Husky Stadium

Seattle, WA, USA

Venue Rating

Ratings Survey
Outside appearance 9.90 Sits right on the shores of Lake Washington and has views of the lake along with the Cascade mountains including Mt. Rainier.
Interior first impressions 5.20 Not bad but the aluminum seats suck if you can't afford the good seating.
Game day atmosphere 8.00 Younger fans texting on cell phones all game long keep me from giving this a 10.
Food & beverage 3.00 Lots of food to choose from but the prices are a ripp off.
Amenities/special features 8.50 The 'Zone' outside the stadium sells food, beer and wine. Nice view of the water also.
Pre-game options
Character/ambiance 8.20 Even with the recent remodel is still has that old Husky Stadium ambience.
Wow factor 8.30 Loud and I mean loud. The roof overhangs are setup to bounce the noise back towards the field.
Getting there/accessibility
Surrounding area
Home team fans
Overall rating 8.30 If you've never been there you need to visit it at least once in your lifetime. Nothing like it in all of college football. Especially the boatgating.
General comments
Event Details
Visit date 2014-10-01
Game Cal vs Washington