Belgium (V) vs. France (H)

Krestovsky Stadium
St. Petersburg

Tuesday Jul 10,2018 02:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by AndyB for France

Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Performance
Overall Team Grade A    
Execution A    
Offensive Play A    
Defensive Effectiveness No Opinion    
Player of the Match    
Overall Match Quality No Opinion    
Overall Game Assessment    

Unit Performance
Game Strategy A+    
Overall Preparedness A+    
Lineup & Substitutions A+    
In-Game Management A+    
Coaching Comments Excellent job! They weathered the early storm from Belgium and then used their counterattacking strategy to put pressure on the belgian defense. They never looked back!    
Offensive Performance
Generating Scoring Opportunities A    
Finishing A-    
Corner Kicks A-    
Set Pieces (Direct/Indirect) A-    
Controlling Tempo/Possession A    
Generating Pressure A    
Offense Comments They had the better of the chances and some awesome play-makers!    
Defensive Performance
Goalkeeping A-    
Executing Defensive Game Plan A    
Controlling Offensive Pressure A+    
Preventing Scoring Opportunities A+    
Conceding/Defending Set Pieces A-    
Transition/Counterattack A    
Defense Comments Excellent defensive game from France. They made Belgium play from the outside. They did not give them much to work with and suffocated Lukaku inside.    
Midfield Play
Maintaining Possession A    
Generate Offensive Counterattacks A    
Defensive Support & Transition A+    
Controlling Tempo A    
Midfield Comments    

Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments
Hugo Lloris (1) GK  A-  Couple nice saves, but not tested too much.
Paul Pogba (10) MF  His real value was on the defensive side. He neutralized Fellaini.
Antoine Griezmann (7) FW  A- 
Samuel Umtiti DF  A- 
Benjamin Pavard (28) DF  A- 
Kylian Mbappe FW  A+  What an awesome talent. He had some of the nicest moves I have ever seen and he is only 19!
Ngolo Kante MF