Rose Bowl

Pasadena, CA, USA

Venue Rating by foshman

Venue Rating

Ratings Survey
Outside appearance 7.00 Clean and orderly
Interior first impressions 7.40 Clean
Game day atmosphere 7.00 the crowd was lively but the stadium wasn't full
Food & beverage 8.00 Excellent options
Amenities/special features 7.40
Pre-game options 6.10 easy to get to
Prices 6.70 reasonable prices
Character/ambiance 10.00 This is the Granddaddy stadium
Wow factor 10.00
Getting there/accessibility 8.20 easy to get their via public transportation
Surrounding area 7.60
Home team fans 7.60
Overall rating 8.90
General comments
Event Details
Visit date 2017-09-01
Sports Football
Game UCLA vs Colorado