Croatia (V) vs. France (H)

Luzhniki Stadium

Sunday Jul 15,2018 11:00 AM ET

Post Game Analysis by SCastro27 for France


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Performance
Overall Team Grade A+    
Execution A+    
Offensive Play A-    
Defensive Effectiveness A+    
Player of the Match Paul Pogba    
Overall Match Quality A+    
Overall Game Assessment France played their game. They were quick to score and took chances in trying to extend their lead, but mainly they focused on playing impenetrable defense    

Unit Performance
Game Strategy A+    
Overall Preparedness A+    
Lineup & Substitutions A+    
In-Game Management A+    
Coaching Comments This game was evenly matched, France just simply had a smarter, more fruitious game plan.    
Offensive Performance
Generating Scoring Opportunities A+    
Finishing A+    
Corner Kicks A+    
Set Pieces (Direct/Indirect) A+    
Controlling Tempo/Possession A    
Generating Pressure A+    
Offense Comments Their set pieces were amazing. They truly showed what they’re capable of and proved to the world that they’ve earned the right to call themselves World Cup Champions.    
Defensive Performance
Goalkeeping A+    
Executing Defensive Game Plan A+    
Controlling Offensive Pressure A+    
Preventing Scoring Opportunities A-    
Conceding/Defending Set Pieces A+    
Transition/Counterattack A+    
Defense Comments Excellent. Their defense was their offense this game. Their main point of attention was making sure Croatia couldn’t score, or at least found it difficult to.    
Midfield Play
Maintaining Possession A+    
Generate Offensive Counterattacks A+    
Defensive Support & Transition A+    
Controlling Tempo A+    
Midfield Comments With key passes opening up the lane for mbappe, it can’t be overlooked how important this team’s midfield was. They were able to capitalize on Croatian mistakes and get their offense moving.    

Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments
Paul Pogba (10) MF  A+  MVP for France for sure, his influence on the defensive end and offball has been so dramatic all World Cup long.
Kylian Mbappe FW  A+  A Star in the making