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Score one for Jerry Jones and billionaire owners
ATLANTA (AP) Stand or stay out of sight. Looking to quell a national debate that was sparked by Colin ...Read More

Assessing the Season for the Premier League's Top 20 Teams
LONDON (AP) Manchester City won the Premier League title by a record 19 points, while Stoke, Swansea and ...Read More

Cowboys want Super Bowl "do over" after previous mishaps
ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) The Dallas Cowboys want a do-over on hosting the Super Bowl after horrid weather an ...Read More

Making Baseball Great Again!
Attendance is down in baseball, though the sample size is small because the season is still young. Wha ...Read More

Do Stricter Restrictions On Team Spending Increase League Parity?

              Many people are familiar with some version of the story ...Read More

NFL, NBA, and NHL — Understanding the “Salary Cap”

NFL, NBA, and NHL — Understanding the “Salary Cap”   G. Singh*   ...Read More

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