NCAA Mens Basketball

Kansas (V) vs. Villanova Wildcats (H)

Wells Fargo Center

Saturday Mar 31,2018 08:49 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by EricBecker for Villanova Wildcats

Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade A+    
Overall Offense Grade A+    
Overall Defense Grade A    
My Player of the Game Jalen Brunson    
Overall Game Analysis Villanova was unreal from 3 point land. They dominated early and never gave Kansas a chance!    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan A+    
Execution A+    
In-Game Management A+    
Key Decisions A+    
Creativity A+    
Comments on Coaching    

Unit Analysis
Execution A+    
Generating Scoring Opportunities A+    
Offensive Chemistry A+    
Controlling "The Paint" B+    
Offense Rebounding B+    
Penetration A-    
Drawing Fouls A-    
Outside Shooting A+    
Free Throw Shooting A    
Comments On Offense    
Interior Defense A-    
Perimeter Defense A    
Defensive Rebounding A-    
Forcing Offensive Mistakes A    
Creating Transition Opportunities A+    
Defensive Discipline A    
Defensive Schemes A    
Comments On Defense    

Player Performance
Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments
Collin Gillespie (2) PG