Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Venue Rating by Kid2174

Venue Rating

Ratings Survey
Outside appearance 7.00 Looks every bit it’s 1960’s construction.
Interior first impressions 6.50 Definitely a no frills type of ballpark.
Game day atmosphere 9.00 Fans were into it and enthusiastic.
Food & beverage 8.00 Normal type of ballpark food. However they do have a few Mexican food stands.
Amenities/special features 5.00 Again no frills.
Pre-game options
Character/ambiance 9.00 Love the character of this old ball park.
Wow factor 7.00 Nothing to incredible about the actual ballpark, but I would say that not many if an other mlb parks have the views that dodger stadium has.
Getting there/accessibility
Surrounding area
Home team fans
Overall rating 9.00 I love the retro feel of Dodger stadium and the views are beautiful. The fans are into the game and are not obnoxious like some other cities. I think this is a great place to watch a game.
General comments
Event Details
Visit date 2018-08-02
Sports Baseball
Game Vs. Milwaukee Brewers.