Raymond James Stadium - Tampa

Martinique (V) and USA MNT (H)

Wednesday Jul 12,2017 09:00 PM ETD

Post Game Analysis by JimConnelly for USA MNT

Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Performance
Team Performance
Over All Team Grade B-    
Execution C+    
Offensive Play B-    
Defensive Effectiveness B    
Player of the Match Eric Lichaj    
Overall Game Assessment Sloppy game for USA. They really could not find a good rhythm. They had a lto of great chances but could just not capitalize.    
Game Strategy C+    
Overall Preparedness C    
Lineup & Substitutions C    
In-Game Management C+    
Coaching Comments Gave too much creedence to a really inexperienced lineup.    

Unit Performance
Offensive Performance
Generating Scoring Opportunities B    
Finishing C    
Corner Kicks C    
Set Pieces (Direct/Indirect) C    
Controlling Tempo/Possession B-    
Generating Pressure B    
Offense Comments They had chances, just could nto do anything with them    
Defensive Performance
Goalkeeping C+    
Executing Defensive Game Plan B    
Controlling Offensive Pressure B    
Preventing Scoring Opportunities B+    
Conceding/Defending Set Pieces B+    
Transition/Counterattack B    
Defense Comments    
Midfield Play
Maintaining Possession B+    
Generate Offensive Counterattacks B+    
Defensive Support & Transition B+    
Controlling Tempo B+    
Midfield Comments    

Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments
Jordan Morris (13) MF  2 goal game was a rare bright spot.
Gyasi Zardes (11) FW  Did not take advantage of the talent gap
Kellyn Acosta (23) MF  B- 
Juan Agudelo (17) FW  B-  seemed lost at times
Matt Hedges (24) DF  he was exposure on 2nd goal where he was just outrun
Brad Guzan (1) GK  C+  poor plays on both goals.
Omar Gonzalez DF  B+  was one of the most experienced players on the field. the goal really helped!
Eric Lichaj (2) DF  B+  good game and one of the top overall performers