Sanford Stadium

Athens, GA, USA

Venue Rating by tgojay

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance 7.80 When standing on the bridge, you can see the crowd and field. The view is amazing.
Interior first impressions 8.10 Very packed with fans on the interior. Has great pictures and murals.
Game day atmosphere 10.00 Extremely wild and loud crowd. Top 5 crowd in college football.
Food & beverage 8.10 Expensive like a tyoical stadium or arena, but the service was great.
Amenities/special features 6.30 Not to many features. One of the assets that can be improved on.
Pre-game options 7.90 Not many options other than tailgating and playing corn hole. Otherwise it's a fun place for family.
Prices 6.30 Stadium prices are always bad.
Character/ambiance 10.00 Loud crowd, great band, fun jumbotron, etc.
Wow factor 8.80 Certainly a great place to spend a Saturday.
Getting there/accessibility 7.10 If you aren't one of the first there, you would have to walk or get on the campus bus. Certain parking lots are far from the stadium.
Surrounding area 8.20 Amazing campus scenery.
Home team fans 10.00 Known to be somd of the most passionate and loyal fans out there.
Overall rating 9.70 Nothing can reallt get to much better than Sanford stadium.
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