft Needs     The NFC West is officially all located on the west side now. The Los Angeles Rams are back and are making the most noise in the division this offseason. No matter who their next QB is, he will have to fac ... Read More
jleong11 | 27 Apr 2016  
 NFC North Draft Needs The Green Bay Packers had been dominating the division over the last few seasons until they were finally dethroned division champs last season. The Minnesota Vikings top-ranked defense went into Lambeau for Week 17 an ... Read More
PatrickRiordan | 26 Apr 2016  
 AFC South Division Needs       Tennessee Titans 2015 Season Summary The Titans finished the season with the worst record after coming in second to last the year before so there are many holes on the roster that need to be ... Read More
PatrickRiordan | 26 Apr 2016  
 NFC East Division Needs           Dallas Cowboys 2015 Season Summary The Cowboys were poised to contend for the Super Bowl last year however their plans fell apart when Tony Romo got injured, causing Dallas to ... Read More
foshman | 25 Apr 2016  
  The NFC South was one of the worst divisions in football for the last few seasons. Carolina is the only really good team, although any of the others could make a push, despite their flaws. What hampers the division is the dearth of draft pick ... Read More
foshman | 24 Apr 2016  
 AFC West Draft Needs The Broncos won the Superbowl last season but it is not difficult to see them missing out on the playoffs this year in what should be an excellent division. Oakland appears poised to move up, Kansas City should be the be ... Read More
Mock Draft 4.0 (328) |
foshman | 20 Apr 2016  
  1 Los Angeles Carson Wentz QB N. D. State Rams get new city and new QB QB WR DE 2 Philadelphia* Jared Goff QB Cal Pederson gets his man RB WR OL 3 San ... Read More
foshman | 18 Apr 2016  
 AFC North Draft Needs The AFC North remains one of the NFL's toughest divisions, as evidenced by the disparity in records for the 4 teams. Cleveland, in need of a quarterback - and pretty much everything else - was able to trade the second ove ... Read More
foshman | 14 Apr 2016  
 In a sign that The Rams view at least one of this year’s quarterbacks as being a future star the team has given up a bevy of draft picks to move up to the Titans first overall pick, and 4th and 6th round selections. The Rams gave up the # ... Read More
Mock Draft 3.0 (365) |
foshman | 13 Apr 2016  
 This weeks Mock Draft features our first forcasted trade. While the 49ers are expected to take a QB in the first round it seems unlikely that they will trade up to get one, unless they are able to trade Colin Kaepernick. The Eagles, meanwhile, ... Read More
foshman | 13 Apr 2016  
 AFC East Draft Needs Three AFC East teams have enjoyed high draft picks consistently for the better part of the last decade. While New England has been among the best teams in the league, year in and year out, the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets h ... Read More
foshman | 06 Apr 2016  
 As we get closer to Draft day more rumors are starting to leak. The Titans are reportedly talking to a few teams about moving down, The 49ers and Eagles are both rumored to be looking to move up, Colin Kaepernick appears headed to Denver, maybe ... Read More
 2016 Defensive Backfield Draft Prospects In a year that is dominated by defensive front seven and offensive line talent teams will still be able to find good value in the defensive backfield. No fewer than 8 prospects offer immediate startin ... Read More
 The single defining trait of the 2016 NFL draft class is it’s talent along the defensive front 7. No fewer than 15 players carry first round grades and teams will be able to find immediate starters deep into the drafts second day. Defensi ... Read More
 The 2016 NFL draft is unique in that it is stacked with defensive talent and offensive linemen. While the depth at the offensive skill positions is lacking, respectively, there are some talented prospects at quarterback, running back, and recei ... Read More
foshman | 28 Mar 2016  
 Here is the first fanteractive "Expert" Mock Draft. This will be a series leading up to the draft. The goal is to get 80% of the players drafted in the first round, 67% within 5 picks either way, and 30% going to the correct team. &n ... Read More
 In a draft in which the offensive talent is lagging behind the defensive talent, someone forgot to tell the offensive tackles. Boasting two elite prospects , and potentially six total first round picks, this year’s tackle class offers dep ... Read More
      American soccer enjoyed a banner day on March 6th as the sport saw just what it’s future potential is in this country. MLS begins its 21st season this weekend with a great opening day showing. At least half of the ope ... Read More
