Sterling Shepard

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NY Giants

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by AaronRDuke . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Skill Attribute Grade Comments
Speed 7.30
More quick than fast. Instant acceleration in the slot position. Can track down big throws.
Pass Catching 7.00
Coming out of his Rookie Season, Shepard is still adjusting to the hard throws of an NFL Elite Quarterback of Eli Manning. Has a tendency to bring the ball into his chest which can lead to bobbling the football. But he can adjust to the ball exceptionally well.
Route Running 7.50
Instant separation out of the slot position. Can run a variety of routes.
Strength 5.50
Standing at 5'10" and less than 200lbs, it is hard for Shepard to muscle out opposing corners. Tendency to get redirected off his routes.
Vertical Ability 6.00
With an impressive 41 inch vertical Shepard is still not the first receiver to look for by Manning in deep ball situations.
Run after Catch 7.30
Very hard to catch in the open field. Can hit the brakes very quickly to make defenders miss along with his smooth double moves. Always fights for extra yards.
Catching in Traffic 6.50
Can make impressive sideline catches. Difficulty when it comes to tight coverage to beat the odd man out.
Big Play Ability 6.50
Do not count out Shepard even though he will be the third string WR behind Beckham and Marshall. He will always surprise you with his impressive RedZone catches. When Shepard is called upon, he delivers.
Durability 6.50
Played every game of his Rookie Season. Did not miss a game due to injury.
Toughness 6.00
Tends to avoid big hits as he is one of the smaller guys on the field.
Productivity 7.00
Exceeded expectations his Rookie year. Hauling in 8 touchdowns and 683 receiving yards, Shepard was a standout No.2 receiver behind Odell.
Character 7.50
Holds his composure on and off the field. Acts as a leader even without the "C" on his chest. Knows how to handle the media and post game interviews.
Deep Threat 6.20
Can only beat out the defender on deep routes using his speed, not his size. Usually plays in the slot, not the deep ball.
Over the Middle 6.50
Outstanding slot receiver running routes into the middle of the field.
Intangibles 6.00
Consistency 6.80
Still yet to be somewhat unproven the NFL only having his Rookie Year stats. Shows up at the right times. Clutch in tough situations.
Strengths Outstanding athlete. Very quick in the slot position. Hard to catch in the open field. Can stop on the dot. Impressive leaping ability. Adjusts to over or under thrown passes. Variety of routes.
Weaknesses Lack of strength due to his size (redirected off routes). Avoids big hits. Still adjusting to hard and foul play in the NFL.
Overall Analysis Sterling Shepard turned a lot of heads with his impressive Rookie year in NFL. Although he will be a 3rd string WR on the Giants behind Odell and Marshall, he is a stud on the uprise. Very reliable on hauling in TD passes with 8 last year. Very hard to say if is numbers will increase with Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall joining the team. But with this dynamic trio...look out.
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