Rate Your Team's Game Performance

The Fanteractive Post-Game Fanalysis tool allows you to grade team’s performance in a particular game. You have the ability to grade the team on a variety of elements including offensive and defensive performance, coaching decisions, and individual player performance (where rosters were loaded).

Later this fall, Fanteractive will turn on its tracking and trending analysis where you will be able to see your team’s trends and tendencies.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sign in and go to the Schedule tab on Fanteractive.com
  2. On the green menu bar, click on the icon on the right to "Fanalyze This Game." This link will take you to the postgame analysis.
  3. The post-game Fanalysis form is broken down into three (3) tabs. You can enter as much data as you want to complete. Here is a breakdown of each:
    1. Overall Team Grade
      • This tab looks at overall team performance and coaching decisions during the game. You can choose a letter grade from A+ to F to grade your team in that particular category.
      • You can also add your analysis notes for each.
    2. Team Performance
      • Here, you can grade the team performance in a variety of situational and positional categories such as Offense, Defense etc. – with further breakouts for each.
    3. Player Performance
      • Where a team’s roster has been loaded in the system, you can grade individual players on their game.
      • You can also add your analysis notes for each.

Fanteractive will store all of your analyses over the course of the tournament. That will allow you to capture trends and track your team throughout the season and see how well they are meeting your expectations week to week.

Later this season, Fanteractive will also add visualizations to provide you with various charts, graphs, and other ways to view your data and tell the story!

You can see analyses from all Fanagers (our nickname for “Fan-Managers”) by clicking on the “View Post-Game Fanalyses” link from the schedule tab.