David Johnson

Arizona Cardinals

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by AaronRDuke . Position :Running Back [RB]

Skill Attribute Grade Comments
Speed 9.00
Running a 4.5 40-Time at the NFL Combine, Johnson is quick at his position especially at his size. Once he catches full speed, he is hard to catch.
Elusiveness 8.40
David Johnson is one big player. For his size, he is very elusive, meaning "hard to grasp, catch". Very light on his feet.
Run Power 9.50
One word to describe this attribute..."Tank". Johnson is one of the toughest players to bring down in the NFL.
Finesse 8.20
Johnson is not the player to make a spectacular move on a defender but has a great eye in the back field to find the holes that the O-Line tends to open up.
Pass Catching 9.50
One of the best receiving Running Backs in the NFL. Less than 200 yards away from posting up 1,000 yards receiving. He can do it all.
Vision 8.50
Great eye in the back field, but it is challenging for him to switch the field once a hole is filled.
Running in Traffic 9.00
A defender is Johnson's way means nothing to him. Johnson has a history of battling through 3 defenders at a time to clear up space and make a run.
Durability 8.00
Can withstand hard hits and tough conditions.
Strength 8.50
Get out of his way. A lot of his power comes from his legs and he pushes to move forward.
Size 8.40
On the bigger side on the NFL spectrum for Running Backs. 6-1, 225 pounds.
Productivity 8.80
David Johnson can do it all. Consider him another WR you have to look out for 2,118 total yards on offense for the breakout star.
Blocking 7.00
Give Carson Palmer some protection! Sacked 40 times in the 2016-2017 season. 7th most in the NFL.
Intangibles 8.00
Very composed on the field. Very early in his career to start talking to opponents. Very good with the press after the games and post game interviews.
Toughness 8.40
Having only one injury so far in his NFL career missing several weeks in preseason due to a pulled hamstring.
Character 8.00
Not much to say as there hasn't been any problems or discrepancies with Johnson and other players both on and off the field.
Consistency 8.70
All players have bad games, that't just the nature of sports. But, not all players can make it up with another part of their game like David Johnson. If he has a "bad game" running the ball, he makes it up with his receiving.
Big Play Ability 8.20
Johnson isn't Palmer's first option when it comes to late game situations. Palmer first looks to veteran WR Larry Fitzgerald. But when the ball comes to Johnson, theres no loss in confidence.
Strengths Run power, Running in traffic, Receiving, All-Around Player
Weaknesses Switching the field, Blocking, Leadership
Overall Analysis David Johnson is a star in the making. Putting up 658 more yards rushing and 422 yards receiving than the previous year. 20 touchdowns total. The Cardinals have had injury prone running backs in Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington, but it is safe to say that they have found their Franchise Running Back.
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