NCAA Football

Alabama (FB) (V) vs. Georgia (FB) (H)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Monday Jan 08,2018 08:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by JimConnelly for Georgia (FB)


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade A-    
Overall Offense Grade A-    
Overall Defense Grade B+    
My Player of the Game Rodrigo Blankenship    
Game Notes A Kicker is rarely the MVP, but he was the only "perfect" performance for Georgia in this one. His 51 yarder in OT was really clutch and bailed out Georgia - it made the kick even that much tougher! Georgia got too conservative on offense and they let Alabama back into it. Fromm had a good game, but his INTs were killers and allowed the Tide to come back.    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan A-    
Execution B+    
Game Management B    
Key Decisions B    
Play-Calling B-    
Creativity B    
Comments on Coaching Play-calling got too conservative in the 2nd half and took some of the momentum away from the Bulldogs. Michel was having a really good game, but only had 14 touches. They abandoned the run too soon. Not putting Michel or Chubb in on the final series in regulation also was a head scratcher.    

Team Performance
Run Offense (Overall) B+    
Passing Offense (Overall) B    
Moving the Chains B+    
Protection B+    
Big Plays A-    
Mistakes B-    
Overall QB Play B    
Game Notes on Offense Fromm made some crucial mistakes in key times. The INTs and some mental mistakes which really hurt. Take away the 80 yard TD, and Fromm's stat line is not all that impressive. Michel was a hot hand at times, but did not get enough carries.    
Quarterback B    
Running Backs B+    
Protection & Blocking B+    
Receiving B+    
Analysis Notes What happened to Michel down the stretch>    
Passing Game Defense B-    
Stopping the Run A-    
Controlling the Line of Scrimmage A-    
Forcing Turnovers B    
Big Plays B+    
Mistakes B    
Game Notes on Defense Crucial mistake in coverage on the final play. They got too soft and gave Tua too much room to operate.    
Defensive Line A    
Linebackers A-    
Defensive Backs B    
Kickoff/Punt Coverage B    
Kicking A+    
Punting B+    
Kickoff/Punt Returning B    
Special Teams Comments    
Play of the Game Blankenship 51 yarder was a savior for Georgia after a bad sack. If not for that, it would have allowed Alabama to win it on a FG in OT    

Player Grades
Player Pos Grade Comments
Mecole Hardman (4) WR  A-  Only 2 catches, but one of them was an 80 yard TD. He needed some acrobatics to stay in and finish the play
Riley Ridley (8) WR  A-  Became the "go to" receiver in this one!
Jake Fromm (11) QB  Mental mistakes at key times and the INTs came at bad times and gave Alabama momentum. The 80 yard TD was a clutch play though, so not all bad....