Ten teams utilized franchise or transitional tags on Tuesday. The deadline to sign franchised players to a long-term extension is July 15, while the players who received the transition tag have until July 22 to secure a deal. If not, the tag allows t ... Read More
Hearing the news of Matt Miazga's transfer to Chelseas FC from New York Red Bulls brought a sense of shock to the whole soccer community I think. Jurgen Klinsmen had this to say on the transfer of Matt Miazga.        ... Read More
Christian Hackenberg is entering the draft with no ceiling with what he can do. The only unfortunate part is the limits placed on him by an Offense called by James Franklins. Bill O'Brien had success his freshman year with Hackenberg because of the P ... Read More
According to the Sports Business Journal, there are more that than $1.3 billion currently being expended on major college arena construction projects to debut between the start of the 2015 basketball season through 2018. Many of the major projects a ... Read More
 And this one was a good one. Two convictions, two political protests, a fart joke and a reference to the Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867. We cover it all because we're professionals. Like us on yo ... Read More
Looking Ahead To The USWNT Olympic Roster   The USWNT is on the home stretch of their 10 game victory tour after this summer’s World Cup Championship and already the team has lost a lot of it’s experience and star power. Gpone are ... Read More
AndyB | 06 Oct 2015  
Wide Receivers are one of the most critical pieces to an offense. While they can come in all shapes and sizes, here are some key pointers to take into account when evaluating wide receivers:   Hands Probably the biggest attribute a wide recei ... Read More
 Only one show on the internet covers all of the important stories across all of football. Check out the latest episode of The Football Show to get the latest scoop on Warren Sapp's plea deal, Nick Saban's admission to cheating, and an inside lo ... Read More
foshman | 04 Oct 2015  
 How To Scout Defensive Backs By Brent Foshee   Defensive backfield play is among the most difficult job in professional football. The proliferation of teams with advanced passing games coupled with a shifting league policy that is of ... Read More
foshman | 04 Oct 2015  
 How To Scout Linebackers By Brent Foshee   Linebackers are the backbone of any defense. Equally sharing responsibility against both the run and pass on any given play they need a broad skill set as a unit. This allows for a high degr ... Read More
Blanderson08 | 03 Sep 2015  
    In a major setback for the N.F.L., New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady prevailed in his battle to have his four-game suspension overturned Thursday, as a federal judge reversed a ruling by Commissioner& ... Read More
Group D: United States | Australia | Sweden | Nigeria After coming oh-so-close in 2011, the United States is looking to break through in Canada. The journey The U.S. had a rough stretch in the months leading up to the start of World Cup qualifyi ... Read More
Southern California Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and former New Mexico star Brian Urlacher are among the players making their first appearance on the College Football Hall of Fame ballot. The National Football Foundation released Tuesday the p ... Read More
  AP The biggest questions about quarterback Marcus Mariota leading up to this year’s draft had to do with how quickly he’d be able to make the transition from running the University of Oregon’s spread offense to running an ... Read More
Associated Press PARIS -- Novak Djokovic ended Rafael Nadal's 39-match French Open winning streak by beating the nine-time champion in a surprisingly lopsided quarterfinal 7-5, 6-3, 6-1 on Wednesday. It is only the se ... Read More
Peyton Manning is gearing up for more than a season-long waltz into the sunset. The Denver Broncos quarterback met with reporters on Tuesday to say of his upcoming age 39 campaign: "I don't see it as a farewell tour." "I'm not in ... Read More
Monday 27 April 2015, Vancouver, BC – With 40 days to go until the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™, Canada Soccer is thrilled to announce the 23 players that will don the Maple Leaf this summer and represent Canada ... Read More | 20 Oct 2014  
 Test article featuring the Miami mascot ... Read More
One day, someone will realize that Greg Schiano, currently the Ohio State defensive coordinator, is worthy of another head coaching job. He was set to be the head coach of Tennessee before the Volunteers pulled the plug amid allegations that Schiano ... Read More
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