Venue Rating by DSWUT90

Venue Rating

Visit Date 2017-05-21
Game Mets versus Angels
Outside Appearance 7.00 Decent atmoshphere on the approach.
Interior First Impressions 7.00
Game Day Atmosphere 7.00
Food & Beverage 7.00
Amenities/Special Features 7.00
Pre-Game Options 7.10
Prices 7.10 Ballpark prices, but not outrageous.
Character/Ambiance 7.00 Some fun extras in the outfield and for the fans.
Wow Factor 6.80 Nothing too special to make you go "wow'.
Getting There/Accessibility 4.00 Difficult to get there and egress was tough for driving.
Surrounding Area 4.10 Nothing too special in the area.
Home Team Fans? 5.00 Team is not doing well and game was a blowout.
Overall Rating 6.80
Overall Impressions A decent intimate park. Difficult to get there by car. Decent atmoshphere and food choices.
General Comments