Mike Evans

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
United States

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by AaronRDuke . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Skill Attribute Grade Comments
Speed 8.20
A 4.53 40-time at the combine is very impressive for a big man like Mike Evans. But on the field, he cannot pull away from the pack.
Pass Catching 8.80
Evan's was the 4th highest targeted WR in the 2016-2017 with 96 (behind Odell, Brown and Edelman). Evan's dropped 7 with a 4.1% drop percentage.
Route Running 8.40
It is hard to run quick routes with pin point turns as a man with Evans's size. Evans does a terrific job creating his own space along the route with his strength and height.
Strength 9.20
Standing at 6'5" and weighing in at 230 pounds it is hard to slow down Mike Evans. Evans is known for creating space using his size and strength down the field to beat defenders, especially near the sidelines.
Vertical Ability 9.30
How can you stop a man standing at 6'5" with a 37.0 inch vertical? Because that man is Mike Evans. Throw the deep ball, Mike Evans is your guy.
Run after Catch 9.00
Mike Evans can take you the distance. With only one fumble in his three years, you could have full confidence in gaining extra yards after the catch with Evans.
Catching in Traffic 9.50
One of the big specialties of Mike Evans. Again, standing at 6'5", Evans stands out (literally) over the pack of CB's guarding him. According to a study done by NFL.com, the average height of a CB is roughly 6 feet. Evans has a good 5 inches. Put it up, Evans is the man to beat the pack.
Big Play Ability 9.00
Known to be Jameis Winston's #1 target on offense. In late game situations, Winston's eyes first look for Evans, no matter what side of the field, and the tape can prove. Very clutch player.
Durability 9.00
It is very hard to take Mike Evans down, but when he is, it is very rare to see him get up slowly. Very durable player when it comes to hard hits and takedowns.
Toughness 9.00
Get out of his way. You don't have to worry about Evans's toughness, the only player you have to worry about is the toughness of the player in front of him.
Productivity 9.50
Mike Evans is in the direct middle of his prime. His productivity has increased each year ever since he was a rookie. Each year putting up 100-200+ more receiving yards than the last. Very consistent in the Red-Zone hauling in 12 touchdowns in the 2016-2017 season.
Character 9.00
A leader on the field. Even without the "C" on his jersey, Evans takes on the leadership role on the offensive side of the ball with Jameis Winston. No problems on or off the field. Trash talk is for all players, it's all part of the game.
Deep Threat 9.00
One of the best deep threats in the game. Not the quickest man down the field, but is one the first players that come to mind to haul it in when the football leaves the camera angle on the field looking for the deep pass.
Over the Middle 8.40
Not the first man to think of to haul in a quick slant pass. For 20+ yards down the field over the middle, Evans is your guy. With 15 catches for 20+ yards in the 2016-2017 season, Mike Evans is proving all the scouts wrong of being a No.2 receiver.
Intangibles 8.50
No lack of confidence here. High respect for the officials and media after the game. True definition of a role model for younger kids. BUT can sometimes be a hothead on the field (but it's all part of the game)
Consistency 9.50
Mike Evans is more than consistent. Higher numbers in each category every year since his rookie year.
Strengths -Outstanding size and strength -No.1 target in the Red-Zone -Reliable hands -Fights for extra yards
Weaknesses -Mediocre speed (good for his size) -Quick route running -Hothead
Overall Analysis FUN FACT (First love was basketball. 18.4 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.2 assists on Varsity High School Basketball Team.) Can be No.1 receiver for pretty much any NFL team. Amazing stats. Always an exciting player to watch.
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