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Is it finally the year that there is enough support to end the madness and just expand the college football playoff to eith teams? They already do so in FCS, so why can't it work in the FBS?

The makeshift committee charged with trying to determine which team deserves to be the last one in would have a much easier time with an eight team selection that four. Why? Doesn't it just move the decision between #8 and #9 from between #4 and #5?

Well, no. First, if the conference championships mean anything than the conference champions should get an automatic berth. How do you leave out the champions of the Big Ten and Pac 12 each with 4-6 ranked teams? That would leave three extra slots for deserving teams. So, you want to be in, then win your conference! That also leaves three slots for a deserving team. This year, I would love to see UCF get a shot at one of the big dogs in the hunt. Non-Power 5 teams have played well when given their opportunity. but, they will never get a chance with a four team playoff.

So, what would it look like this year?

#1 Clemson vs #8 UCF

#2 Georgia vs #7 Wisconsin

#3 Oklahoma vs #6 USC

#4 Alabama vs #5 Ohio State

You can still make arguments for Auburn, Penn State, Washington, TCU, Notre Dame, etc. But at the end of the day all of those teams had a chance to win their conference. Secondly, each of them have a shot to capture one of three at large spots. UCF gets in because they are undefeated and actually did beat a number of ranked teams in Memphis, Navy, and USF. Their schedule included Power 5 Maryland and Georgia Tech - although those games were cancelled with impending hurricanes. If they were a one loss team, they are probably not in.

So, can you argue with two one loss teams in Alabama and Wisconsin in? It makes it difficult. Wisconsin lost to conference champion Ohio State. Alabama lost to an Auburn team that is probably #9 or #10 at worst. But, at that point a nod goes to a one-loss team. 

It at least sets up a pecking order and you can really let the decisions play out on the field. It is a shape that at least three more deserving teams will not have another opportunity to win it on the field. 




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