Major League Soccer

Vancouver (V) vs. Colorado (H)

Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City

Friday Jun 01,2018 09:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by RajeevPareek for Vancouver


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Performance
Overall Team Grade B+    
Execution B    
Offensive Play C+    
Defensive Effectiveness B-    
Player of the Match Nicolas Mezquida    
Overall Match Quality No Opinion    
Overall Game Assessment    

Unit Performance
Game Strategy No Opinion    
Overall Preparedness No Opinion    
Lineup & Substitutions No Opinion    
In-Game Management No Opinion    
Coaching Comments    
Offensive Performance
Generating Scoring Opportunities No Opinion    
Finishing No Opinion    
Corner Kicks No Opinion    
Set Pieces (Direct/Indirect) No Opinion    
Controlling Tempo/Possession No Opinion    
Generating Pressure No Opinion    
Offense Comments    
Defensive Performance
Goalkeeping No Opinion    
Executing Defensive Game Plan No Opinion    
Controlling Offensive Pressure No Opinion    
Preventing Scoring Opportunities No Opinion    
Conceding/Defending Set Pieces No Opinion    
Transition/Counterattack No Opinion    
Defense Comments    
Midfield Play
Maintaining Possession No Opinion    
Generate Offensive Counterattacks No Opinion    
Defensive Support & Transition No Opinion    
Controlling Tempo No Opinion    
Midfield Comments    

Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments