NCAA Football

Illinois (FB) (V) vs. Rutgers (FB) (H) Stadium

Saturday Oct 06,2018 12:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by AndyB for Rutgers (FB)


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade F    
Overall Offense Grade D    
Overall Defense Grade F    
My Player of the Game Jon Hilliman    
Game Notes With games against Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin coming up, the Illinois game might just be the last winnable game Rutgers had on its schedule. However, after bad losses to Ohio State, Kansas, Buffalo and a more respectable loss to Indiana, This was the nail in the coffin on the Scarlet Knights season! Not that Illinois is a terrible team, but this was one Rutgers fans thought the team could compete in. Instead, they made Illinois look completely dominant! 330 yards rushing is what a FCS team gives up against a powerful FBS team - not what you give up to a conference rival! True freshman QB Sitkowski continues to struggle with bad decisions still with three more interceptions. There are not many encouraging signs from the performance.    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan F    
Execution F    
Game Management F    
Key Decisions F    
Play-Calling F    
Creativity F    
Comments on Coaching The Chris Ash ouster watch has started in Piscataway! Rightfully so - Rutgers has continued to get worse and worse. They managed to evaporate their fan base by the first weekend of October!    

Team Performance
Run Offense (Overall) C+    
Passing Offense (Overall) F    
Moving the Chains D    
Protection C    
Big Plays F    
Mistakes F    
Overall QB Play F    
Game Notes on Offense Rutgers Offense is just terrible. There is no production from their WRs or TEs. That places a lot of pressure on a freshman QB and he has lived up to the misery. The running back in this one was no help either.    
Quarterback F    
Running Backs C+    
Protection & Blocking C-    
Receiving F    
Analysis Notes    
Passing Game Defense C+    
Stopping the Run F    
Controlling the Line of Scrimmage F    
Forcing Turnovers F    
Big Plays F    
Mistakes F    
Game Notes on Defense Only reason the passing defense looked halfway decent is that the run defense was just so much worse. Terrible overall performance.    
Defensive Line F    
Linebackers F    
Defensive Backs D    
Kickoff/Punt Coverage No Opinion    
Kicking No Opinion    
Punting No Opinion    
Kickoff/Punt Returning No Opinion    
Special Teams Comments    
Play of the Game Halftime was awesome!    

Player Grades
Player Pos Grade Comments
Jon Hilliman (23) RB  C+ 
Jerome Washington (88) TE 
Bo Melton (18) WR 
Artur Sitkowski (8) QB  At this point, he has 5 games under his belt. So while still a freshman, giving up three INTs against Illinois is just not acceptable.
Isaih Pacheco (10) RB  B-