Stefon Diggs

Minnesota Vikings

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by AaronRDuke . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Skill Attribute Grade Comments
Speed 7.10
Explosive if given open space. Very impressive head fakes and lateral change of direction.
Pass Catching 6.30
Reliable hands. BUT has a tendency to let the ball hit his body. Only 1 dropped pass on 112 targets in his 2016-2017 NFL Season with an impressive 0.9% drop percentage. Needs to work on extending his hands to make the catch.
Route Running 6.30
Deadly in the slot position. Explodes right off the snap to create immediate separation. Adjusts very well to any ball thrown his way, whether its high or low.
Strength 5.00
Stops to avoid big hits. Gets muscled around on the field but bigger and stronger defenders. Very small for a wide receiver.
Vertical Ability 5.90
Not the first for Bradford/Bridgewater to look for in deep ball situations. Only 6'0" tall. Not the most effective in jumping or overthrown passes.
Run after Catch 7.00
Very impressive in the open field. Instant acceleration and impressive open field moves to make defenders miss. Can stop on the dot.
Catching in Traffic 5.50
Impressively can make contested catches for a man of his size.
Big Play Ability 6.20
Never surprised with Stefon Diggs making a big play. Striving to be Bradford's/Bridgewaters's #1 target.
Durability 5.80
Has played through many injuries. But missed three games in the 2016-2017 NFL Season. Admits he wasn't in good enough shape.
Toughness 6.00
Avoids big hits. Tendency to run out of play.
Productivity 6.50
Consistent weapon and has improved stats from the year before. Things are looking in the right direction.
Character 7.00
Leader on the field, even without the "C" on his chest. Keeps it composed both on and off the field. Knows how to handle the media after games.
Deep Threat 6.30
First go to route is in the slot position. His quickness can separate himself from the pack soon making him a deep threat.
Over the Middle 6.50
Brings in tough passes in the middle of the field. Can adjust to passes very quickly.
Intangibles 6.00
Used in the WildCat formation. Can also return punts.
Consistency 6.30
Improving each year.
Strengths Terrific athlete. Great separation in the slot. Finds the correct holes in the open field. Instant acceleration. Outstanding moves in the open field. Adjusts to any ball thrown his way. Will take you the distance.
Weaknesses Limited to certain catches and plays due to his size. Avoids big hits. Below par blocker. Brings the ball into his body on most of his catches.
Overall Analysis Stefon Diggs is a man who is proving many scouts wrong. Taken in the fifth round in the 2015 NFL Draft, Diggs is proving to be the #1 WR on the Minnesota Vikings. Very scary receiver in the slot position in the middle of the field. DO NOT GIVE HIM OPEN SPACE. His numbers along with his consistency is increasing ever since he was a rookie now heading into his 3rd year in the NFL.
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